February 26, 2012
Prt 2 - Social History & Sunday’s Sermon

One of the unfortunate symptoms of the New Growth policy, explained in Prt 1 is that ordinary people have been conditioned to not “Love thy neighbor” and from facts I’ve reported elsewhere this also results in people having some rather unloveable neighbors. We in the USA are generally conditioned to not Love anyone except “our family” everyone else is an immediate potential target for rape pillage private war ….

It is natural for people to help their fellow person. Not everyone is so bad, yet, that they’d stand by and watch a person drown, bleed or burn to death; not everyone has succumbed; and once these politically imposed inhibitions are flushed away, we revert to Our loving human nature. Men with their arms around each other at the bar, here lemme buy you a drink; or we get naturally horny, come on sailor I know you’re a filthy no good bastard but let’s fuck - i.e., Love. There you see I even had to say fuck because if I simply said Love most citizens would miss the point. This conditioning is imposed because business can’t afford to allow us to have time to do those sorts of natural human things - and government needs business for spending money. So religion, in exchange for tax amnesty and complete power transfer bondage and discipline ‘informs’ us, that all sex, aside from marital missionary, shall result in veneral diseases the government refuses to erradicate and if that isn’t enough to deter, then death - and worse - a most horrible life thereafter

You won’t get to spend eternity with Ronald RayGun and Jerry Falwell, you’ll be stuck with Lenny Bruce, Henry Miller, Tennessee Williams &c &c

We pick up the newspaper, and occasionally, some ‘Muslim Communist terrorist Liberal’ reporter snuck in a story that someone in the US is actually suffering. Hark … the GOPstapo hue and cry “death to the infidel” !! and the Democratics reply “yes He is an infidel, but He’s Our infidel”. A considerable part of the population is left wanting to help, but are torn between the tension of competing “interests” - so here we are again with competition, instead of cooperation.

So there are still a few Jumpin Jack Asses out there that resist, and when we see these sorts of stories we still feel bad because that inherent human quality of “we want to help” is still there regardless of Dr Moreau’s attempted vivasections; but almost as soon as we feel bad, that sweet little adorable Democratic-republic demon pops out and soothingly whispers, “but there’s nothing we can do, so …”

We are left to deal with the guilt.

Lots of citizens still go to a Church and their Priest, reverend, whatever, delivers a make them feel good sermon about being congregated, putting money in the plate and in some cases, says a few Hail Marys makes the sign of the cross and then get your lazy fucking ass back to work you worthless piece of shit and be thankful for what you have !! By and large, it works, which is why the Monolith Loves and Adores religion. So the religious message is essentially political propaganda that serves to protect those “interests” that cause these tragedies that somehow become declassified, leaked or simply slip by an inept Fascist editor.

The Protestant “work ethic” - “work or starve”. God intended it that way. The Ultimate Founding Father. It is His original intent. We are in Holy, Divine and Sacred bondage there’s nothing we can do.

Rather than dealing with the guilt, we attempt to rationalize it, by unrational means. We still feel guilty, but the guilt is dissipated amongst the congregation, sure we feel bad about castrating, mutilating, lynching and burning the Nigra but being all congegated and amongst our own kind, we draw strength from the mob - seeing that religion won’t let us just fuck or be homasezual and all, that would be terrible !!

So some of us have those remnants and vestiges floating around in our collective knowledge, DNA or whatever, but modern political law, as imposed upon or against social mores, no longer allows such things; and yet without them, religion did; and yet in 2012 a tension persists between mob rule rather than natural human morality.

Incidentally an anti lynching law introduced by President Truman was defeated by the Democratic Party led by Lyndon Johnson in the US Senate. So how much of the war against Hitler - predating Truman’s anti-lynching law - have anything to do with His society, essentially having done the exact same thing. The GOPstapo were firmly agin’ intervention.

The Democratic-republican “economy” is a farce. It is so inept that it can’t even adress the needs of it’s own fellow citizens. People want to help but they can’t afford to. That’s the Real Tension. It’s embarrasing, so they look for excuses and in turn those excuses are then provided by organized religion in it’s symbiotic relationship with the Monolith - one big support group. So there is no separation between church and state, they are the hand maidens of the citizenry: the church holding our right, the Monolith holding our left, while our complacency, cowardice and emarassment fucks us in the worst way … the way without Love.

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