February 25, 2012
Prt two - the D-r(s)

type the following into your Google search engine window “did Obama ever install solar panels on the white house”

And then chk this out

So in light of the foregoing, what is happening here in the USA? Is Wal-Mart building these? O gee we can’t worry about that stuff tommy Iran is building a Nuclear Power Plant O No !! what if they build a bomb and destroy Israel plus Mittney is whining about China, saying that we have to “compete”.

Did you ever notice that? Everything with the USA is competition instead of cooperation.

But i have to tell you, I watched Mitt Romney’s February 24, 2012 televised address from Ford Stadium, on CSPAN, while some of the ‘Left of the hyphen’ folks on MSNBC were making fun - viz., apparently the venue they rented was too small and one of his supporters was able to book Ford stadium. Talk about juice. And if it was the car guy, he’s pretty good looking too. Well what happened is that they only used about half of the field, so what? What’s your point? No body showed because no one likes him? Hey no body likes me either and to a much greater degree, like, dig this, anyone can comment on my blog entries, you can submit additional materials, videos, photos, fuck you[s], whatever - so come on - which is it? let’s compete or let’s cooperate - show me what anyone in the USA is doing that is comparable to the foregoing video. You can too Mitt, anyone may, as opposed to can.

But I doubt anyone will, because - quite frankly - instead of President Obama having the guts to even install solar panels on the white house - which he can do out of his own wallet like anyone else in the USA would have to do, because him and Joe won’t allow any alternative - Oooo big bad Mitchy won’t let us, Boo Hoo. He’s the role model, no leadership? Maybe it’s just a matter of priorities because the following are the sorts of things the Government is spending your money on, to subsidize the Hollywood moguls, yep, the soft money multiplier is running through Hollywood, again, the GOPstapo already has it sewed up in Vegas

O wow a long haired hippie guy it must be cool. I tried but couldn’t find the excellent 2/24/12 news piece RT did on this. They also mentioned “Top Gun”, but here’s one more example of the symbiotic propaganda/payola relationship set up between the Government and Hollywood, hi tech Leni Riefenstahl - O gee I hope I don’t get sent to Guantanamo now - have I robbed Hollywood of it’s Intellectual Property O dear cf All Free

But I also have to tell you, when you strip away all of the mean spirited GOPstapo club them into line bullshit

GOP poster

you essentially have the same thing from either faction - as I identified in Part 1 - viz., The Democratic-republican ethos is ‘everyone must work and we shall never, Never, for as long as we live, allow there to be any other way’ … “work or don’t eat”; and the government will bribe business into creating “the jobs” - even though business, has clearly said, we got all the help we need.

So the GOPstapo are a little meaner about it, cuff the weak and down trodden about the ears, shake and slap um around a little and kill all “illegals” so that citizens can lick toilets instead, otherwise it works out to be pretty much the same thing; and when that happens the Real Politick questions arise - i.e.,

Is there really any difference between Democrats and republicans.

The answer is clearly, no. The Left of the hyphen’s let’s take it out on the bitches is a little more subtle so that separates them a little from those on the right of the hyphen: but in truth they are all hideous assholes, most of them ought to be escorted to the lime pits immediately; and the feelings are mutual - but as long as they don’t have to see people like me and Joe has an adequate number of Police officers to smash the sides of our heads in to instill in us “The Fear of God”, they simply don’t give a fuck. To them, life has never been this good.

So at this point in my life, if a very handsome good looking man like Mitt Romney wanted to be President - because he has the looks, which at one time was all it took, plus he’s White and is a man - and didn’t have all of this mean spirited shit towards women, was willing to allow people to do free love, smoke pot, end censorship, be naked in public and the Police actually preventing instead of just standing around while men harass or rape the women - they’re naked and look awesome they must want me to fuck them - and then still had the same sort of Nazi Capitalist “economic” policies they presently espouse - which really are no different than the Democratics, who just toss some money to sadists working in relief offices &c under the caveat of if or when you have millions of people occupying the sidewalks and other public spaces - I mean shit this is what Democratic-republicanism takes? If so, it fucking blows, only a masochist would believe otherwise; and all the more reason to provide reasonable moral persons as myself a decent drop out option - then I would vote for such person and I am firmly convinced that at least 70% of everyone else would too, maybe even more. You want to “get money out of politics”? There you go.

But I’m just a filthy mouth no juice nobody, so what do you think, Ed, do I “deserve to die”?

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