January 26, 2012
Just Another Misfit

… that ought to be deported except i was born here

It’s a type of initiation Federalists go through around this time in life - that is Real Federalists - e.g., John Jay retired to become Governor of NYS became discouraged with that too and took up husbandry - the Real kind as in planting trees

Metaphors abound

Hamilton was killed in a duel, Washington was bled to death, Adams retired to his modest home in Massachusetts, &c &c and I’m pretty much feeling the same way. So it’s kind of nice just saying fuck it, I’m dead anyway so what the fuck. Consequently I wasn’t going to write anymore either nor do much of anything else other than adoring naked female flesh, watching nice people have sex, and having fabulous c2c orgasms for as long as my cock holds out until they want to cut it off; and even in terms of c2c, I have no money so apparently that is out of the question, too, or at least in America, and consequently have no choice than to accept this punishment and jerk off alone. So being in your basic O fuck it mode, especially after the last State of the Union speech, I turned on RT. I really like Alyona, i have to find her site, twitter and all that, she has a fabulous show. Admittedly I also like Thomm Hartmann even though I have expressed my major disagreement with him and I’m beginning to understand this more in terms of my own empirical knowledge.

In this regard there are two symptoms (1) money in politics is not the malady and (2) what he refers to as the “capitalist gain” tax is not as rounded as it ought to be

In the 1st case, the idea that “money in politics” is evil does not stem from the indisputable fact that this form of commerce - under the misnomer of speech crowds out - e.g., my voice and writings - but that money corrupts members of the Democratic-republican Party. Like really Democratic-republicans aren’t like that, it’s the money. They used to say - O no that’s not Reagan it’s the people around him which came to be known as “let Raygun be RayGun”. This form of blind faith flows from the idea of a Garden of Eden - viz., some perfect pristine state was corrupted by the intrusion of an anti-God that duped the stupid ignorant weak assed bimbo bitch who in turn used her pussy to fuck up poor innocent Adam. Hence “money is the root of all evil” or in a more modern parlance ‘Love is transitory, but alimony is forever’.

The reason people spend so much money on politics is their belief that they can corrupt the way Democratic-republicans think and act. Believe me, there is nothing on earth that can change the way the Monolith thinks - i.e., on the Left side of the hyphen you have the Jumping Jack Asses, Hee fucking Haw, good luck with that one; and on the Right side of the hyphen you have the trunk n tailers, they never forget and they’re always in line. Both are in the Calvin Coolidge mode - viz., “America’s business is business”. This is why they acted in joint bipartisan fashion and gifted all means of campaining to private businesses lQQk, just like they do with almost everything else.

Now there are two important distinctions here (A) television and radio are 100% dependent on business advertizing and they hire professionals. These professionals do their gig and that’s it. They shit shower and shave get dressed eat go to the studio get makeup - do the 10 mins with the Newtster or whatever, then they get hungry, have to pee, and maybe do another bit after lunch &c &c. That’s their gig. In short that’s all they aim to accomplish and nothing more. There is no joint effort or cooperation to accomplish anything other than providing whatever time and space the advertizers alot to these various guests. There is no solution to that and no way to change that. The point is, the Monolith was fully aware of that when they turned over all campaigning to “the Media” (see previous link) . So the very best you can do in that regard is to abolish all tax write offs for all forms of advertizing because all advertizing is political, there is no way to distinquish or discriminate as to forbid or limit one and not the other - e.g., if Congress decides to change the major food groups from pig, cow, chicken and fish the Keynes family will flood the media with cloven hoofs are cool pig is the real white meat and fucking bacon !! OMGod I can’t breath without it !! and then Congress will be talking about bacon and eggs or bacon and whatever every chance they get - they don’t want to miss out on the time and space slots on the Peter Piggy Air Show.

All of them knew all that to begin with, see?

In the 2nd case, and speaking for myself only, working, or at least the only sorts of jobs I’m qualified to do - e.g., toilets, dishes, blow jobs and taking it up the ass - are exceedingly demeaning so when a confederate gets hired as Fuhrer like Slick Willy Billy Bob did and the stock market goes ape shit, say I make a trade for a capital gain of $30 grand. Now Thom Hartmann and his crew wants me to pay ? $9000.00 in taxes on that one trade instead of $4500? NYS wants to do this other extra tax on my absolutely obscene newly acquired opulence and abundance too; but the fact of the matter is I fucking hate trading stocks almost as much as the shake down I get in attempting to enter a Court or now even the County Clerk’s office who almost always forced me to initiate NYS CPLR Article 78 Special Proceedings to just file a complaint. It’s almost as bad as trying to apply for welfare when I actually ought to be receiving money for being incapable of doing anything - but hey as long as I can wash dishes and clean toilets … And because I don’t drink, smoke, do drugs, use fast foods, whores, clothes or practically anything else the Monolith wants me to consume, I can live on that capital gain for a long fucking time.

The point is - it’s a one shot deal and I’m going to use the money to attempt to survive in a Nazi Fascist totalitarian dictatorship where the Monolith is saying - no fucking way tommy your grandparents were immigrants and your fate is labor slave cog widget, be thankful we’re not Socialists then what would you do - O probably play with the fucking point of my necktie.

Aside from such tax policy being inimical to the idea of a pursuit of happiness - which nobody in government gives a flying fuck about unless it applies to them personally - lemme score some quick scratch and pay off the slime balls so maybe I can have some time to actually do what I want to with my one brief mortal existence - the Jumping Jack Asses are saying No Fukcing Way tommy - you work and you pay - WHAT WE SAY is your “fair share” of taxes, which amounts to - your purpose on earth is to be a slave to business and pay for our wars for Exxon, T Boone Pickens &c &c and then whatever you have left over you spend to satiate private business dress codes, fast food and hemmoroid medicine because you do not shit you make it to work on time 1st and no hiding out in the John either. O yeah you’re pro Union that’s right so we get to shit at work, thanks, do I kiss the ring.

Well for people like me, which is probably a minority but no one outside of secret intelligence agencies know for sure - the Jumping Jack Asses lost that argument altogether. It’s truly disgusting - follow our commands and maybe you can be petit bourgeois !!

Hey maybe you can go fuck yourself too

Presuming there is any actual will remaining at government to do anything for people, especially 2nd generation worthless cog widgets as myself, the solution would be to formulate a policy based on what you want your tax to do - e.g., you think there’s too much speculation ? then you would tax long term capital gains at a lower rate than gains made in one year or less. You could have economists say that this would encourage investment and then the Jumping Jack Asses could go Hee Haw on the Peter Piggy show. But the way you’re talking now, picking on the only guy (aside from the President) that even looks Presidential is biassed towards the Jumping Jack Asses vision for America - viz., everyone must work but you don’t have to take a shower. So they figure that taxation, and for that matter, the prices of subsistence company store articles, are based on how much business pays you to slave for them - every fucking day of your life - e.g., does your pay check pay your rent buy you spam and keep you in a neat uniform pleasing to business. Good now you can borrow money for whatever else business tells you to buy. To me THAT is the epitome of elitism because no free person would ever choose that as their fate and yet you feel absolutely justified imposing it on everyone.

So what does all of this mean? Well 99.9% of the criticisms you all have against President Newtster and Mitt Romney is rather telling, for example I see no issue in regard to Mitt Romney being a multi billionaire and only paying a 15% tax rate on capital gains nor that the Newtster wanted an open marriage. Gee Whiz I guess those are the only real differences between the Left and right side of the hyphen.

- to be continued

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