December 17, 2012
Protectionism for The Entertainment Industry: more babyshit, more distraction.

A GOPstapo staff person was fired for his laissez faire views regarding the copyright clause in the US Const, as incorporated in some sort of interoffice/inter party memo.

So I get an email telling me to sign some sort of petition -e.g., you may do this your Democratic-republican representatives are eager to champion babyshit but require mass approbation in order to perpetualise exactly what it is that ought to be corrected - viz., the enslavement of artists by profit mongering social parasites - i.e., the “entertainment industry” which technology has rendered obsolete and absurd. Hi we’re money bag sugar daddy’s, “help me” I’m a girl. UmHmmm, we like boys too. Make yourself comfortable on my couch and we’ll discuss your future.

Here’s The Memo

So the thing starts out ok but very quickly disintegrates into this RayGun Revolution Rand Paul bullshit. I mean what is this kid doing working for the GOPstapo in the 1st place? But putting his complaint in a light most favorable to himself, consider his audience.

I wrote about this before [insert link].

The problem is pandemic - the government relies on growth to collect revenue for war making, world and space domination and encourages the private sector to rape the earth, while culture and humanity languish. In order to render the masses pliable the despots require a massive all pervasive “entertainment industry” which “coincidentally” is the propaganda arm of the Democratic-republican single party monolith.

But this Democratic-republican arrangement regarding revenue raising and the price they force US to pay in order to maintain it has reached the ultimate diseconomy of scale. They discourage and in some regards make it impossible for any new “industries” to even get started. They all have to based on profit rather than “the arts and useful sciences”. The only way this Master Plan can continue is by totalitarian despotism whose centerpiece as always is debt slavery and protectionism.

Slavery has always been the modus operandi of the Democratic-republicans and always will be for as long as you allow them to rule.

Copyrights are generally a capitalist idea, otherwise a Monarch or cabal would commission various works such as music, literature, painting, architecture. So be a successful capitalist and be your own Monarch, commission the arts and useful sciences DIY; but Democratic-republicans don’t make very good “sovereigns without subjects” in fact the latter in terms of growth seems to be their singular goal. Feel the sumptuous plush elegance of their glove.

And one of the premiere symptoms of capitalism, is theft.

In the case of copyrights, prior to radio, television and now the internet, the only way to actually steal a work was to steal the physical thing - e.g., a manuscript, painting, photograph, film and then receive credit whether financial or otherwise at the expense of another’s toil. The conlict is always the same, it devolves to a matter of self preservation and the pursuit of happiness - e.g., all I want to do is paint and you fucking piss me off so much I cut off my fucking ear !!

Or you might pose as an author.

At this point agency and publishing were already introduced i.e., can I exploit this person to purchase my surfeit; but still in all of these earlier cases some actual work had to be accomplished at least to some degree or extent - look at this cheap imitation - and as these profit making endeavors grew, so did a coincidence in common thoughts and ideas which made it difficult to separate coincidence from devious artifice and thus the innovation of “derivative work”.

So the only real distinction after the foregoing technological innovations was that a finished product could be more easily and effortlessly copied and then sold at a tremendous margin - the dream of any “capitalist” or “entrepreneur” - thereby depriving the would be profiteer of hir surfeit. So for a considerable time there was a distinction between an intent to retail - e.g., charging admission to a broadcast “without the express written permission of the National Football League is Prohibited” and making copies for your own private use.

Consequently there are several necessary distinctions from past to present by virtue of technology; and the Deep Issue - viz., are these new innovations in protectionism authorized under the US Constitution:

(1) What constitutes publication. Inherent in such issue is a presumption of damage to the publisher and agent rather than the author

(2) And thus, proof of a completed wrong, in terms of commerce, or injury in fact, is no longer required to secure Court jurisdiction.

Consequently, the law in this regard has been rewritten by adopting the presumption principle from the law of nuisance and libel - viz., the “injurious damage” is presumed - e.g., these teenage girls copied Lady Gaga songs and “published” them all over the internet and now her publishing agents can’t collect adequate revenue in order to make payments on their Rolls and sex club dues across town and therefore these teenage girls must be punished !!

This exemplifies the unavoidable and irresistible conclusion that the author is no longer the principle being protected it is the profits of his agents and publishers. Not only is the damage presumed but the actual person whom the Constitution intends to protect assumes the status of a femme covert at the mercy of an unscrupulous Executor cloaked with Patriarchal immunity.

(3) The success of unscrupulous profiteers can no longer be secured without rewriting the US Constitution, redefining copyrights and protection under the full coercive power of “The State”.

The profit motive has supplanted the purpose and intent of what the Constitutional provision was intended to protect which was the author not 2nd party commerce and profit. These sorts of innovations merely use copyright as a pretense for protectionism of the “entertainment industry” and therefore the fate of these things shall always come down to the numbers - viz., how many whores can the entertainment industry muster to keep them, the industry, dom and everyone else their subs.

Just remember you’re paying for it. It’s like the argument regarding the double taxation of dividends, you pay the government and you pay for the product. In regards to the 1st your only choice is prison and in regards to the latter, you don’t have to buy their product.

Do Free Love it’s way more fun than smart gadgets.

December 17, 2012
Gun Violence, the fiscal cliff and other fucked up things that men do

As a constructive protest, follow my example or at least consider it:

Don’t follow anyone that posts depictions of women in bondage or women posing with guns; and I refuse to do so no matter how awesome the rest of their posts are. If the reasons aren’t self evident here’s why.

There is no sexual fetish that requires women submitting to men except for

(1) Men that get off on female submission and

(2) Women that do it 9 times out of 10 because they’d rather submit to a man for the hope or sense of “love”; or feel that sex is a worthwhile exchange to avoid the necessity of employment in the male dominated private sector.

Although I can sympathize with the 2nd pretence, which reminds me of the song “Petals”, by Hole, the only reason that this would ever be depicted in pictures reposted on services such as tumblr is to please men having this submit to me you worthless bitch sort of “fetish” which is most likely a “help me”, comeon by a “sub” and in exchange I’ll be your willing slave girl.

Some people might defend this but I’m not one of them.

Men that have this sort of self confidence issue are weak and are not made strong or intelligent by women assuming a submissive role so that men may thereby feel that they have a person they can be better than; and for many years actual slavery (forced servitude) and racism served that role in the US and this “badge of slavery” is still imposed upon women. So in that regard women that submit and exploit this situation, perpetuate this male weakness and more often than not, whether it be under pretense of money, alone, have confidence issues, which Male dominated society, strives, to make inescapable and thus institutionalizing Male Domination/female submission, which preserves and perpetuates sexual weakness and repression and makes people pliable and easy to control.

So follow my example and use this blog entry if you like as ground for your action.

I would also go a step farther and actually recommend a solution, which is sexual freedom for women - call it the manumission of female sexuality.

Suffice me to say, for the nonce, that any women that is allowed to be sexually free can outfuck any man on earth and for that matter may also discover that men aren’t even necessary for female pleasure. I don’t know what the % is or how many men would actually admit it or are simply in denial but there are a lot of them that just can’t handle this fact or any related situation; and regrettably, because of the GOPstapo and these peculiar fetishes they pander to, this form of dishonesty, lack of integrity and denial is further perpetualised, and this not only maintains blessed sanction for the imprisonment of female sexuality and freedom but also denies the sexuality and freedom of people with a cock and balls.

And what this ultimately comes down to is one idea, which Conservatives have been allowed to transubstantiate into an issue - it is never the case that a human being naturally prefers a state of deprived Liberty to that of freedom, but the very root of this issue is the Conservative insistence that the contrary is true for women; the same was said by Conservatives in regard to the so called Sambo Nigra; and that is what the entirety of this situation is all about.

So when you follow persons posting such depictions, and assume a passivity and tolerance in exchange for other nude pix, truly awesome as they may be, and even far outnumbering these other posts, you are accepting this perverse Conservative ideal and are actually perpetuating it.

It would be equally bad to banish such depictions, or to allow Democratics and purported Liberals to further stomp, shit and piss on free expression and pass laws to make such depictions illegal; or to encourage tumblr or other such services to do the same as private sector Black Shirts, as either sector are so apt to do in exchange for votes, campaign contributions, advertising and obvious “power” issues regarding their own sexual inadequacies and weaknesses. Even this form of Holier than Thou “political action” is encouraged - e.g., look !! here is a form of “protest or demonstration”, that is “allowed”. But by following my example, instead, what eventually will occur is that the real misogynists and GOPstapo Black Shirts will become most obviously separated from the lame and unconsciousness dupes and eventually as was the case with slavery and racism they may all become awakened and enlightened.


There are crossover points with gun violence. It’s why beautiful naked women and sex are used to promote guns, which is generally a power issue and the handgun is the primary tool to take power at the individual level.

What advertising and the mainstream media tell us is that we have to be afraid of guns because they are primarily used by young Black males to hold up convenience stores to buy drugs, pussy and bling; or otherwise to preserve and protect “the hood”. And you ought to know the rest of “the story” by now, these young Black Males are infiltrating your neighborhood right now and are going to take over, so hire more Police build more prisons, bust them for marijuana. This “story” is emphasized far more than the Conservative White Supremacist anti-Judaic clubs promoting the 2nd Amendment in liege with the NRA. In fact the SPLC is one of the only groups having made known that a previously existing department in the FBI dealing with White Supremacist/anti-Judaics was defunded or abolished so that more Johnny Boner Mitch the Itch money - that used to be yours - could be used for busting people using medical marijuana.

The other crossover factor is of course money and the sexual inadequacies of Johnny Boner, Mitch the Itch and the rest of their Klan, attempting to mitigate tax increases on the highest income recipients and forcing spending cuts for programs assisting the most vulnerable. I guess they want them to find a Dom to submit to, O yeah, the Dom’s supposed to be the GOPstapo.

Gee I better be careful what I write, the GOPstapo might burn a cross in my yard, beat me up and rape me, maybe put a collar on me and teach me a good lesson in who rules. Guns make that much simpler and cleaner preserving the facade of civilized behavior.

The whole thing is really pretty simple and straight forward to follow, understand and solve but the MSM is paid to drive block you off reason, average sensibility and common sense; and you subsidize that by making advertizing a tax write off and right now there is no better time than to do away with it.

Presuming the story on handguns is correct, the solution is to make drugs affordable, annihilate traditional gender role models forcing poor men to rob liquor stores to buy pussy rather than take up cock sucking which they’re eventually going to have to do anyway because Conservatives won’t allow prisons to be ‘co-ed’.

Love and sex are essential attributes of humanity, they provide the Loving comfort and attention we need; and it needs to be gentle, not mean rough and domineering, because Love and sex are nurturing so how you fuck is how you nurture. It’s what you pass on to others. It’s how your girl friend makes your cock feel so nice when she’s riding on top, so what if she learned it from riding someone else’s cock. That’s still good pussy no matter who she fucks or how often, it feels nice, so enjoy it instead of trying to own it. Free sex and sexual liberation would itself alleviate demand for drugs, inadequacies that make US feel like we have to dominate; but drugs are fun too, they provide a break from our hopeless fate as slaves to private sector business, imposed upon US by the Democratic-republican single party monolith. There is no need to make this worse by following private sector nurturing and making slaves out of one or each other.

Make Love, not war

November 15, 2012
P.E.E. prt 5: please don’t bury US alive

One of the far less noticed characteristics of shit, is that it doesn’t stink, until it’s exposed, to air; commensurate with blood, which is purportedly blue, until the same thing happens

The stench is not immediate.

Penultimately, with holier than though hypocrisy, and censorship aside, this natural situation might be used to defend covert actions. Well you know these people have been doing interracial fucking and smoking pot all the while and your life was going along, equally, without notice.

But ultimately what it comes down to is what you want to do, “Make Love Not War”, or “Kill a Commie for my Mommie”?

Today, the Democratic-republications insist that everything has to be reduced to money. It is natural and far more likely that all of us shall be exposed to shit on a daily basis rather than blood. We are shown blood, on television, in motion pictures, in the print media, and online. Is this because we’re more familiar with shit? Then why aren’t there any bare ass people on television? I can’t even walk around bare assed in my own back yard!!

I was in a doctor’s office and this woman doctor kept putting this sheet over my cock and I asked her what she was doing and she said “cover yourself up”. Are you shitting me? Don’t “curse”.

Are you going to toss me in the pond to see if I float?

The USA has chosen by democratic action - i.e., “mob rule” - under Anthony Comstock limitation, and as ensured by Justice Scalia et al as well as the US Congress, that Killing is the USA’s first priority, especially of the “non kindred races(s)”

Name one thing, more money is spent on, for promoting and effectuating, and while your brain is occupied in that endless loop, multitask, and consider this - no one pays you to shit, but they pay you to bleed; and you know why? Because things that occur naturally don’t have to be paid for in order to occur

People kill because someone or something is repressing them but in order for someone else to kill, you have to pay them to do it, and the government does this all the time

(1) As Democratic-republicans the US Constitution and laws means nothing to them. With some exceptions, like, keeping Nigras away from our white women and creating the impression that they’re preventing these non kindred races from getting any of that there pot that allows them to look into a white woman’s eyes, more than once.

At the present time, this could change.

The only thing preventing that change is “moral exclusion”

In terms of censorship, all prosecutions for “obscenity” can be and ought to be immediately terminated, abandoned and the term “obscenity” ought to be purged from all statutes, rules, regulations and declared meaningless. And if your incontinence is such that you really need to prohibit the use of some word prohibit the word “obscenity”.

We’re talking about saving money the same as we would if we no longer pay people to hunt down and burn up hemp plants and prosecute people for using a naturally occuring plant. Use that money instead to hunt down and make business clean up Dioxin and hydrofracking - anaerobic generators in everyone’s yard is far more practical than hydrofracking in our basements.

But in the present business first people last D-r version of government, they shall not be moved unless they no longer have anyone to relate to. That is the lesson of this last election - i.e., I’m not buying your whitebread holier than thou shit anymore and ut o look what happened. It’s the same with censorship and pot.

In the case of obscenity, no one even knows what it means and consequently other things are attemptedly prohibited by the holier than thou D-r(s) like the equally vague and amorphous term, “indecent speech”. What does obscenity and indecent speech mean? Aside from whatever the D-r(s) decide it to mean, which they are Constitutionally prohibited from doing.

One of the Democratic-republicans favorite cases, which was also used against me by the RayGun/Moynihan whore, NDNY Tom McAvoy, as pretense to ignore modern US Supreme Court precedent addressing “indecent speech”, was one legislated from the bench by Charles Evan Hughes, and this decision really exemplifies what the Democratic-republican party is really all about - i.e., alright, we’ll allow the 1st Amendment to be incorporated by the 14th A. US Const and thereby impose the same prohibitions against the States, as it does Congress, but we’re not going to acknowledge that all speech was originally intended to be protected by the 1st. And you know how the Democratics are, anything to win. O of course your excellency, we comply with your edict, we appease ourselves in our most obsequious fealty as we lay prostrate before you licking the floor boards over which your servants have lain your red carpet to walk on and to which our mouths are unworthy - i.e., they’d compromise away their soul, but use yours, 1st, whenever that’s possible.

Judicial aside: can you hear what they’re saying? No but I adore the expression.

And there is Andy Cuomo - O dear God my daughters ears !! what will happen to her life if the government allows her to hear the word fuck or even shit on the radio at 4am; and President Obama too with the birth control quip regarding his daughters. Two big strong powerful virile men protecting their meek and enfeebled daughters from words which are commonly and widely used in rap and the vulgar vernacular anyway.

Do they actually believe that paid for censorship will eradicate words that they don’t want their daughters to hear, by the time their daughters become of an age men in legislatures have deemed adulthood? Or they just want their daughter to vote republican? All of this seems unduly complex, commensurate with tolerance, don’t you think?

So what are they promoting?

While at the same time the various self declared Liberal news commentators on MSNBC claim that the GOPstapo lives in their own self created reality, which is true, but that doesn’t make you any less of a hypocrite than they are: because what other possible pretense could there be, in prohibiting the utterance of words or the broadcasting of images, than to create some alternative reality - i.e., one where nobody says fuck, nobody smokes pot, nobody grooves on lewd and lascivious naked flesh and nobody has extramarital affairs, especially with the “non kindred race(s)”.

Money talks and shit still stinks. Either we stay in the closet or they accept tolerance; the later should not be allowed as an option

Want to be strong? Grow the fuck up, instead of pretending you are playing Army, we are real lives - as long as you don’t say fuck, smoke pot, have extramarital sex or walk around bare ass in your own back yard - but them? O they’re just “non kindred race(s)”

There was some guy on CSPAN a while back talking about the Democratics and he happened to mention my claim regarding the GOPstapo and “the non kindred races” in conjunction with their pro Nazi position throughout the 20s, 30s and beyond and the Conservative Democrat Truman who happily nuked Japan as a “non kindred race”. He denied this in regard to Truman, his alleged supporting fact claimed that FDR intended to nuke Germany, but he died, Germany surrendered, so Truman did Japan instead.

Paradoxically, it was Herbert Spencer who said that ‘no one is free, until everyone is free’, see dissents in Lochner v NY, ff Holmes dissenting

November 13, 2012
P.E.E. prt 4: feels like I gotta do more

Rather than sex being used to not want, it’s used to want, the same as drugs and all objects of material opulence.

Hey boy you want some top shelf Heterosexual trophy pussy? Rawt cher she is, but it’s a gonna take a lot a spending money, son.

Rock n Roll was once new and Wow !! but then someone decided it needed more, 1st it was cars, and then money and then get the girl and get married; and then a little later it needed sex and drugs, along with other objects of material opulence. I want to be a rock n roll star so I can have nice cars a big house and plenty of trophy pussy or because I like rock n roll? Smudge and smear confuse and confound

But Boy o Boy you sure can’t get all that shit from joining the Army.

Sexual repression causes people to have or seek sex with “the excluded” - those which the municipality have cast out or seek to cast out (see Prt 2) and most likely those available are people that do it for money. Sexual repression = venereal disease; otherwise, why would some uber successful writer like Oscar Wilde end up with syphilis and blue teeth?

So it eventually became essential that “Liberals” would afford some protections to people sharing such social stratum as Oscar Wilde. Otherwise what would happen to our salons !!

So when will all of this “trickle down” to the common schmuckery like me? Like how many doctors and politicians ask you who you were blowing or eating out when you have a sore throat or dentists telling you that human jism can result in seriously detrimental situations. Just saying, I noticed some cavities here.

Although progress had been realized with the treatment of some venereal diseases, but with the further onslaught of Herpes, HIV, HPV (where there isn’t even a test for men) pornography and sex camming are the only alternatives to this circumstance; and at the present time, some where in the dark corner of the back room of Los Angeles County, the God fearing D-r(s) have waged their great compromise clandestine war against pornography.

Stunt persons must wear helmets and other protective gear?

What about me, I’m jerking off to the product the D-r(s) are targeting, do condoms protect me from these various maladies?

As for sex camming well that has essentially become the cyber version of the foregoing municipal circumstance, pay me, hurry up and cum.

Before the war, porn was a free alternative maybe the D-r(s) will offer a great compromise and promise the industry that it doesn’t have to stay that way and then the question is to whom “the industry” feels obligated.

Will “the industry” co-opt with the status quo; return free love to it’s ‘proper’ place in capitalist society, with those that can afford it, or else join the cause to Liberate people from sexual repression, self compromising instead, by relinquishing the icons and talismans of material opulence and want.

As the war wages on, here is an important rule to remember - and it applies to all things the D-r(s) touch: if the GOPstapo does something, really fucked up, and the Democratics don’t say anything about it, even after you insist, then this indicates beyond any conceivable doubt that the Democratics also approve. In fact, it most likely indicates that they agreed in conference that it would be better for the GOPstapo to do it because it would work better for their “base”.

Now getting back to our P.E.E. theme, there are two ways to deal with injustice, the D-r way is “ballot box bias” but the way it used to be done was through the courts. For example, in all of the instances with OWS, Federal Monel actions could have been brought against any and all unconstitutional municipal policies where persons were injured and deprived of Constitutionally protected rights. That ought to have been done 1st, further mob demonstrations, ballot box &c second. The same is true with “Measure B” and condoms. It is clearly unconstitutional.

Granted, this is not easy to do. I have 15 years of continuous experience in State and Federal courts as a pro se litigant and at no court I’ve been before has there ever been any indication of impartial justice, especially for the schmuckery like me. And this situation is even worse at the local level where some contractor with connections to local politicians will get protection for shoddy workmanship while you try to prove to some locally elected Judge that the common law is the law of NYS and that these contractors are under quasi contractual duty and obligation - Andy are you reading this? That’s right, it’s the Old Right to Do Wrong, again - if’n’ it don’t say that ya can’t ya kin (not true in single family residential districts either) But as the D-r(s) see it, if it isn’t expressly stated in the contract there is no duty and obligation; and that’s the heart soul and flesh of Democratic-republicanism. Hee fucking Haw.

You are in contempt of court, tommy, the 1st amendment is not recognized here and how did that slip through the magnetometer.

National elections, where none of this is ever discussed, serves as a distraction from the fact that people are ripped off and abused on a regular basis by Holy sacred and protected business. In fact national elections seem to be designed to reward business even more. That’s why people don’t consume - because they’re sick of being ripped off without protections from the government in fact having the government protect business in doing so; and consequently why people aren’t hired. Just remove all regulations and let business do what thou willst and the economy will be booming in no time. This, is the ultimate, in human perversion.

So the Thomas Jeffersons won California and the Conservatives won Measure B, forcing adult film makers to wear condoms? or actors? it’s not as clear as it’s unconstitutionality; but the D-r(s) now championing the idea regarding the Petraeus resignation without any other reason than he is married for 37 years and admitted fucking some other woman - Moral Exclusion - so how could you expect them to discuss Measure B. Andy Cuomo is too busy sheltering his daughters ears from his words to utility companies or else President Obama is off celebrating the miracles of Heterosexual baby making, and marriage - put a ring on it - while admitting that baby making may be controlled, but only as long as majorities agree and then the whole thing is dinked out with the Moynihan Report role model, which all men are supposed to conform to - see here’s our campaign election shot with the family and the miracles of baby making and capitalist society which keeps their clothes and faces clean; but you can be Gay now too, just make sure you’re monogamous have a job and fulfill your obligations to consume - i.e., don’t whine when you get ripped off by business because you can’t afford to lease a lawyer to sue them anyway and will be abused by a conservative Judge if you attempt to do so yourself. Tommy, government is too big !! and the protections for the schmuckery if any survived RayGun are the 1st to go either by the ballot box or by another Great Compromise.

Don’t you feel great about “winning”?

I used to be allowed to operate a motor vehicle in NYS and when DMV 1st demanded that I disclose my social security number so that I could continue to operate a motor vehicle in NYS, so that they could say that I voluntarily disclosed my ssn so that any unscrupulous Judge, lawyer, State officer or State employee could have access to all or any of my financial and health records - Hello Mrs d? We have some rather tragic news to report to you, your husband has failed to cooperate with us and he is a Heterosexual. Or maybe, your husband is having an affair with his biographer>

I told Pat Moynihan that this business with my driver’s license was bullshit and then the State renewed it without my disclosure, but then mini Bush had Moyni killed similar to the demise of Andy Warhol and I was left with George Pataki and some right wing Mexican guy ruling DMV and my driving privileges were revoked for refusing to publish my social security number essentially to the State arm of the National GOPstapo Party.

[as reported elsewhere this also involved a conspiracy between a State Judge and a Village attorney to force disclosure of my ssn to receive a refund due to me from the State. So many GOPstapo experiments like this were tried on me while the Democratics remained silent, I lost count and they later turned up as National policies under the Bush Royal Family] The point here is that no Democratic on earth would even respond to my complaints regarding this shakedown, that’s right, guy, just stand around and watch. O can’t watch? Then just stand there, turn you head away and pretend to be disgusted after it’s over. O you really are disgusted? Then why do you continue to allow it to happen?

Because it’s only a matter of degree. The same abuse you the schmuckery incur either from business or from challenging the abuse before their Judge is the same as your representative gets from the opposition. Elections don’t solve the problem. Courts can, if you rid them of Conservatives. In the meantime, you want to preserve any bureaus of government that are designed to assist you in securing impartial justice and demand that they be further bolstered; but here again you run into the same problem, but the Solution is not the ballot box it’s first one of perception.

Get government off the backs of business means one thing, you the schmuckery get screwed. There is no fair or impartial way to ensure otherwise.

But getting back to the driver’s license biz. Once an unscrupulous elected Judge and his party have your health and financial records, especially if you’re a lawyer, then you have to bend to their will and this is where Sex and drugs comes into the picture - do you want your career destroyed? The GOPstapo won’t hire a cocksucker, especially one that isn’t married. You have AIDS ?!! Or I see you were treated for clap, get it from your wife? Are you sure? You get the picture.

The only cure for that is sexual liberation, without it, you will always be subject to abuse and injustice. It’s one of the neo-sadists’ favorite toy.

Now if you’re sexually liberated and everyone else is too, then the only thing that’s left is finance - e.g., can we fuck with this guy? I dont know let’s see how much money he has and which part of his portfolio we can threaten.

Now this is the part where it’s really decision time, how much are you willing to forgo in the name of justice?

Well the ACLU had this bogus national campaign going on claiming that the GOPstapo were attempting to undermine the Freedoms and Liberties of citizens by demanding that everyone have a Federal ID - o you mean like a passport?

Hey, Congress, if you need revenue why don’t you make everyone buy a passport, it’s not like you’re imprisoning US here like RayGun accused the SU of doing, are you?

But by some really fucked up “logic” the ACLU and other “freedom loving” groups decided that you are guilty until proven innocent and as a consequence of your guilt you are pretending to be a citizen, so in order to relinquish your guilt and receive social communion you must now have a State issued photo ID based on your Federal social security number - viz., let the State and officers thereof render you into their subject by finger fucking through your private Federal accounts and information; and in the case of NYS DMV (depending on which window you get) 4 or 5 other things are required like your HS diploma and Donald Trump’s insistence of your Birth Certificate. Notice not a peep from the Democratics until this came to involve elections, to Hell with all of the rest of your rights, this is about Jumping Jack Ass self preservation !! All of which is purportedly a States Right otherwise everyone might have a passport and be free to travel just like the Confederates that were hired to the US Supreme Court and then as they had ruled in the Slaughterhouse Cases serving as the basis to constrict the reach of the 14th Amendment to the US Const.

We used to be US citizens but now we’re subjects of the State in which we reside or travel through.

I bet you missed that one didn’t you? Yeah, one of those little inconsequential things that the Democratics and their agents in the Media never discuss too much. Afterall who could be interested? Aside from some paranoid pothead or burnt out acid freak from Washington or Colorado. Here stick a Bluetooth in your ear and consume. Nor did they discuss the so called “Liberal” second circuit court of appeals, ‘decision’ approving the willful and intentional violation of Federal equal protection by NYS denying a Driver’s license to a citizen that refused to prove they are a citizen, not by oath or affirmation, but by their social security number.

If you care to take the time and have a Federal repository library, handy, like we used to have here, before the Stack sections were removed and either the books were stored in some obscure location that can no longer be accessed by the public, or else burned, you’ll find in the Gales & Seaton Record of Congress, that proof of citizenship was by oath, similar to proof of your identity in court - viz., orally or by affidavit - e.g., ‘I hereby affirm under penalty of perjury’, essentially, by signature. Hey mom tell them it’s me, yeah but who’s she. How do we know you’re really you. Well you don’t seem to have any trouble sending me mail; but suddenly after more than 200 years oath and affirmation was no longer good enough unless it was the oath or affirmation of someone in government; and not a single Democrat, anywhere, made the slightest complaint and still remain obsequiously silent.

O yeah one building was blown up when two planes flew into it.

So what rights do we lose, now, because of “tropical storm sandy”? Isn’t that how it works: there’s a catastrophe, so a metaphorical human sacrifice must be made to appease the Democratic-republicans, erm I mean God?

Well quite a long time ago former Federal SCt Justice Brennan ruled that States denying a drivers license to people because of something unrelated to their ability to drive was a violation of equal protection. Well fuck that shit, the Bush royal family rules now, along with their agent in NYS, Gov Pataki; but this precedent goes back further than Brennan because similar attempts now being made to destroy adult films were used in San Franciso to destroy Chinese laundrys.

So the precedents are there to destory this Measure B bullshit. But I’m not going to do the work, because I’m not getting anything for it and everyone ignores my blog anyway, but if you do the work or can afford a lawyer that can, you can have this struck down as unconstitutional; and more particularly, in my immediate interest, this is a lesson about “special interests”.

It’s better to work together rather than hack off a pound of flesh here and there as a compromise.

October 31, 2012
I Am a Victim and I am Due

I started reading “Obama and the Road Ahead: the Rolling Stone Interview”, “Rolling Stone” Issue 1169 November 8, 2012

The historical preface, by Douglas Brinkley is excellent. This is really the 1st time I’ve seen anyone, get the history and assessment, correct, and properly blame Ronald Reagan especially for the carbon/climate problems we now suffer along with his encouragement of White Supremacy, Heteorsexual Patriarchy and general irresponsibility - e.g., as long as you are irresponsible in the name of Christ, the CSA, Heterosexual Patriarchy, anti-communism and rendering women in complete subservience to men, then you are entitled to be “a proud American”; so “kill a commie for my mommie” “peace through strength”, oozing plutonium warheads, melting solar icecaps and uber storms named Sandy.

For the preface, alone, the piece is well worth reading; and let us not forget, that it is written by a person, stamped with the authority of having been published several times !! and in this instance by a mainstream magazine filthy with establishment advertising, perpetuating the multi-billion dollar pop music industry, as opposed to a penniless “complete unknown” like me.

“And let me make it perfectly clear”, I am a “victim”.

So the part of this Interview that disturbs me, is just off the top, where Brinkley asks the President about Mittney’s 47% remark. Now I realize, none of us are perfect. Even in some of my more erudite pieces, I read them later, and think, how could I have missed making that point here, all of the premises are laid down so well. Well if the premises are laid down so well, then the reader will make the logical and reasonable conclusion. You have to believe that, unless you believe that God, as a goof, doled out lots of bad brains which would go far in explaining Mittney and all conservative Judges, especially those demanding that you plead in law French or at least in Scalia’s version of Twombly.

The Stark Omission is this

Does Mittney believe that 47% of the population are paranoid/psychotics? Or more in line with his various religious tenets, miscreants? This has never been discussed by anyone, anywhere. So it appears that the Democratic-republican “mind flash” strikes again !! Brinkley asks the question and Obama slides right into the “everyone must work” riff, [but unlike Nazi Germany we don’t have to take a shower first] and then comes the closing, “everyone does work” except case poverty and even some of those “take advantage of the system” but so do millionaires that don’t pay taxes, end of story.

And there he is on the cover, white shirt, arms crossed, he looks just like Dad, circa 1966.

Get off your lazy good for nothing gold brick ass and get to work, this is America, there’s work to be done, we don’t have time for political philosophy. Right, which is exactly what got RayGun elected and in 2010 put a population of Joe the Plumers in Congress.

People like to romanticize about radical democracy but don’t like to see the results.

The truth is that Conservatism is as dead and empty as Mittney is. You are the only thing that animates it, along with the Democratics who wax sentimental remembering what they used to be. Careful Edith, don’t look back !! even though you think, that’s Archie’s voice you hear.

Paraphrasing Hunter S. Thompson’s comment on Clinton’s “I didn’t inhale”, he sold out our generation and then quoting Benjamin Disraeli “In politics, there is no honor”.

In the 1st place - we ought to remember that President Obama, is the lesser of two evils and is still a Democratic-republican and in that regard is most likely incapable of intellectually understanding that the US government is actually Our government, where “Our” is the citizenry, which means amongst other things that we can do any gotdam thing we want with it, for US, as long as the US Constitution and laws doesn’t prohibit US from doing it. I’m willing to abide by that they’re not and they never will be.

2nd - when I was growing up I had the best LSD trip ever when I was 16 and thereafter knew exactly what I wanted to do, what made me happy and i was excited and inspired to do it all, except that everytime I tried to do, any of the things which I knew deep into my heart, bones and brain was absolutely right for me, I found myself being treated as a criminal by Democratic-republicans.

So yes I am a victim. So what are you suggesting here Barack? That we’re far less than 47% and/or there’s something wrong with US?

That’s the thing that really twists my balls, because I can’t see that either of these guys are telling me anything different, they’re essentially telling me the same thing - viz., embrace your victimization, take your licks, roll with the punches, “turn the other cheek” !! learn to live in disgrace and humiliation, appreciate capitalist sadism, embrace masochism, just go with it, you’ll eventually find the right dom and after they properly bound and beat you, they’ll shove some money up your ass and down your throat, then you can buy hamburgers, spam and various consumer durables.

The temptation in this regard is to Hail Satan and thus believe that Mittney is somehow any different because he represents the ruthless fuck you take it and run aspect of modern USA society; fuck thy neighbor, exploit your fellow citizen, corner food and water and make them pay for it and pay dearly; take the money buy a unique home; the police and military will protect you, don’t be afraid get a gun and be ruthless. In short “The American Dream”

These are the real and only choices.

I want to walk around bare ass in my backyard - so I’m an immoral bastard - unless you collect enough money to buy that privilege and this is the same with anything from smoking pot to even shooting heroin. And the reason that is, is because both of these guys or I might as well say you guys are members of one party that took government away from the citizenry and gave it to business. Not corporations, business. People that corner the things we need and then make US pay dearly for mere subsistence and that goes for everything else too. It doesn’t have to be that way but with either candidates and as long as the Democratic-republican paradigm continues, their sole aim is to prevent anyone from ever changing it. This is why people are pissed off at Obama, because it appeared to US that he was going to be the vehicle for beginning to return government to The People, but that hasn’t happened. We still can’t say shit, fuck, cocksucker and various other words on the radio, TV or anywhere in public where there are conservatives and police officers; we can’t smoke pot can’t have nude sex orgies outside in our yard, can’t even just be naked.

In short, this is a society of can’t do, not can do and when someone comes along and says otherwise but then continues the same old same old pseudo moralistic shit, well everyone knows it’s shit and aren’t very happy about it.

Personally I think Mittney is just a placeholder candidate.

And I’m sorry Barack, but I had a life to lead and although I don’t blame you for taking it away, you haven’t done anything to let me live what’s left of it either - none of which has to do with “a job” but has to do with things like being allowed into court without magnetometers baton probes and pat downs, without Banks and University employees or guards demanding my social security number; having my NYS driver’s license taken away for refusing to disclose my social security number; being forcfully removed from a live radio broadcast at a Public NYS University by State employees and then having Moynihan’s and Reagan’s fucking Mc at Binghamton treat me like dog shit along with Andy Cuomo and the 2nd Circuit who ripped me off for a filing fee and then refused to hear my appeal, all for demanding that they enforce my 1st Amendment rights under former Justice Stevens “safe harbor zone” - I allegedly played a Sound Recording at 4am that contained the word “shit”.

Leahy and other members of Congress didn’t give a shit about any of that either.

So what would either of you do about this, the 1st Amendment matter? Well if I had juice you or Schumer would call McAvoy and/or Cuomo and ask them what the fuck is going on here and in turn these filthy low life whores would say O your Holiness we Had to dismiss the case the 11th Amendment forces US to. Now stop and think about this - both of these fuck holes know that SUNY Binghamton violated and continues to violate the 1st Amendment. Had they been decent people instead of political whores they would have confronted the University with that. US law still allows Amendments for captions not appearing in Law French !! or is the CSA really all that important to them? No they’re just gutless whores who are scared shitless over the word “shit” so they grovelled for whatever excuse they could find to trash the 1st Amendment. Your Party continues to allow this to happen for no other reason. I wrote to Leahy and told him to pass a simple statement (I wrote), which waives the 11th Amendment protection for Public State Universities (corporations) who violate the 1st Amendment. I was ignored and not just by him but by a whole slew of other people, as well.

Or NYS Judge Robert S. Rose allowing William L. Gibson Jr as a Municipal lawyer/employee to fraudulently misrepresent my zoning board record and then rule that Village Municipalities can impose a private nuisance by one private non business “homeowner” against another by saying that the nuisance is a custom and then denying a hearing on whether the custom is good or not let alone allowing such idiocy as any defence allowing government to impose a private nuisance by one non business homeowner to the injurious damage of another.

A very simple rule was destroyed at least in application to me - viz., even if something is a nuisance but some exception has to be made to allow it to stand, then it must be located in a place where it is least objectionable. Rose declared it could be located anywhere. This is what happens when State and Federal Courts adamantly refuse to recognize equal protection; and I took both matters all the way to the US Supreme Court, certiorari denied - i.e., tossed into the pro se disposal pile.

But similar to the undercurrents with McAvoy and Coumo - O dear Lord the local economy, the scandal with conservatives that allow funding and whom the Democratics pander to, so these local fuck holes, that somehow get the political D-r juice to make their own laws violating the property rights of the citizenry as well as rights under the 1st Amendment think that this would somehow hinder economic growth, apparently unaware of any lawful distinctions between private single family zoning districts from commercial zoning districts or the hours of 10pm to 6am in regard to State Actors and University Public Broadcasting policies, so alas, just dump your shit on tommy, he’s nobody. He’s not entitled to equal protection or even the law.

So why the fuck do you allow or want to allow these fellow D-r assholes to continue in the abuse of their offices? Because they have an inferiority complex? O these poor D-r(s). The Rodney Dangerfield’s of the Democratic-republican single party monolith

So yes President Obama and Mittney, you fucking assholes, yes I am most definitely and beyond any conceivable doubt a victim and obviously do not appreciate having that fact ignored by both of you as well as written off by both of you. So as an irresistible and unavoidable conclusion of fact, in this regard, there is no difference between you at all.

The very slim hope I maintain is wishful thinking so I will vote for you Mr President because, Mittney says turn it all over to the States. Let local zoning boards use members of one political faction to impose a private nuisance against “undesirables” like me. Let one political faction use the full force of the State to silence the voice of an “undesirable” under pretence of pseudo morality or economic determinism. States Rights !! but then again you want to Amend the Constitution over “the Citizen’s United decision” to restore municipal immunity as a compromise to hinder republicans from raising more money than you.

Jobs and money is not the fucking panacea, dudes, unless of course you continue to stomp shit and piss on equal protection.

So it’s difficult to decide which aspect of Democratic-republican society I hate worst and for all I know there are 47% of US; you’re just using that number to make an issue from a prospective I find absolutely no benefit from and again under both your lights I’m just too fucking lazy to work as a sub or too gutless and weak to be a ruthless Dom so in that regard President Obama, I’m the Nigger, I’m White and you’re the kind a boy they kin lurn ta like.


And therefore Mittney has to be a placeholder candidate because if there really are as many people in the USA that the polls indicate will vote for him, they can’t all be doing it out of spite and at least to me, that doesn’t say much for these people and for that matter I wonder what they’d think of me.

O yeah, that’s right, they don’t and neither do you.

Prove me wrong, please free Leonard Peltier.

October 18, 2012
The Morning After

As you are reading this, you will eventually realize, that doing so, is making it happen. Be excited !! it’s Magick

The Nixon era economic indicators are turning around - e.g., consumer sentiment is up, the unemployment rate is falling so here comes the preppy white guy - ok, gang way, move aside, we’re in charge now, clear the way.

One of the things the MSM and for that matter people in general fail to mention is that even if Mittney wins the election, what you are going to have for 2013 and 2014, is what the Obama administration already did. You don’t need any numbers for that, that’s the way it is, regardless of who becomes President which inevitably changes every 8 years anyway. So aside from a mentality promoting irresponsibility under this auspicious preppy pretence of freedom, Mittney &co would be absolutely irrelevant, until, at least, 2015, anyway.

And according to this guy lQQk 12 million jobs will be created regardless of who is President, cf., Moody’s

O but tommy, the chemical industry is “tooled up” and ready to roll !! all you have to do is end the “uncertainty” they’re waiting for you to vote Mittney and get Big Government off their backs.

It’s jobs tommy, Lawn Boy tanker trucks are getting ready to come to your neighborhood and make everything green. Just think, if you live on the upper side of a hill, you can destroy the neighbor’s organic garden below. You can be just like Mittney. So come on tommy, cue up Kid Cock, pop a Pabst let those youngsters crank those subwoofer car stereos, buy a Pizza and bring on the petroleum distillates !! Vermiculite to cut heating costs? Remember Mylar? Is it safe ? Of course it’s safe, all of it’s safe, this is the USA !! don’t pay attention to those lying hippy “tree hugger” Liberal commie queer abortion freaks. Hey tommy, are you having trouble with the existence of those icky outdoor insects? Dow has the solutions !! Can’t afford a maid or find a “good wife”? but why scrub and toil? Dow has the solutions !! Is it safe? Hey, I just fucking told you !! Do you want me to have to call security? just ignore him, probably some organic gardening communist. And hey, all that carbon dioxide, global warning Al Gore bosh ahahahaha, forget about it, we’re Americans !! of course it’s safe !! “of course the numbers add up”.

And what’s not safe, we’ll dump it way, way out in the ocean, way way far away from your home. Besides, you want to be eating Koch Bros nitrogen fertilizer produced pink slime burgers ummmm. Wifey’ll burn some up for you on the grill and with our new lavender scented petroleum distillates, the kids’ll love it !! and it’s green.

If Mittney &co., have everything they could ever want, in terms of subsistence and comfort, along with those that want everything they perceive Mittney &co to have then they all want too fucking much and it’s really about time someone had the balls to tell them that; but since our only allowed alternative in this regard are the Democratics … then all I could say is this - if all of these people were decent human beings, then they would be doing everything they could, to ensure, that the 1st Black President of the USA would succeed and be re-elected. They did the same for the Mc(s) And why not? If the USA is such a success story. How could one man destroy such a success? In fact Ann told Mittney that she didn’t want him running away from her and the family anymore, so when the GOPstopO couldn’t find anyone so wanton as Mittney, well he just couldn’t resist; so he told the GOPstapo, well, ok I’ll be your guy and do whatever you want, but Ann’s against it so you guys are going to have to pay for the whole thing.

NP, Jaime Dimon &co are pulling so much money out of the potential economy with their new fangled derivative whatevers, why it’s not costing us a thing. So they all agreed, and Thom Hartmann, &co were left to blame it all on the Citizens United decision instead of opposing denationalized money.


Look fellas, you really ought to be scared shitless about this financial disaster; and, you can blame us all you want. We admit that Bill got caught getting a blow job in Nixon’s Oval Office, and you guys scared him shitless, because afterall, how could he get caught? Wow, the GOPstapo still have the guys that did Watergate. So then he gave the GOPtapo everything they ever wanted - get those fucking niggers off the dole and deregulate banking - because, afterall, what else might they know?

So while you guys were floating around in your heavenly Elysium, there have been a growing number of US that just don’t care about getting caught being human beings, even though the Democratics haven’t the guts to exploit these new perceptions and sentiments regarding the last 4 years, so it goes without saying, that you folks are at a “severe” disadvantage. For example, you

(1) Operate with a remarkably small percentage of your brain, as epitomized and exemplified by the eyes, facial expressions and “discourse” of Rick Santorum, complemented by the behaviour and conduct of Mittney - Mittney !! would you please stop with the tennis racket - which is directly attributable to the fact that you consider so much of reality a trick of Satan; and then take so much pride in the fact that you no longer have to hold your hands over your ears and hum loudly, as the chance of you wandering out of your neighborhood or away from the MSM become nil. So we’re going to start saying “fuck” do Free Love advocate pot and everything;

(2) As the entirety of your existence is to live up to this foregoing programming standard, by dwindling majority, particularly those with the singular goal of collecting as much money as you possibly can. All of which is the entirety of your own self repressed existence …

So pay attention, it’s your turn to get scared shitless, because this disaster could end all that you’ve been willing to know of, as life. That’s right, you may still end up with a number stamped into your forehead, but far worse, you might not have any money.


Don’t believe me? Go ask your managers; and don’t forget to ask them whether you want to be “on the watch” when the rest of this shit is going down. Your only solution, like it or not, is to let the Nigra become US President.

Back to the present.

So what’s the big deal of 4 more years? specially since two out of the next 4 are going to be the same, either way.

The most sensible thing to do is to re-elect Barack Obama, vote out McConnell and Cantor and give US a House and Senate that can work with the US President instead of one that has already avowed to work against him at the cost and expense of Our nation. And if you absolutely do need Lawn Boy, vermiculite, Dow Chemicals, more petroleum distillates and the nation blanketed with fossil fuel plumes, acid rain, ceteris paribus, that’s easy, you can do that anytime, just vote republican.

You don’t have to regret, the morning after.

October 11, 2012
What is Democracy & another addition to my disappointment list

Apparently the Democratic faction of the Monolith have decided to promote democracy through elections while the republican faction of the monolith have decided to promote democracy through business;

And then we have the ritualistic hyphen melding (I guess this is where they used to do the human or animal sacrifice) and the Monolith is re-affirmed by war !! “Politics end at the waters edge”; and what this amounts to, either overtly or covertly, is the imposition of some USA based business on an independent sovereign nation; and if there appears any controversy in regard to “the self determination of [these] peoples”, then the Monolith sends someone like Jimmy Carter to make sure that they have “full and fair elections”

“O the power of the many over the few everyone abide by majority rule”.

Remember Union Carbide?

What inspired this “off the cuff” blog entry is Calvinism and quoting Montesquieu, in my last entry. It’s been quite a while since I read “Spirit of the Laws”, which is on line. I recall a particular critique of Calvinism supported by historical documentation, showing it’s popularity, attributable to it’s utility in the ruthless exploitation of labor. I attempted to find it but to no avail; but I did find this Macrohistory and my 1st immediate impression was Ut O, Thom Hartmann and his mutilate the US Const to end “corporate personhood” so that republicans can’t contribute more money to campaigns than the Democratics do; along with various OWS people and any other anti-republican, republicans, are going to like me even less, if they happen to see that Montesquieu was allegedly opposed to “popular participation”.

Like why the fuck can’t “Joe the Plumber” and 100s of other people just like him occupy the House of Representatives, you know like the Tea Party, “did”, because maybe this is what the brilliant and resplendent populace truly wants and that’s who they vote for.

This is the sole cause of “gridlock”.

Some might say, well Gee whiz tommy, if that’s who the people want and you’re bitter about that then what are you saying, you know what’s best for the people? This is a very popular Democratic-republican tact, which immediately implies the problem - i.e., the belief that those that control the government have the prerogative to change what the Constitution is; and this belief causes the adherents to pander to people - e.g., vote for us, we’ll let you have whatever you want, more gadgets, more guns !!

Thom Hartmann has a pretty good TV show on RTTV and for the most part far exceeds, in excellence, the MSM but then he always ruins the whole thing with all of his “Citizen’s United” bullshit. I would suffer through this, put on mute, switch to “CSPAN”, but I stopped watching him for the most part when he aired a segment thoroughly lambasting the Federalist Party - he’s a Thomas Jefferson worshipper. He claims that a Federalist Party appointed US Supreme Court Judge, shared the views of Montesquieu, or at least those attributed to him in the foregoing link, regarding “mob rule” and Hartmann thereby declared that Mitt Romney and the republican faction are the modern day equivalents of the Federalist Party.

I don’t know which sort of idiocy is more nauseating, Mittney or this, the effect is like having an upset stomach in your brain. But obviously Thom serves the Democratic faction as his “Citizen’s United” spiel is precisely the same as if it were a declared advert for the Democratic Party. So even if you mutilate the 14th Amendment and restore governmental immunity to all municipalities as Thom and apparently OWS want, corporate broadcasters like him are still going to do these same sorts of political adverts. The destruction of the 14th Amendment and restoring the Glorious Old Party of States Rights and the CSA is not going to stop Rupert Murdoch.

A far better solution is to end all tax writeoffs for all forms of advertising. Easy enough; take that along with the abolition of all tax writeoffs for charitable contributions and let me know how many extra $s the Federal government would collect in annual revenue.

Come on Thom use your paid for resources

The solution to grid lock is quite simple, but it shall never be realized by blowing your wad, energy and lifetime on universal participation in elections - which generally amounts to, we Love you on election day, see ya next time. Now people are apt to criticize both - that is - some want universal participation to extend beyond elections and would have you believe that people that have no individual interest in you at all, primarily because it is physically impossible to have the time to get to know you, somehow will, if all corporations are stripped of their rights that are now protected under the 14th Amendment to the US Const.

So here’s the distinction.

If the people you elect serve you in the manner in which the law of the land prescribes, that is, providing for the general welfare, then it really doesn’t matter whether you have access to them or not, you ought to know by now that you don’t and won’t anyway.

What the USA needs then and does not presently have is a Federalist Party, that is, a Party of the Constitution, a Party that represents the Constitution and a general government.

But what the USA now has is Thomas Jefferson’s Party of mob rule which again is comprised of

(1) the Democratics - those that promote democracy through “full and fair elections”, by universal participation, which is essentially purchased by various government programs or promises that are never performed and

(2) the republicans - those that promote democracy by direct service to business - i.e., all of the resources of the USA - that is everything Public and all that you pay for - shall be devoted directly to the success of USA based businesses and the success of war “to make the world safe for” USA based businesses. And both are after the same thing:

“O the power of the many over the few everyone abide by majority rule” And once they win, they’re going to do their own thing, thanks for your vote, see ya.

So you might conclude - as the Democratic faction demands that you do - that it is all important who you elect; and face it, this is your sole means of input and your sole opportunity for anything that remotely resembles participation and that’s incontrovertible whether it’s at the Federal level or the very most local level.

The problem, which all of these Democratic-republican “solutions” desperately obfuscate, is that a Majority is not supposed to have the power to make up it’s own Constitution or it’s own interpretation of it by winning an election. And this is what pisses me off about Sean Penn making the following film with Kid Cock Kid Cock and Sean Penn

Because what it does, is admit what I just said; and in that regard I’d prefer to go along with the idea that this is surrender on the part of Sean Penn. He might as well be Clint Eastwood; and I would imagine that Hollywood laid down an ultimatum and he decided he could do more with their money and “positive” exposure than to be left with nothing; which might very well be the case with Kid Cock too - i.e., they’re private sector dependents.

So to me, this “film” exemplifies the ultimate sleaze produced by the Democratic-republicans.

I saw this movie where these youngsters were sitting in a theatre watching an Elvis movie after he did his military thing and one of the kids said [p]’what the fuck did they do to Elvis, cut off his balls’?

In contrast to all of this Blackstone wrote that democracy is best exemplified in the role of a Jury.

But in terms of what we in the USA now have, the Democratic faction is the lesser of two evils. We have more freedom under the Democratics: on line, in the streets and between the sheets; if you’re younger than I am, believe me, you do not want to go where Mittney, McConnell and Ryan will take you. I lived there most of my life and can unequivocally tell you that Ronald Reagan and his followers ruined my life and it wasn’t all that better under Clinton - you could trade stocks, thereby have more spending money and Willy has way better taste in music, but that’s about it.

So these few years with President Obama is really the only time I’ve ever had a break from Nazi-republican/CSA Hell and I want to keep it that way.

October 8, 2012
Mittney, McConnell and Ryan are Psychopaths

Untangling the citizen’s mind from the “conservative party malady”:

I met one of the most ruthless and cold blooded people on earth; one sad part of it is, it was the best thing she had going for her; and yet another is that the Reagan Revolution made her seem “legitimate”.

Do we need more of these?

So do you pity such individual or the society that would make her ruthlessness seem an acceptable or even salient feature of the citizenry?

Should society unleash her, employ her, so that she may ruthlessly pursue her happiness? Lay her, at the mercy of other individuals “charity”? Or, collectively, care for her and provide subsistence? She will prey on the former, two, under color of “the conservative cause” to shun the latter.

But alas, only employment, makes her, by definition, less of a mooch

This is a paradox

If a person can afford to gift money, property or usufruct to another, then there is no need for government to subsidize such charity by making it a tax write off. For what then is such charitable action? Is it selfless sacrifice and giving; or a psychopathic way to avoid paying taxes?

The fact of the matter is, a mooch is a mooch; and what the uber hypocrite Mittney and his McSidekicks McConnell and Ryan are saying, is, leave her to us, private individuals, because we aren’t paying for no fucking mooches.

They employ her or else throw her away.

My position is, yes you are paying for the mooch, and even if you employ her, she’s still a mooch; because you have made her that way; and I shan’t be bothered, there is no justice in that; so your only choice is Nazi extermination, mine is to turn her over to government and let her finish her life. Doms in the welfare office will only result in her being sent back to you

We don’t want psychos in government, so we won’t employ her; and if you employ her then you merely nurture the mooch.

So why would “Liberals” feel compelled to maintain any tax credit whatsoever for charitable giving? It serves no other purpose than to willfully and intentionally deprive the Federal government of revenue, at a time when we need it the most. Placing this in a light most favorable to the advocates of charitable write offs, would be to consider them a bribe directed to people that can’t afford such giving in the 1st place. That is not charity, it is a bribe to give money you need for some other use and can’t otherwise afford or else a bribe to not give money to the Federal government and to feel good about giving and thus accepting it.

All the while the poor hapless psycho bitch stands bye, waiting.

Did society make her this way? Or are there, as psychiatrists claim, biological psychopaths? To me such idea is nothing more than the sort of Roman Catholic bullshit that brought us the Inquisition. You might as well say Caspar flew into her ear hole or her spermacist father had bad jizz. Of course society made her this way.

And yet Mittney’s sidekicks claim that government made her this way, by giving her money.

Now I ask you in all seriousness, what is the difference in causal effect between a private individual giving her money or the government? In otherwords how is it that if she takes money from ‘the Left hand of government’ she becomes a psychopathic mooch and yet if or when she takes the same money from the “Right” hand, she becomes, what?

Answer: forgotten, since it’s unlikely to happen, thereby augmenting her desperation; and thus she is no longer a good faith pretence for “conservatives” to deprive the Federal government of money that they themselves acquired through and from the Federal government, since that is where all money comes from; which is why they now want to “denationalize” money.

Their fetish is not merely dependency but specifically government dependency.

Does this mean that they want to employ psychopaths, in exchange for a tax write off or they want to give them money for a tax writeoff. Make up your mind Mittney - although I seriously doubt he has one.

So alas we arrive at the threshold of monetary “distribution”:

(1) The Fed issues monetary credit to banks that make it available in the form of loans to business; and then (2) the Federal government taxes the income and profits of business and makes that revenue available for other things which is left for Congress to decide. The 1st process is known as “The Will of God” and the other, give it to non business individuals or let’s start some wars on the other side of the globe and send spy cameras to Mars.

The failure to make the disinction between monetary and fiscal policy is the “conservative party malady”, which the MSM’s collective brain is still imprisoned by and thus all political actions are thereby judged - i.e., by wrongfully imprisoned minds

Which brings us to another paradox, this one regarding “fiscal” redistribution to non business people - which Mittney, McConnell and Ryan have suggested is irresponsible and evil; and yet fiscal redistribution to business, which Mittney has pledged to do more of in terms of war spending - viz., depriving his private sector Masters of profits on money loaned to them through Federal distribution and redistributing it to war contractors - must be a corollary to “The Will of God”.

So the fact of the matter is, they are not opposed to redistribution they just don’t want any of it to go to non business people. The foregoing is the totality of the Mittney, McConnell and Ryan scam regarding charity, mooching and the redistribution of money. They are, in short, psychopathic liars particularly in regard to redistribution. In reality they don’t like how the majority is doing redistribution, they want it going to business and war; and look what they resort to in order to roughshod over the alleged 47% they have abandoned as the miscreant part of the population. In essence they claim there is only one right religion, which is the one that says work for the private sector or you don’t eat; and that you must be bound by this or else you shall be ‘rightfully’ abandoned, in essence, excommunicated; and I guess they figure people are so bad off they’re willing to say fuck humanity, fuck community just give me the fucking money, bitch; and that you’ll vote for the one that promises you that opportunity. So on the one hand, it’s a matter of trust as in who needs collateral? According to them, banks don’t; and on the other, of course you can trust, that they will provide you with the opportunity to say fuck humanity, fuck community and then go get the money from someone else and this is essentially what they are asking you permission to do - viz., the entire distribution of money goes to business and war. If you want any, serve business or join a war; give us this opportunity to give you this opportunity.

So how could I have ever trusted this ruthless woman? Consequently, I lost my life’s savings to her. And how could you ever trust Mittney, McConnell and Ryan? Since the MSM and the opposition “legitimizes” them as the “republican/conservative alternative”

The key is in realizing that they’re the mooches, they’re the ones taking and not giving - e.g., give us all you have and then do it yourself. Just like she did to me. And the thing they have in common, is that they’re Americans? Or ruthless psychopaths? Paradoxically, they’re both. But most importantly, you don’t have to give them anything, you’re not getting anything in return, except some transitory feel good as a function of their scam. But most of all? They don’t have to be elected.

So adding to my list of improvements for the USA, here in terms of taxation, I hereby include abolition of any tax write offs for charitable contributions. This wouldn’t affect Mittney’s givings, would it?

October 4, 2012
Extra !! The Presidential Debate: October 3, 2012

What you saw last night was the world of the White Heterosexual Patriarchal Male and The Moynihan Report version of a Black Man, conformed, thereto - viz., the Nigger doing the work of the White Man and the White Man taking all the credit.

I “dropped out” of that paradigm before I was a teenager and please take comfort in the fact, sisters and brothers, there are others like you; but I also know what it’s like to have to play that game: short of paying in Cold Cash, it was the only way I could have ever experienced a Heterosexual piece of ass.

Jenna Tweet

That’s the trap butt ass like that is overated; it was never and never shall be my “pursuit of happiness”

The only exceptional thing, about the United States of America, is that this present society arose from an exceptional cruelty and barbarity. The history of this area was settled by a trapper that wrote in his journal that he nearly froze to death had he not run down and killed two savages to warm himself with their blood. The legacy of the White Man’s history in regard to this land is not only the genocide of the indigenous people, slavery, the chattel ownership and depredation of women, the wasteful depletion of resources, pollution, the extinction of various wildlife and fauna, but also religious persecution and cruel and unusual punishments.

The idea that human beings were born into such nightmare, fought for a better life, and yet died in vain, is in itself an intolerable testament to the abject failure of these “citizens”; but now to continue on in this same tradition, although rightfully and honestly under the appropriate appellation “conservative”, compounds the abomination.

It was why I was subject to endless reruns of Adolf Hitler on “The Twentieth Century” every Sunday night, wondering if Slim Pickens was riding a nuclear bomb down into WWIII, so surely there must be some greater cruelty, why just look here.

In this day and age, none of this is necessary; it’s the wrong path, in the wrong paradigm, yet the Democratic faction of Thomas Jefferson’s Democratic-republican party, in the year 2012, decides to glorify in it; and expends their contributions in political campaign/neo-Bible Meetings, by and with the same mob psychology that sold little hanging dolls at public lynchings.

Aside from creating the willful and intentional impression that there is nothing else, no alternative, and thus serving no other end than the depredation of all persons into the world of the White Heterosexual Patriarchal Male it likewise attests to how stupid these politicians think people are. And if they elect Mittney, McConnell and Ryan then it either proves beyond any reasonable doubt that they are indeed that stupid or that the Democratic-republicans want them to be, or want US to believe, they are, because afterall, whom would it seem has the better prospective?


This is the gist of what Mittney’s debate points were/are - e.g., about 10 mins worth at best

(1) Block Grants - which is essentially the heart soul and flesh of Mittney’s domestic policy (a) spending cuts (i) health insurance and (ii) education - e.g., “turn it over to the States” is code for “block grants”.

So after all discretionary spending is abolished (as much as Congress allows), war spending is increased for “a military second to none” and a flat tax or some variation thereof is adopted (or as much as Congress allows) then any surplus revenue for previous Federal programs, dealing with (so far) health insurance and education shall be “turned over to the States” to do what thou wilt with.

So Block grants were the heart soul and flesh of any point Mittney discussed except in his opposition to Dodd-Frank where he said that he was opposed to allowing people to commence banking enterprises from their garage; but in fact he would allow them to do the same from an already established bank, the only distinction being, the facade.

For back ground on States use of Federal funds see the US Supreme Court Case “Blum v Yaretsky" wherein Rehnquist elucidates his Policy that whenever Federal money goes to a State they are free to do whatever they want with it because under the Courts policy of so called "sovereign immunity" created by the 11th Amendment, rather than as ignorantly claimed by Mittney, the 10th: no person injuriously damaged, victimized and thus meeting the injury in fact doctrine may sue any State nor any one of them, in Federal Court, for any retroactive relief (see Edelman v. Jordan - 415 U.S. 651 (1974) cf., 11th A. Practice. Consequently when the various Great Society programs were commenced with Mandates on the States many States said “fuck you” and used the money to balance their budgets and when the persons injured in fact attempted to sue, the Federal Courts said “fuck you too”. And this is precisely what the 11th Amendment and these precedents thereunder would “allow” the State to do under Mittney’s policies. It’s boiler plate GOPstapo. Biden ought to know about this but would be wise to review it before his “debate” with the ruthless and cold blooded Paul Ryan.

(2) Taxation and Deregulation - most of this, aside from deregulation, is indeed vague and amorphous but he has avowed to not raise taxes based on his assertion that the top 3% of small businesses (in terms of annual income) employ 50% of all persons employed by small business, which he further asserts constitues 25% of all tax revenue; and that each 5% increase in taxes on this group collecting $250k or more annual income will result in the loss of 750k jobs; and by Mittney’s further assertion, his $5trillion tax cut is “revenue neutral” because he asserts that this tax cut, combined with deregulation and the opening of Our public lands to oil drilling, &c will allow the Federal government to ‘grow it’s way out’ of his $5trillion tax cut. Mittney also denies that there is any tax deduction to business for moving operations overseas.

(3) Privatization - in re “Obamacare” here Mittney admits (i) that the much touted $716 billion of alleged “cuts” by President Obama to Medicare, is actually a reduction of subsidies to hospitals rather than to beneficiaries but then further asserts that hospitals will pass this loss of Federal subsidies onto consumers and (ii) he further claims that this will result in a $2500.00 increase to taxpayers because leaving it to the private sector will be cheaper because whatever it is that the private sector does it’s always better than the government doing it - code for privatization.

(4) Miscellaneous - that President Obama is a nice man but is an abysmal and abject failure as US President, which is solely based on Mittney’s assertions that when President Obama took office there were 32 million people on food stamps and now there are 47 million and 23 million people are unemployed; and that if you elect Mittney then his Block grants, tax cuts, deregulation and privatization will create 12 million new jobs and “help the middle class”.

September 4, 2012
Prt 5 - The Right to Do Wrong: the denationalization of money and “too big to fail”.

There are two parts to this blog entry, or maybe two aspects is a better descriptor: one aspect is for people familiar with the subject matter and the other is for regular ordinary proleteriat nobodies like me.

1st of all - an immediate solution - to the reasonable fear regarding the last banking crisis and more to come is to define what “quality capital” is and to require far greater amounts of it as bank reserves.

But apparently some of the Banksters and political theorists that Mittney &co have decided to pander to for campaign contributions and who knows what else, want to recreate the Lincoln Greenback era - i.e., abolish the Fed and let National banks do what thou wilt, with little to no capital requirements (through the use of derivatives, capital arbitrage &c) or else feign a return to the Robber Baron era with some sort of anachronistic ‘bullion standard’ with the same lack of regulation.

And if you, Mittney, try to blow this off by saying you support greater capital requirements I’m going to show everyone the bogus slight of hand you intend to deploy in order to con the public in that regard, which is actually in place right now, anyway. The only thing I’m presently aware of that even addresses it is “The Volcker Rule”

It seems like the “too big to fail” Banksters have a tantrum whenever such things are even mentioned. Apparently they’re such radical individualist/megalomaniacs they want to pretend they’re JP Morgan bailing out what was left of the Federal government under Grover Cleveland.

A temporary solution, is to vote all GOPstapo members out of Congress, restore Glass Steagall and return to classic levels of capital reserves.

But in fits of Demagoguery, at it’s extreme worst, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and other less notable, yes men, all obsequiously trunkin ‘n’ tailin’ it in the GOPstapo procession of animal life are still allegorically lambasting President Obama for USA government handling as well as International coordinated handling of what the OECD has correctly identified as “[T]he greatest financial crisis since the great depression”; and the GOPstapo, have in fact, avowed to abolish all of the enabling legislation for the various international agreements regarding Basel III and Dodd-Frank, which the USA and most of Europe have already agreed to.

Paradoxically, Basel III and as far as I can tell Dodd Frank don’t do what has to be done, but do serve as a skeletal regulatory structure.

But I assure you, that this tact of Mittney, is yet one more example of the abject irresponsibility and inexcusable recklessness of these no nothing full of shit GOPstapo “hobbyists”. And seeing that we’re on the subject, Mittney, you and Paul Ryan are such hot shit big fucking deal, businessmen, why don’t you take your money and actually do something useful with it, like this guy

It is absolutely appaling that these ridiculous GOPstapo self professed geniuses can’t think beyond a hamburger and milkshake and even take a stab at explaining these financial matters to the Public or for that matter any of the other things that they whine and bitch about regarding President Obama. It would be nice to have an alternative view on these things - by people seeking political office - and one that could be explained in a manner the common person can understand; but clearly the reason Mittney &co don’t do this is because they can’t; they simply don’t have the ability or knowledge. So they leave it to the handlers who haven’t a clue either. Yeah, smooth move, ex lax.

It’s also painfully apparent that Mittney & co., aren’t even aware of these issues - aside from what they read here - or what they’re told to do or say after accepting one of their myriad 10s of millions of dollar$ checks; and yet Mittney wants to be President of the USA. O he’s so cute, isn’t that nice, winner of the two bit political hack award, too. It’s electronic,

Ok, well, since he can’t do it, I’ll do it for you - no fee - Let’s start here:

1) Leverage, Public Credit and Central Banking

Leverage is a pretty simple concept and it involves what is now referred to a “fractional reserve banking”. This is the way Central Banking was always done. If your reserve is 25% you can have 3 times that amount available as credit - that is 25% is reserve and 75% is loaned. So the question is, what is the reserve.


Originally, the reserve was specie - that is, gold coin and then in almost all instances the gold coin was augmented by silver coin and thence with national securities. The only time fractional reserve banking wasn’t utilized, at the US National level was when Andrew Jackson abolished the Central Bank and moved all government money to his favorite State banks or else the modest amount of money the Federal goverment collected by taxation, which had to be paid in gold coin, just sat around fallow until Congress had him spend it. Eventually a Federal Reserve system was established which eventually led to a gold bar standard. Just previous to that time, during “The Great Depression”, James P. Warburg recommended a reserve rate of 40% to avoid bank runs.

Nowadays, for the 1st time in post Constitutional history, the conservatives want to denationalize” money . They want the various too big to fail banks to be allowed to make up their own money by making up their own reserves and essentially not having any reserve requirements at all. Bill Clinton as well as other US Presidents were duped into going along with this which was sold simply as “banking deregulation” but what it amounts to is the unconstitutional Federal Government abdication of the US Constitional powers of money creation arbitrarily to private Business; and at least it appears that Bill Clinton now realizes that this has to be corrected. So should everyone else after seeing the results:

"[T]he greatest financial crisis since the great depression"

When I 1st looked into modern financial and monetary history one of the 1st things I found was that historians mark the birth of capitalism with the Charter of the Bank of England. This confused me, but at the same time, interested me, so I looked more.

My supposition was that this event was the 1st massive commercial enterprise made possible by the throne: by granting privilege to a group of persons pooling their capital, to be paid in to one common treasury or stock, solely for the purposes of commercial enterprise; and thus recognized under the law as one corporate person; yet distinguished from municipal corporations, eleomysonary corporations and Universities; but there was a more. This Public Credit made possible by the actions of this Bank, facilitated a general means whereby Public borrowing was made possible thereby alleviating the burden and necessity of an otherwise much higher degree of taxation.

And from this credit, joint stock commercial adventures (from whence the term “venture” capitalism was derived) could more readily assume an eventual permanence as well as with a growing number of diverse commercial corporations and enterprises. This was an opportunity for those beyond the Landed Gentry to participate.

A commercial corporation is essentially a group of private persons pooling their capital into a common treasury to facilitate a particular enterprise granted by the Charter of incorporation.

US Political Distinctions

2) Now the Relationship between Public Credit and Private Party Capital in the USA came into being about 100 years later.

And when the USA government was new, it had assumed a considerable degree of debt and with very modest resources at its disposal. But the Federal government, through this institution, could likewise exploit capitalist commerce, and thus the US Central Bank, would in a similar manner, as the Bank of England, facilitate the functioning of government through the use of Public Credit. And stood as the Chief Financial Asset of National Sovereign Power.

As commerce grew and incorporations became more diverse, so would the size of the Public Credit, which could then facilitate an even greater provision for purposes of the General Welfare.

And thus the heart of the Federalist commercial system.

But when I was researching all of this, I found the foregoing presented in a far more abstract and in some cases an even misleading manner; and given the peculiarity of Democratic-republicans in regard to banking along with the dominance of Southern Confederate racism, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson and hard money Democratics (most of whom presumed that Jewish Merchants were trying to take over the world) that anything genuinely Federalist (not to be confused or confounded with “the federalist society”, who are actually anti-federalists) is considered to be equally evil if not more so than communism or public use of the word “fuck”.

But in very recent times, there now appears, a growing number of Democratics that have cleared this foregoing shit from their brains and are beginning to see things in a reasonably pragmatic and National Light, which stands in stark contrast to the GOPstapo who seem to be living in some anachronistic Lost in Space States Rights CSA limbo, which they now ask you to bless for them “in the name of God”, so that their various old fart refugees from the 1940s and 50s can die in a pipedream, rather than just keeping their peculiar beliefs, at an alter, or in the deathbed, where such things best belong.

So this is how the basic aspects of this classical system works. You can keep your soul and everything.

The Balanced Budget vs Public Credit

In my previous blog entries I had mentioned consumer credit. This is a good example for me to use in explaining these Public Credit functions because consumer credit is something that most of US may now have; which was not always the case and is in fact a recent development. So by now and at one time or another, all of us have utilized and needed consumer credit and are therefore familiar with it. The reason we take it on is because we can’t afford to come up with the cold hard cash required to make a particular purchase - e.g., for a house, a car, various durable goods and other appliances; and so instead we utilize credit - we borrow the money to make the purchase - and we do this on terms contractually agreed to; whereby the seller obtains their desired price and we take physical possession of and use of the product, on credit, by agreeing to pay the asked price, all of which is executed on our part by way of installment payments, with the addition of an interest charge, until the total amount is paid in full.

This is pretty much the way it works with the Federal government too. So as long as the Federal government has a means of revenue or income - that is, Mitch McConnell and his yesmen working for him rather than you, allow the government to raise taxes - then the government has money to spend and service the Public Debt, the same as we do with job salary, investment income, proceeds from the sale of body parts or whatever. So the government may do precisely the same thing as we do. The only immediate difference, is, that the government needs a really big bank; and the greater the degree of commerce the greater the capital reserve and credit capability (lending power) of that really big bank becomes.

So in the same manner as installment payments, Public Credit allow us to obtain something we can’t pay for all at once; likewise, Public Credit and government’s service on it’s borrowing, allows US to tax less.

Now everyone knows that if Congress happens to spend more than it takes in, within a fiscal year, then there is a budget deficit. This is exactly the same thing that happens to you, when you have outstanding installment payments - e.g., payments on your house, a car or any number of things. Well there is no irresponsibility on your part, if you purchase on credit, as long as you make the, agreed to, payments.

In fact, you, as well as the government are even provided with various opportunities from time to time to consolidate and refinance your debt to ease your burden of payments. Like right now, when interest rates are so low.

The point is, no one demands that you pay for your car, house or whatever, right now, all in the same year; and yet, this is the demand that the “Conservatives” are now making on you, in regard to the National Government; and they’re urging you to heel, sit and obey. They might as well be in uniform, jack boots with riding prop and armband.

You might also have varying terms of credit, long term, like a mortgage, intermediate term, like a car loan and shorter term, like a bar tab.

No one is suggesting or demanding that you pay for all of these things, all in the same year you purchase them (except maybe your bar tab); but what the “conservatives” are demanding of you, again, in regard to the National government is to not to borrow anything at all, regardless of whether you can or not. This also means that they are demanding that you spend no more than you take in each and every year for all the remaining years of your life, whether you can afford to or not; but that’s not all, there is an additional demand, that you take in less, each year, while at the same time, telling you, that taking in less and spending less, each year and every year until you die, will raise your standard of living.

How could anyone be so stupid to believe them? Well if you had the time to think about it as I’m explaining it here you’d realize as you do now that the Conservatives are trying to sell you a line of shit.

The usual argument you hear is “each State is required to hand in a balanced budget every year, so should the Federal government”; but what they don’t tell you is that their so called “sovereign States” are proscribed from establishing this same system of Public Credit for their own State government purposes see US Const Article 1, section 10; you see, under the Federalist system, US citizens are sovereign. In the words of Our 1st Ch Justice of the USA, John Jay “we are sovereigns without subjects”.

“The primary quality that [money] must posses is trustworthiness … it must be impossible for anyone other than an agreed upon authority to create it” — James P. Warburg “The Money Muddle” [Knopf (1934)}

The whole denationalization of money and all that goes with it just doesn’t square with any aspect of “what we agreed to” (see Part 4).

But the way I view government spending which I believe is the correct way of looking at it and I’m confident after some reflection you shall agree, is not in some abstract manner like you have to hand in a balanced budget to the GOPstapo or you have to do deficit spending to stimulate the economy: but it’s instead the same way you look at your own individual spending choices. If I truly need something, but don’t have the cold hard cash to buy it, then as long as I have the credit available to me and I can make those payments then I’m going to buy what i truly need. Now of course the only difference is that the government is guaranteed income by the ability to tax; and unfortunately, at present, you don’t have that and need to enter into indentured servitude to business or else as the GOPstapo insists, you must starve to death. So as the Law of Nations regards the rights of the sovereign citizen, transposed to National Rights, we collectively exercise through Our National Community and National Power: the correct way of looking at this is not no no no no you can’t make that purchase, you can’t get what you need, Mittney and McConnell knows what’s best for you and you must obey them; it is instead the same as it is for you as a person, so as long as this Nation needs a particular thing for the benefit of Our General Welfare - as we agreed to - then we shall make that purchase, as long as there is Public Credit and as long as Our General Government can make those payments; and in this regard there is no better time than now because interest rates are the lowest they’re ever going to be.

Now why in the world would you vote for people whose sole purpose and intent is to act contrary to the General Welfare and this foregoing reason? And have done so for the last 4 years with the sole purpose and intent ,to prevent you from exercising your Will and your duty and obligation to the General Welfare? Isn’t that who and what we have fought wars against?

So why are these self proclaimed “Conservatives” making these demands on you? And in such frantic and alarming tones? Why are they saying “time is running out”, this must be done, right now? “We can do this”? They did the same thing when the debt was $900 billion dollars, you elected them and then they tripled it. They are scamming you, and they’re running the oldest con there is, in order to do so: they speak to you in alarming tones and you wonder, O dear, what’s wrong, but they don’t say all they do is tell you this same bullshit and thus leave you and each new generation to believe whatever you will. Are you hypnotized? You travel back to the 1920s but at current prices with 3 times as many people while they clean out the till and leave you with the bill.

Either you do what they demand or else … or else what? Their tone remains frantic. It’s a con. And then they bitch whine complain have infantile tantrums, cry. The early American Patriot prescription for that con is this, “Stand Their Bluff”.

After all, they’re adults, it’s not like we’re abusing them by leaving them there in their poopie undies and tears.

So aside from their desire to abolish the USA and impose a confederacy whose only Union is war, they also want the richest people in society to have money which government might otherwise obtain by taxation and use to service the debt; by putting the Public Credit in jeopardy, the rich retain the money and then the Bourgeoisie, get 1st dibs on it, instead of the government. This is the Chief Attribute of “trickle down economics”. But if they allowed the original and classic way to work, those people at the top would receive an income by holding US government securities and pay zero State and local taxes on it. So what’s wrong with that?

The “conservatives” don’t want it that way. They want to denationalize money and deregulate banking. In short they want to make their own money based on their own authority under pretence of their own self created assets and cripple the Federal government

Then they become the new sovereign royalty and you get to eat cake. US history is rife with megalomaniacs.

But what happened instead is that they destroyed themselves but unfortunately the Federal Government found them “too big to fail” and bailed them out by assuming the “debt” the Bigsters created - in short - the Bail Out made the “funny money” real all of which was arbitrarily created on the basis of a speculative bubble in a vat of boiling bullshit.

And if there was ever any movement or group in the USA that could be accurately tagged “unamerican” it is beyond any reasonable doubt, them; and their current agents are Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and any other member of the GOPstapo or Southern Confederates that refuses to stand against their nefarious plan.

But the difference between you and the Federal government, aside from having no guaranteed income, is that, you are always the same person that’s buying and bringing in money or obtaining credit to make necessary purchases to sustain your own very existence and they’re not. So as is the case, now, the GOPstapo is demanding that President Obama not only notask for Congress to spend any more money but that he also be removed from office, because then they are free to takeover the US government by installing the Mittney junta. So if things seem bad it’s not the “conservatives” fault it’s President Obama’s fault; and then when you get weak and allow the GOPstapo to have the Presidency again - especially when there is no reason on earth for this to happen - then these same rules that they they themselves now impose on President Obama won’t apply to them - the teflon party - they’ll tell you it was the Democratics that forced them to spend more money than they took in. This is exactly what the Teflon President Ronald RayGun used to say, ‘without the line item veto, both of my hands are tied behind my back’.

And by the time you figure it out, and realize it’s bullshit, they’ll be off with the money you will pay for again and be left in another recession.

RayGun’s dead and now we’re left with all of his crazy ass nuclear weapons and ABMs, which we didn’t need, then, still don’t need, now, and are still paying for; and now Mittney wants more !! you’d have to be the biggest sucker on earth to vote for this guy.

The Special Duty and Obligation of the Democratics.

US Senator Edward M. Kennedy used to say, “The Democratic Party has a Special Duty and Responsibility” in regard to civil rights. Well the reason he said that is because the Democratics are the ones that fucked up more shit in the USA than any other group or assembly. The Democratics were the party of slavery while the GOPstapo was the party of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the US Const. So while the Democratics finally decided to move forward, and leave all of that White Supremacist CSA behind; the GOPstapo went back to pick it up, dust it off and breathe new life into it: but not only the New South, which is merely the old CSA, but the US Abolition of Central Banking by Andrew Jackson

This is not only what Ron Paul wants to go back to, along with the “Tea Party” and the “Gold Commission”, [you can Google it, just look for “The Subtreasury System”] but the entire GOPstapo Establishment wants this too and have formed a one hand washes the other alliance with those too Big to fail Banksters who now openly disdain President Obama, the Democratic Party and subsidize the Mittney-Ryan campaign. Scroll down in the following link to “the denationalization of money” lQQk

James P. Warburg, (ibid.) identifying two qualities of money, “that only one authority may create it” - see US Const, Article 1, section 8 and section 10.

Since the GOPstapo have no desire to make enormous purchases of anything except war and weaponry, their existing military dreams would have to be abandoned - that is - there would be no means whereby these sorts of expenditures could be made without deficit spending and the assumption of debt, which was readily apparent in the US Civil War and Woodrow Wilson I (WWI). Otherwise, there was a low degree of government spending, no consumer credit to speak of and no safety net; but there was also far less people and much greater raw resources - e.g., a person could hunt, fish and gather which for the greater number of persons today is absolutely impossible.

3) Communism


Attempting to have any serious Public discussion of Communism in the USA is like attempting to have a serious Public discussion about sex - conservatives will always fuck it up, censor and suppress it and chances are still pretty good that the Democratics will let them.

Sex is a common urge all of us have and it may in some combinations result in procreation. From that simple fact, the US got itself into this paradigm where a person wanting sex has to obtain a license from the State, must then bind themselves to a person of the opposite sex for life and indentured servitude to business. This is the heart, soul and flesh of conservatism. So then reasonable persons decide well I can’t afford to purchase a bride and all of the socio-economic prerequisites that go with it so they become a Homosexual - the man can’t afford it and not enough sugar daddies to go around and thus they avoid all of this conservative bullshit imposed on them and everyone else; and then the conservatives react by wanting to “justifiably” kill you or put you in prison with other members of your sex. This is an absurd way to live and when you confront any conservative with this, the only pretence they have is that God made them do it, Henry Cabot Lodge, Mittney whoever, spoke directly to Him that’s the way He wants it to be, so do as He wants or you’ll go to Hell - i.e., someplace where none of these people will ever be for all of the rest of eternity. Conservatism ought to be abandoned by everyone and if some people can’t give it up and can’t cope in the resulting tolerant society then let them go off and have conservative communes.

The situation is the same with equality or more precisely with the end of all class distinctions. An egalitarian society without stratification. This is the only reason conservatives detest and oppose Communism because they want to be above eveyone else rule US; and communism would make that an impossible dream.

But the only way “capitalism” can continue and serve to fulfill any General Welfare purpose is by the adoption of various aspects of communism. Not all at once, not in the violent overthrow of the Eagle Forum or Moral Majority, but gradually, through social innovation. And aside from the imposition of Heterosexual marriage, Negro, female and “[non] kindred race” subservience - conservatives are opposed to all social innovation, because any social innovation, aside from conservative repression is Socialist or communist. So the reason conservatives want to execute the final solution and thus exterminate or disenfranchise all they accuse of as being Liberals is because a particular group of enlightened individuals realize that communism is inevitable and have already started social innovation some time ago. It is what economists refer to as a “mixed economy”. It’s not purely laissez faire free market “capitalism” and not purely Socialist or communistic, but a blend of both. So I have to admit that conservatives correctly observe that social innovation will eventually transform the US into a communist society. It is as inevitable as feudalism evolving into capitalism; and even here we have the conservatives in open defiance of the US Constitution and everything American by insisting on the preservation of as much of feudalism as is conceivably possible. But they particuarly like the social stratification, unequal rights, plutocratic privileges and “unequal promises” all of which they directly attribute to “success”.

And if you compare the two closely you will readily see, hat conservatives are no more conservative than the federalist society are Federalists. Conservatives are social parasites that want to use government to impose their beliefs on everyone and thus rise to the top as those fit to govern. Their means for doing so is not by the creation of wealth or success it’s by creating their own money and then saying fuck you to the rest of the world.

But it didn’t work for them the last time and resulted in the greatest financial disaster since the Great Depression, now they want your permission to do it again.

The slave mongering Southern Democratics of the past, and those that still linger to these outmoded “traditions” along with the GOPstapo successfully rendered Communism into one of the USA’s altime greatest taboos; it’s worse than male to male anal intercourse with felching and still rivals public use of the word fuck.

Consequently, few people, if any, understand what it actually is. because even if we tune in to those mysterious top secret hidden AM stations we’re informed that it’s one of those things that cause Aliens to open a dimension behind you, in front of you, anywhere they want !! feel the hairs rising on the back of your neck? Or else causes Satan and/or one of His demons like Caspar the Friendly Ghost (friendly, yeah sure) to fly into your earhole, make your head spin all the way around, have really bad skin and vomit pea soup; and the moment you advocate any Marxist idea or anything that seems even similar, you are invariably confronted with “O, so you want the US to become North Korea”; or else the Liberals say “o that’s ridiculous, there’s no such thing, there are no communists in the USA, otherwise we’d receive campaign contributions from them”. So then we’re supposed to defend Life in North Korea? Kill a Commie for My Mommie? Or just make a contribution?

And so during the so called “Cold War” the emphasis was always about - there are Communist Spies in Our Government !! well wait a minute, how do you know they’re spies? Because they correspond with people in the Soviet Union !!

Knock knock, who’s there, Homeland Security, your mailman informed “us” that you received a postcard from Moscow, may we have it please or do we have to tear your house apart and destroy all of your personal papers and effects and then successfully plead sovereign immunity.

Well you can go on and on about this but there are also allegedly spies from Israel and Mittney wants to nuke Iran presumably because some Jewish guy from Las Vegas gave Mittney’s campaign a shitload of money. Sheldon Adelson must be a spy !! depending on your definition of what a spy is. There are undoubtedly spies from France the UK and everywhere else. I’ve recently heard rumors that there are spies from the independent sovereign nation of Ohio and they’re in the State Dept. !! and the only time in USA history where anything similar ever happened was possibly with Thomas (the Big Cheese) Jefferson suggesting that Federalists were Anglomaniacs and closet monarchists

You Big Bully You.

The solution is one of perspective - that is - the cool calm and collected person ought to have considered these purported spies as “Russian Spies” rather than Communist Spies -e.g., I don’t recall any frantic-panic about Austrian School economists being in the Treasury Department or Friedrich Hayek sympathizers in the White House when they killed Allende, installed Pinochet and sent Hayek to help him out with the establishment of his Nazi democracy.


I bought an ion battery Ryobi hedge trimmer and more recently a hand drill utilizing the same technology. This is a very nice tool. I was impressed. So I immediatley looked to see where it was made. I don’t have to tell you. Nonetheless, nice job !!

Another aspect of the conservatives is that they hate labor unions, mostly because their ideology is based on feudalism and southern slavery. These “astute” businessmen don’t know how to be successful with non slave labor. But at the same time, the D-r(s) have decided that the National Government must be entirely dependent upon business for everything and as a consequence of creating this unnecessary circumstance and the predisposition to slave labor, Business is unable to “compete” with communist nations, who act in their Nations’ and their Peoples own self interest. In other words USA business’ also don’t know how to function without other businesses being subservient to them so they abandoned manufacturing and 1st adopted the retailing of products made by slave labor under Fascist dictatorships and then started retailing products made by a communist nation.

The difference is that China acts in the National self interest whereas the US, presently functions, in the interest of individual Business, primarily, the individual ones it likes best. Call it, “the new protectionism”.

Because the conservatives have ruled policy for nearly 4 decades and US business is stuck in the aforesaid paradigm their opposition to non slave labor is correct but their solution - make US Citizens live and work in sweat shops out of guilt - isn’t. The real solution is what I have consistently urged in my blogs, that government provide subsistence to every citizen and reimpose a progressive tax system, which is explained elsewhere, in my blogs.

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