April 17, 2012
The Candidates and the Economy

One of the principle axioms of Marxism is that the bourgeoisie, as promoters of Modern Industry, could not rise and sustain their prominent social position without “wage labor”.

It is the tension between these two major classes that allows for their transitory continuation. Quoting “The Communist Manifesto”

“[The proletariat] live only so long as they find work and who find work only so long as their labor increases capital”

This is the best it gets in the USA under the Democratic-republican single Party Monolith.

Mittney’s approach is that government is an impediment to the success of those he represents and prescribes that we: be a man; overcome hardships: because the US needs 1st and foremost a virile, robust, business environment. Obviously, these people concede that the government is more powerful than they are, and that they are incompetent to do what they want without the help of government. So in order for them to survive they must convince you to side with them, against the very strength of your own self rule.

While Barrack’s approach is, we’ll try to mitigate the miseries that this aforesaid confused and self contradicting mentality seeks to impose, once again, to the detriment of the greatest number. That is, as much as Mitch McConnel’s will, allows. That the rich are going to pay their fair share, because the rich can take care of themselves is an eminently Conservative principal of governance

I would add here, that if the rich want to play survival of the fittest, then the more powerful shall make the rules.

“The essential condition for the existence and for the sway of the bourgeois, is the formation and augmentation of capital; the condition for capital is wage labor …”

In short, Modern Industry needs, US, the Proletariat, to run the machines.

Now “machines” is used here in a general sense as is Wage Labor. The chief class distinction, as it applies to the Bourgeoisie, remains the same. It’s why their agents look like they stepped out of the 1920s or else their magic year, 1964. They own and hold Monopolistic control over production capital; and we the proletariat don’t.

In fact most of us have no land at all and certainly not enough to sustain us. Paradoxically, Our class distinction hasn’t changed either, we have no land and the essential human need, is access to the earth, from whence all human sustenance derives. This predicament makes us even more dependent on the Bourgeoisie. And no matter how much we give them here they come once again, crawling back begging us for more

The fact of the matter is, they need us, veritably, more than we need them; and in fact only Do need them for what they possess and control, consequently, the downfall of Bourgeois Society, is inevitable, and we see it today in Greece, Spain, the UK, the USA.

There is an increasing awarness of these factors and sense of inevitabilty:

“The serf, in the period of serfdom, raised himself to membership in the commune, just as the petty bourgeois, under the yoke of feudal absolutism, managed to develop into a bourgeois. The modern laborer, on the contrary, instead of rising with the progresss of industry, sinks deeper and deeper below the conditions of existence of his own class. He becomes a pauper, and pauperism develop more rapidly than population and wealth. And here it becomes evident, that the bourgeoisie is unfit any longer to be the ruling class in society, and to impose its conditions of existence upon society as an overriding law. It is unfit to rule because it is incompetent to assure an existence to its slave within his slavery, because it cannot help letting him sunk into such a state, that it has to feed him, instead of being fed by him. Society can no longer live under this bourgeosie, in other words, its existence is no longer compatible with society”.

The foundation of modern USA politics is built on the Bourgeois denial of the following

“The modern laborer … instead of rising with the progress of industry, sinks deeper and deeper …”

Regardless of the evidence which leads to this immediate and irresistible conclusion, their ideological belief is the exact opposite - e.g., ‘a rising tide raises all boats’, ‘we can do better’, we can put a man on the moon, close “the missile gap” and veritably, defeat the inevitable. This is the cause of, mental departure, from our earthly reality. Pollution, the squandering of resources, a plundering of the earth, complimented by imperialist adventures in “3rd world” murder, pillage, mayhem leading to every sort of human catastrophe imaginable.

The American Pride of denial with the stark mental departure from our earthly reality leaves Our monumental milestone; and yet to the Monolith, it’s not the absolute size of the debt, but how and why it was created.

The purpose of Our General Government, is clearly set forth in the preamble of Our US Constitution and yet Our limited Natural Resources are being diverted to business rather than to the people. Government has been turned in the wrong direction. Instead of seeing the New Deal for what it was, a temporary means or attempt to transfer power back to the people, it was destroyed in the denial of over extension and diminshing returns; and a revolution did take place and continues now, wherein government is being wrested from the people and turned to worship at the blessed altar of the Holy Sacred private sector.

It is therefore in great irony, that we may now give thanks to those that have hastened the inevitable and to remind, if there be one decent man remaining - as intuition compels our need for more women - that money alone cannot serve to relieve the misery and suffering which results again and again from the greater numbers utter reliance on the Bourgeoisie.

And by far, the greatest drain on resources of the USA leading us from the exalted position of the greatest creditor nation to the greatest debtor nation, leading the Monolith to the facilitation of private sector adventures and imperialist excursions to places in the world where it is least desired, is the so called “American Dream”. An idea grounded in the delusion of never ending growth and prosperity. Whether you believe this is true or not it is nonetheless unavoidably incumbent upon us all to examine the empirical evidence that led to this fallacious extension by implication.

US growth and prosperity, as we see it and from our means of measure resulted from the exploitation of the vast resources that our former Government and private citizens robbed from the indigenous people or won in war or threat thereof by other nations that acquired such territory in this same and more often than not, entirely disgraceful, manner. Rather than investing these spoils in the furtherment of the General Welfare providing a frugal existence for all, subsistence was and is still, taken for granted.

If those that have are left to make these decisions, which most certainly the private sector is, then the needs and dreams of the have not shall be neglected.

Resources are expent on designs for people to buy Cadillacs, cell phones, prefab homes, Honolulu Hawaiian Shirt Holiday vacations. No need for a healthy diet, just scoff down some food matter at the private sector fast food. Swallow it whole and take some antacid. You’ve no time for food there’s work to be done. So go and start up a small business and continue to raise prices for the sale of your retailed widgets, to pay for it all. Spend now, pay later.

Capitalist decadence would be a most severe understatement.

Personally, I truly wish, that the GOPstopo would direct me to where this “class warfare” is being held because that would seem to be something I could find great interest in

But what they are actually referring to is class struggle.

When we’re young, or at least when I was young, we were so bombarded and pounded with this propaganda of growth and prosperity, that regardless of the apparent hopelessness, save for the vim and vigor of youth we plodded on and indeed most of us end up sunk in debt, paying for things that are long worn, replaced by more debt, facilitated by creditors that no longer exist, and yet, in order to maintain even the illusion of social station, we are left “pullin’ agin’ a debt”. It tires us, we become discouraged, we break down. It is no error or arbitrary randomness that the US Constitution provides age requirements for those that seek offices of representation. For on the one hand, the youth are forever swayed by the Bourgeois promise of growth and prosperity, just work hard and you’ll get there (wherever there is); while on the other hand those that have lived it and actually had the guts to cut across the Bourgeois grain, crawled over their cut glass, barbed wire ramparts, in pursuit of happiness, were crushed and live in squalor. The solution? Here let me tuck some money in your breast pocket, tap tap, feel the magic in your heart. Why, here’s a job for you, think of it as a bright carnation, to learn the dignity of work. They pat you on the head, you wag your tail, pant pant.

You are bribed to say, I did it, I’m a success; until you realize what a fool you are. Of course there’s group support in denial and the pharmecuticals are in dilligent pursuit to help you along

This class struggle is seen everywhere and it’s now the very same class struggle, in the USA, as it was in Europe; and the Democratic -republican party imported it, here, on behalf of Modern Industry

~~~~~~~ For the Nonce ~~~~~~~

There are some distinctions between the class struggle as it evolved in Europe and as it evolved in the USA. The most evident is that actual slavery existed in the USA and that this was eventually replaced by the importation of Wage Labor; the people to run the machines. So the beginning of class distinction in the USA arose by the manner in which slavery came to be replaced by wage labor. The WCHPs essentially decided, Negroes are human garbage, so they can’t be part of Our society, keep them separate.

This is an important insight into the WCHP psyche, their approach to the rest of humanity and an essential element in their so called “freedom and prosperity” equation - very similar, if not the very, role model, for Nazi Germany. Let them export their democracy?

But the USA importation of wage labor also served as a sort of safety valve for the European Bourgeoisie - those that failed to rise with the “progress of industry” that sunk “below the conditions of existence of his own class” could now have a new go of it, ship them off to the New World, the final solution will come a little later.

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore, Send these, the homeless, tempest- tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door”

Now you can analyze history and argue over who is responsible for this mass importation/immigration. According to Paul Ryan (April 10, 2012, George Bush Presidential Center) whom Mittney follows or vice versa: they claim, the Democratics did it - that President Obama, specifically, continues this mass conspiracy to destroy America and turn it into Europe; and that the GOPstopo are the only ones that can “Save America”, which coincidentally is the title of a new book by Newt Gingrich and published in 2010. And now we have been recently informed that we are also supposed to purchase Mittney’s book entitled “No Apologies”

I keep a copy of the Newtster on my bookshelf, to the right of Whittaker Chambers. I haven’t decided whether to buy Mittney’s yet, if I do I think I’ll set it next to Aleister Crowley.

According to me, and any objective observer of history, the Bourgeoisie is responsible for this mass importation, they did it, and with an immigration policy designed by the Democratic-republicans for the sole benefit of Modern Industry. Here is your wage labor force to run your machines !! signed, sealed and delivered

So whoever you decide to blame or lavish with Kudos and praise, the importation and the intended use of those immigrant people resulted in the creation of a new social class in the USA and that class, from the very beginning, was absolutely dependent upon the “overriding law” of the Bourgeoisie

They had no land to sustain themselves and the only money they could acquire for that same, was to accept any sort of employment that was offered to them or else parish.

We are here to serve you. It’s a cook book.

Government legislation, limiting the work week, establishing a minimum wage, the right to organize, along with the eventual rise of private/comsumer credit, particularly in the form of mortgages; and the augmentation and expansion of “credit” made possible by the depreciation of capital, that is - money as well as building materials and modes of construction, eventually afforded to these people a somewhat bearable existence, while at the same time augmented capital formation, served as a further means, for the expansion of credit:

A new augmentation of capital

The Conservatives. with their tried and true scenarios from times long past wouldn’t have bothered. Just more human garbage.

But this arrangement, essentially remained unchanged over several decades, eventually resulting in a diseconomy of scale - i.e., it took more and more capital to maintain and this greater addition of capital resulted in diminishing returns; and as the bills came due, their payment, sometimes put off to the next generation and the next thereafter, became too great a burden for the greater part of society to bear

At our present conjuncture, we are in the very midst of this inevitable downfall of the Bourgeois Society, as alluded to above:

“[T]he bourgeoisie is unfit … to be the ruling class in society …. because it is incompetent to assure an existence to its slave within his slavery … that it has to feed him, instead of being fed by him. Society can no longer live under this bourgeoisie … its existence is no longer compatible with society”.

The youth cannot recall, as I do, when there were no pictures or social security numbers on a driver’s license. There were no magnetometers, steel doors, bullet proof glass and x ray machines in the court house, which you still have to produce a State issued picture ID to have the privilege of being subjected to - unless you’re a lawyer. What does that say about their faith in their own decisions or whether it’s worth re-mortgaging your house to go to court.

At the end of the 1970s, you could buy a new car for $3000.00 about double the price in the 1960s; and then the “peace and prosperity” revolution came and in a very short time, the same type of new car cost at least $20,000.00.

And now for the present politics

Ryan/Romney merely take out the name Bourgeoisie and plug in the name of President Obama, so their submission for pop hit tune status goes something like this

‘President Obama is unfit to rule because he is incompetent to assure an existence for the proletariat. He has to feed it because it can no longer feed us and therefore society can no longer live under him, his rule is no longer compatible with society’

When in fact the whole lot of them are Bourgeois

So now you and I, as members of the Proletariat, have been invited into the electoral world of the WCHP Bourgeoisie - OWS has them nervous, first they invite us, then they make it more difficult and yet they beg for our permission, they want you to choose. Unfortunately, no choice exists, because the Democratic - republicans represent the Bourgeoisie. How could we be expected to vote against our own interests, would they act against their own? Where is the compromise let alone the representation?

In terms of choice, you can at the very least, do a write in; and although you have this and other powers to organize and assemble, you choose to not make waves, to go with the flow, to keep the present Democratic-republican arrangement, as is. President Obama likes that because it will get them re-elected. Just show up to the polls and vote but keep in mind that in doing so, you are also accepting trickle down economics:

You are in one class and they are in another. They work for their own interests and so do you.

I truly wish that President Obama and his several supporters in Congress really wanted to change this class arrangement, but they don’t. All that they’re doing every now and then, is tossing out a little piece of meat from the back porch, which you all run and “compete” for -e.g., Universal health care. All this does is forestall the inevitable - another safety valve - and they just hope the inevitable won’t happen while they’re still living - “in the long run we’re all dead”, which is the biggest part of the struggle

So that’s the Democratic side; what does Ryan/Romney want to do?

Ryan’s foundation is that your rights come from God not the government and that him and Mittney “know[s] what works, freedom, limited government …” translated from GOPstopo into Proletariat - unless you can invoke God to kick our ass, if we win the election, we own yours.

Ryan claims that 65% of all jobs are created by people that pay capital gains taxes, so if they are elected they will cut capital gains taxes, because they believe this will result in the creation of jobs - i.e., the Bourgeoisie needs to augment capital but are incompetent to do this unless you reduce capital gains taxes. Gee whiz they must really be desperate being in the position where they can lounge about and rest in repose until the government allows them to keep more of their capital gains. So apparently this cut in the capital gains tax will cause them to get up and do something new because nations free of War Mongering, like Germany, have lower capital gains taxes. If someone is in a position where they can wait around to act then they don’t have to. Picture yourself attempting to do the same. I’m not going to work until you cut my taxes

In that regard the USA hasn’t changed much from the days of mass immigration, if you don’t work you don’t eat. It’s one of the Newtster’s foundation blocks in his “Save America” book

Ryan wants to abolish and proscribe Keynesian economics claiming that it forces 1 out of every 6 people into poverty. In other words he wants to abolish all social programs and increase war spending.

Ryan also wants to abolish “crony capitalism” claiming that President Obama “picks winners and losers” which ought to be left to the Free Market. The 1st that comes to mind is Bechtel Corp and I guess Exxon really hates the GOPstopo too, isn’t that right?

As a matter of National Policy, Ryan wants the Federal government to adopt a “territorial tax system”, which he doesn’t explain because he just got done indicting President Obama for attempting to convert the USA into Europe:

“A tax system that taxes domestic income but not foreign income. Territorial tax regimes are found in Hong Kong, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands”.

Essentially it’s the same old GOPstopo litany. Drill for more oil, build more pipelines, construct more refineries, burn more coal, cut down more trees, honeycomb the earth with mining, abolish restrictions on pollution, open public land to clear cut, strip mining, hydo frack your backyard, cut all taxes, make non procreational sex illegal, keep all non phramecutical drugs illegal and keep all of the covert ops involving foreign income top secret unless Mittney gets in trouble and needs war. And the whole kit and Kaboodle is packaged as “freedom: the return to prosperity from austerity”. Wow what a blast, how could we ever live without them

Maybe they’ll make a new James Bond movie and while they’re flying off to the ranch, we won’t notice the smoldering junk heaps surrounding us.

Putting this Ryan/Mittney hotch potch under a light most favorable to them what they are asking you to do is surrender your sovereignty to the Bourgeoisie; thereby placing your existence at their mercy; and that if you refuse to do so and retain your sovereignty - e.g., using your own government for your own purposes - then this will adversely affect Bourgeoisie class interests.

Good, I refuse and choose to retain my sovereignty and the use of my government for my own purposes. Thanks for making my decision to never vote GOPstopo, so easy

Unfortunately, the Democratics, unlike myself, aren’t offerring anything different, they’re only being more Conservative about it and tossing out a bit of meat here and there to make us just irrresistibly wag our tails for more.

In short, they’re all assholes. Anyone that sends a military force through neighborhoods not unlike my own, killing innocent men women and children because of how they vote or choose to live their lives is not a nice guy; albeit these two, Ryan and Mittney, particularly in regard to US that are supposed to be their own people, which they clearly do not consider as such, are truly outstanding.

And this is the Ryan/Romney/McConnel version of due process notice - viz., if you vote for them and they get elected, the foregoing is what you get.

So the creation of the two major classes in the USA - the Bourgeoisie and the Proletariat - began with the mass importation of wage labor for the sole purpose of Modern Industry (immigration).

The only Real distinction is in the absolute size and undeveloped condition of USA land, commensurate with the much smaller states of Europe.

So the Good Old Golden Growth era that these assholes harken back to can only be achieved today by opening up to private business more forever wild land to clear cut, drill, mine and essentially destroy along with the remaining salmon streams and practically all others as well; more military spending to protect clear cutters, miners &c in South America and wherever else USA business can force itself upon a people; and then open up more forever wild land to honeycomb from more mining, drilling and hydrofracking and pretend that there are still more animals and indigenous people to render extinct.

Hey, what the hell, you aren’t ever going to be able to afford to see any of it anyway, right.

That condition, of once greater USA resources - a pittance in comparison to Russia and the former Soviet Union - along with the eventual rise of private/consumer credit, particularly in the form of mortgages, provided for the proletariat:

The opportunity to move out of your tenement house, sardine tin-like existence, and into a new cinder block, tarred roof, barracks-like, labor force sector that you promise your life of labor in exchange for, since you have no production capital of your own and are unlikely to ever be able to acquire any

And then the eventual augmentation and expansion of “credit” by the depreciation of capital - viz., the depreciation of money as well as building materials and modes of construction:

All served/serve to mask what Marx described as the inevitable sinking “below the conditions of existence of his own social class”.

Remember too, they have all they need and more than you’ll ever have of your own, even if all of their production capital is Nationalized, right now, they lose nothing.

President Obama, free Leonard Peltier.

April 10, 2012
Joe Biden Said FUCK !! and the abject hypocrisy of RTTV

So here I am. on or around 4am, EST, Tuesday, April 10, 2012, hawking the tweet stream, looking for action, and I see this tweet from RT that says “Bad Idea: Biden tweets for Obama campaign …" and here’s the RT article that the link leads to lQQk

RT 5
The original RT Tweet my response appears above.

So I click the link and the following is what the linked page looks/looked like

RT 4

And then I read what RT has to say. Now to be fair, I did post a blog critical of Joe Hit It but I also remember when this incident which the RT article alludes to actually happened and the press did indeed make a Big Fucking Deal out of It - i.e., that Joe happened to say “fuck”.

The GOPstopo even had some Irish kid pointing his finger so high in the air (there they go blaming God again) that his shirt was coming out of his pants, Rove must have coached him on how to look like Moynihan. My thought when I heard the initial report was good it shows that Joe, at least, is a real person. So I figured I’d toss my 2 cents in, and the following is what I tried to post as a comment to the RT article:

“In all seriousness, US censorship has kept all of these guys in Anthony Comstock’s 19th Century; even the USSct recognizes a Constitutionally protected private right to enter into a Homosexual relationship. But that is a real challenge to the Holier Than Thou hypocrits that are paid to Bullshit the public. Biden’s use of the word “fuck” is an excellent example. It’s part of the Vulgar Vernacular, just like “shit”, “cocksucker” &c but the Free Press including you are like O How awful !! he talks like a regular every day American !! so who hinders who. Face it, if you lay your Liberty at the feet of some person that has to say “the F word” rather than fuck? Kiss it good bye. So cut these guys a little slack, they’re just trying to catch up with the 20th Century and hopefully it won’t take them that long to get to the 21st - If no one hinder[s] them. And if they hinder themselves? Fuck ‘um. It’s the American way ;)”

And quite frankly only the rarest of assholes would prevent unanimous consent to carry my foregoing sentiment because in truth that is exactly how Americans do think and that’s the way they talk too. So I hit the send button and look at the Knee Jerk presumptuous shit I get from RT

RT 2

Now this is an interesting situation, because RT unlike the Holy Sacred Private Property Enterprises News, in the USA, is State sponsored, under US law this would constitute their legal status as a State or governmental actor and thereby subject to Federal suit under 42 USC 1983 for the arbitrary abridgment of speech: albeit you might have Scalia and the GOPstapos agreeing with Russia in this regard - e.g., nawh we decided that a few words here and there are criminal so they’d also likely agree on keeping various natural occurring plants like hemp criminal, too, more fuck ups from God, you know.

These are the sorts of things that cause people to need drugs. Seriously. So it’s like what are you into, punishment or erradicating the need?

Generally, I think people are stupid because the ruling class is afraid that if people get smart well it’s kind of like the Johnny Winter song that appears at the end of this entry

I was in the front house, down in the cellar getting some tools together to fix my back door and I heard two cats whalin’ outside the South window over my workbench. When they want to fuck they sound like little babies. It’s almost like they’re talking to each other. The male cat is pleading with the female please please please let me fuck youuuuuuuu and the female is saying noooooo I don’t want tooooo. That poor Black Cat has just as much trouble trying to get laid as I ever did, that is, when I didn’t have any money. So people that just read this think yeah yeah yeah that’s how it is !! yeah right, animals quantify your fucking existence. The fact of the matter is, we the proletariat are kept down, stupid and repressed by this form of censorship, monogamy, heterosexuality, attemptedly imposed by the State, which the USSCt has already denounced.

And it is that very censorship and repression coerced by the State, which reduces us to animal like existence

So the male begs for the fuck the female relents and gets knocked. No wonder she was saying noooooo I don’t want tooooo. But the poor hapless male finds a little place for her to have the kittens. slinking around thinking about some new pussy because that’s essentially all he knows how to do and she thinks O Lord what a fucking dork but I guess he feels some kind of Love like when he’s fucking me so I feel sorry for him and go along with all this shit.

Awwwwww isn’t life so fucking adorable.

So we learn from the animals, huh. Like yeah, let’s do it doggie style, ugg; yeah let’s suck a cow’s tit, hey now wait a minute, can I suck this instead? Well maybe as long as no one sees wait wait wait animals don’t do that. Yeah sometimes. There were these two dogs a neighbor used to have, one was lame and every now and then the other one would be looking around like Killroy, hop on and start poking around trying to find a hole, and the other one would start growling.

Ok Ok but the point is. How did you learn how to read and write? Did an animal teach you?

Actually what happened was this: people were people and devised these things because they didn’t initially have a gaggle of megalomaniacs censoring and repressing them and if you keep doing that then nothing new is ever going to happen and the Malthusian axiom is going to bury everyone. So get fucking hip already

To answer your question Johnny why she don’t treat you right? because you’re a virtuoso guitarist, a remarkable human achievement that you most likely had to fight tooth and nail to be able to even find the time to practice let alone learn; but you fuck like an animal. I do too but I try otherwise, that’s why I gave up the blues. Nice though huh

April 6, 2012
Answer to the Question Posed by Lauren Lyster

I agree with a lot of what John says, but the one thing I don’t agree with is the idea that business has to take greater local responsibility.

Generally speaking, corporations are comprised of a group of persons that pool their treasure together and take on some sort of an adventure (venture capitalism) with the sole purpose of self enrichment.

From the very beginning of Our Constituted General Government, we had to rely on business, because of Our general inability to raise revenue. This difficulty was augmented by the States because of Our further inability to assume liability for the debts thereof. So the States imposed the 11th Amendment and then competed with the remnant of the Federalist government, for the same tax base.

In such circumstance, the promotion of commerce was a reasonable means to facilitate greater revenue but also to provide for various services which the Government(s) hadn’t the revenue to provide for, itself

All charters of incorporation, have terms which appertain to “the Public Interest”, but due to the situation described, the governments were in no position to make any considerable demands or ultimatums on new corporations. Liberals always fail to point this out, particularly when the GOPstapo flies into their Founding Fathers schtick.

Consequently, people are left with the impression that this situation or arrangement is some sort of Founding Father wisdom -e.g., because commerce grew at such a pace then this freedom from practically all restraint and regulation is therefore an essential factor for success and prosperity; rather than these guys own all the trees; so you wanna build ships, houses & stuff? Buy the wood from me, get transpo to take it to the mill, course you’ll need roads, horses; tools for the mill, guys to build run and maintain it; hey, work for me; there’s nothing here, so, let’s build it, everything’s free just murder some Indians take what you want and then sell it to the Brits or even to each other. I don’t really care, just gimme the fucking money, bitch

So the Monolith is always sure to leave out any consideration of prices - e.g., the Newtsters’ work or die policy. Well if bread is a penny a loaf and you collect say $1. a day then you really don’t even think about it, because collecting enough money to buy food from some retailer is no big deal; but if over time bread becomes $1. a loaf and you have to work 18 hours a day for a penny and the only alternative is death then people start thinking hmmm maybe I ought to kill you instead, you bourgeois capitalist pig, and then suddenly business is making demands on government, we need Policemen and then for standing armies when business goes International.

So as things improved in terms of the governments(s) ability to raise revenue, to the extent that it was now in the position to wage world wars: it neglected the people, threw away Neutrality and dumped all of the new revenue into warmaking, rather than being a government for the people; and it was at this conjunction where demands were placed on business, with Social Security taxes, payroll taxes, which continued to increase, placing considerable burdens on business.

Suddenly business assumed romantic founding father holy sacred and immortal significance, when in actuality all it is and ever was, is something guys with disposable income do for shits and giggles, like playing cards, dice, drinking flagons of ale at the fireside with giggling buxom women on their laps. Ut O better get serious fellows, Henry pull down your Bible, we’re religious, sober God fearing men of grave undertakings !!

So these various problems being discussed by Lauren having raised the perfect question - how do we get out of this model - actually results from this continuing parasitism on the part of government - e.g., that business has to provide various services that we can now provide through our government but refuse to do so because we like making wars, to make the world safe for Exxon, Coca Cola, GE and the regular crew of American Good Ole Boys; which is corroborated by the increasing tendency to lower taxes, and as the case at hand shows, the abolition of various “Public Interest” regulations.

Typical Americans, as intended, haven’t a clue and so it appears they just have to have business, whether it any longer serves any real purpose or not. In this regard the Democratics (or at least most of them) want to do what John Perkins suggests - e.g., have business assume a position of public responsibility, civility and less proclivity to perform abject human exploitation like they did when bread was a penny a loaf; whereas the republicans want to re-arrange evolution by making the government weak and therfore absolutely reliant on unregulated and unbridled business.

But neither one of these answers Lauren’s question; and in actuality both amount to the same thing - i.e., if business goes into supra uber boom boom mode like the entire land mass is all trees, kill people to take whatever you want then sell it to the rest of the world, like they are doing in the Amazon rain forest, then this will purportedly become an Elysium for the proletariat because everyone except around 5% of people that actually want a job, or need one or else die, might have one. The only real difference is that the Democratics want to allow people to have access to doctors and maybe some modest form of relief if they are willing to suffer Sadist Doms at Social Services.

So the real problem is that the government is still ruled by the Democratic-republican single party Monolith, which is 100% resolved, as absolutely unwilling to do anything, Generally, for the people - i.e., “America’s business is business”. So personally, it is very frustrating to me, when I hear Democratics saying, that trickle down economics doesn’t work, while they insist that anything, that we the people may ever acquire, must only come from private business.

The 1st thing that has to happen is the education of Citizens - i.e., the US government is Our government. It is the means by which Our National Division of Labor is designed to function. It is the body politic of Our National community. The main tool to get us what we need. And because the Monolith is absolutely opposed to this idea in every conceivable way there is, then as long as Our government is ruled by this party the government will continue to be used as the primary means whereby business is guaranteed protection in the abject exploitation of all human needs for profit.

2nd - the government shall tax business and the populace to the extent of raising adequate revenue to provide subsistence to every Citzen - viz., basic food, water, shelter and one set of clothes. You want more go get it from the Holy Sacred Private Sector, but you shall be protected with all of the honor and dignity due to any other person in this society if you choose to have or pursue nothing more. If you want a baby, you shall not receive subsistence for that child. If you the business person don’t want taxes to rise then maintain stable prices. If you don’t want to hire people, don’t, but no one shall go hungry or without shelter, so Do what Thou Wilt …

3rd - Give the Nazi GOPstapo everything they want but at the same time abolish the 11th Amendment. E.g., any State decides to fuck with women in any manner whatsoever or any persons right to vote you shall be sued for real money. No censorship and end all laws against natural occuring plants such as marijuana, coca and poppies. Copyrights to protect the author only not the various parasites exploiting them by keeping most of the money for themselves. And other related things along these lines.

4th - Progressive taxation. Abolition of any and all tax credits for any and every form of advertizing. End all policy encouragement in the form of taxation or anything else that encourages procreation.

5th - Defense of the Mainland only all other defense shall be done by sharing all remaining bases with the United Nations. The remainder of war production shall be converted for the production of amongst other things solar panels to outfit, initially, all government installations. All nuclear plants shall be replaced by other forms of energy production and then shut down.

6th - No treaty with the indigenous peoples of this land shall ever be abrogated but may be enlarged for the benefit of those people.

7th - warrantless searches and wiretapping in any form are hereby prohibited forever.

~~~~~~~ to be continued ~~~~~~~

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