July 21, 2014
The Woman’s Movement: does one really exist?

It’s either a canard or if such thing is organized then my several criticisms regard the symptoms of it co-opting or the propagandist invitation to co-opt with Hillary the Liberal for USA President

In other words, the smoldering Liberal, cloven hoof prints, are all over it.

There they go again - The various posts I see regarding “The Women’s Movement” via Twitter and Tumblr indicate to me that the same Liberal template used for Blacks - i.e., Black men - in the so called Civil Rights movement - is now being used as the template for women

And this is why that’s bad:

(I) Plugging Symptoms to Obfuscate the Cause

The Liberal template, as alluded to above was willfully and intentionally designed to obfuscate the fact that many if not most of the symptoms, which Liberal propaganda attributes to discrimination and/or disparagement allegedly based on hate - e.g., racism and misogyny is actually based on class; and is generally a symptom of the Liberal slave monger Hierarchy and their consumer inflationist “economy” - e.g., Hitler exterminated Jews because they were the least formidable group. The less people there are the more there is for, “the worthy”.

Consider the fact that as soon as MLK began to address these issues he was assassinated because this fact is inimical to the Liberal cause and their Modus Operandi:

(1) Make everything in life dependent on money and price, which enables the Liberal-conservatives to control everything via the money supply viz., easing, tightening, raising taxes, lowering taxes; and

(2) Duping people into believing that there is some hope or salvation in voting for these fraudulent assholes.

(II) If the socio-economic arrangement in which women purportedly want equal opportunity, was created by men, why would you want to keep it?

Why would you want to be involved in a system that was designed to exclude you?

The same is equally true in regards to Black men.

Obama was made President to drag you - the Black man with the Black woman obediently following behind - into the Liberal status-quo socio-economic arrangement, created by White men and willfully and intentionally designed to exclude you.

The Liberal Handbook for colonizing and re-subjugating the Black Man

And so in the case with women, all that this does is create the impression with men (both white and black) that you are in an inferior position and want to be them. That you’re envious; that you want to assume their role, their gender.

(1) Even if you wanted to create a matriarchy, why would you want to create it, in the image of men?

What this tact is designed to do is trick you into supporting the Biblical/Jewish gender arrangement from whence arose the Spermists - viz., The Earth in Genesis is lifeless, like a female egg, until god shoots his jizz on it. Or that a woman was created out of a man

Awww Tracy and Hepburn, how McLiberal can you get !! you have to go along with it now, “Right”? Sure why not have some bacon and a glass of milk too.

In other words, women are soulless creatures designed to be used by men and you are or would therefore be confessing, conceding knuckling under and submitting to the idea that women are incapable of creating anything, but most especially incapable of creating a social arrangement in which you at least share an equal role with people that happen to have a penis, testicles a rather shapeless uninteresting body unless it is strenuously worked (if so looking monstrous if it makes old age) and covered with more hair.

This Liberal economy, society or whatever some technocrat has tagged it, has created sexual gender roles, which have assigned to them particular characteristics:

(a) Men use weed eaters around appurtenances to create a military like nit cut look to everything;

(b) women plant flowers.

Does Hillary seem like the sort of woman that would plant flowers?

Keep your eyes peeled.

July 20, 2014

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July 20, 2014

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July 15, 2014
Blame Congress for Hobby Lobby - why the exceptions?

In case you missed it, or just didn’t bother, here’s the actual decision

The gist of it is relatively easy to understand.

Congress passed the The Religious Freedom Restoration Act in 1993 (hereinafter referred to as RFRA) which they declare was designed and intended to allow Peyote to be used in religious ceremonies.

Congress thus used the General Government to create a particular exception to laws that make the use of Peyote a crime.

Did you get that? It’s a crime unless it’s used for religious purposes.

And then 17 years later Congress passed Obamacare, which according to The Court purportedly imposes particular mandates on various employers but not on others.

Presuming this declaration of the Court is true then right there such discrimination is “suspect” i.e., what is the governmental “compelling interest” to treat the general group “employers” in some particular and thus ungeneral way?

So here again we have The USA Democratic-republicans (hereinafter, “The Party”) using the General Government to do ungeneral things, which invariably leads to a hotch potch of bullshit:

Various Conservatives opposed Obamacare, in part, on religious ground and Obama, as Liberals always do, knuckled under and submitted to them by promising “religious exceptions” to health care.

Are these exceptions what Congress originally passed and he signed into law?

No mention is made of the specifics of this in the decision, instead the Christian 5 hearken back to a law passed 17 years before; and it appears to me that that legislation overtly declared in the decision is actually interpreted based on another law passed another 17 years earlier.

So the premise suppressed in the majority enthymeme is their view that the official policy of the US Government is to deny the government from making money available to pay for abortions; but they don’t openly say that nor do they say whether this was addressed in the actual Obamacare legislation as enacted into law.

This case, generally known as “Hobby Lobby”, accommodates and then enhances from the bench an implied extension of The Hyde Amendment ideology; but when these religious objections were asserted in regard to Obamacare, the Court suggests that the other gutless Liberals, in reaction to Conservative opposition, buck-tailed it under pretense of, “he’s our President”.

And speaking of gutless Liberals (if you could even call him that) the above tweet by Harry Reid appears to confirm that assessment.

So it would indeed seem that In order to avoid any religious issue, Congress unconstitutionally delegated Legislative authority to HHS to essentially complete the legislation under pretense of writing the rules and one of these “rules” was found to involve birth control.

And now instead of actually fixing this matter by issuing general legislation as Congress is supposed to do, Reid complies with this ideology of creating religious exceptions and thus knuckled under to the Conservatives along with President Obama.

Conservatives, petitioned the Court claiming that the HHS rules rather than the law they were designed to implement deprived them of religious freedom; and they proceeded to take this rant all the way to the US Supreme Court, which regularly denies review of countless cases involving the actual life of human beings, general human liberty and the property of poor people and other “undesirables” in general, but was absolutely thrilled to accommodate this one petition which involved an asserted claim regarding the “religious beliefs” of corporate capitalists; and alas

The Court decided that the HHS rules, implementing Obamacare, allow corporations to enjoy the same exceptions to the law that HHS granted to churches and other religious corporations.

No matter which way you look at it, the only one that has authority to make such exceptions is Congress.

So you can blame Congress for being too Holier Than Thou to simply make the use of Peyote legal and for holding The Hyde Amendment Holy Sacred Untouchable and beyond the reproach of human beings: as Conservatives clearly consider it as an Amendment to the New Testament. But you can also blame HHS and Obama- Biden scroll down to “related law” in the link in re including all of these unnecessary exceptions and now add to that list Reid and his Democratics in the US Senate - e.g.,

Now as a “nicety” of the law and in regard to stare decisis, the 5 man majority relies on the “Legislative intent” of RFRA to impose a “compelling interest” standard for anything that is declared an abridgment of “religious freedom”; but don’t get lost in the sophistry, because there still has to be some authority - some basis in the actual legislation which the rule in question “rationally” carries out to thus implement the legislation rather than Andrew Jackson’s Chief Magistrate theory - i.e., I don’t give a good gotdam what Congress passed and what I signed, this here is what Thy Will Be Done !!

Maybe this is what Jaggin’ Johnny Boner &co is whining about in their lawsuit against Obama? Jackson’s Chief Magistrate Theory?

And Reid like some candy assed idiot is now supplying that ground by legislating religious exceptions, which doesn’t change the Court decision it actually affirms it.

Congressional Delegation of Authority to write rules which have a rational basis in the legislation is entirely Constitutional, delegating Legislative authority is not. In this case, HHS appears to have based these exceptions solely on the promises made by the President, not on the actual legislation that was as passed by Congress and signed into law by the President. So Reid is merely providing that omission and in doing so is doing nothing more than covering the asses of the President and the 5 man majority on The Court - i.e.,

Why should a church have the power to prevent an employee from being provided with the same health care coverage afforded to any other employee?

The health care coverage is designed and intended for the benefit of the employee, not the employer. It’s just one more cost of doing business in the USA - viz., being allowed, encouraged and protected in the ruthless exploitation of humanity, for profit.

Is that a National Religion?

The employee is paid to do a job not to accept the religious precepts or pass the religious test of an employer.

But if you’re a church or some other religious corporation, HHS decided that you may then do whatever you want in order to not provide coverage to any of your employees for birth control, which the 5 man majority wrongfully extended, by implication, to “for profit” corporations.

The following is my further basis for saying that this action of the 5 man majority is wrong:

The ordinary way the “strict construction doctrine” works is that when a statue, rule or ordinance deprives a person of Life Liberty or Property and a compelling interest is shown to do so

[e.g., there’s too many people, which is inimical to the general welfare, especially when poor people create more people because they can’t pay for them; and birth control is clearly the least restrictive means of furthering the compelling governmental interest of voluntary population control]

Then the provision of depriving the person of that right or privilege cannot be extended beyond that compelling interest, because it will encroach upon the right reserved to the person, which in this case deprives employees of benefits conferred to them under the law by extending the HHS exceptions by implication - i.e., their ‘reasoning’ goes: if the HHS exception extends to the protection of the individuals in a not for profit corporation, association, etc, then it shall also extend to religious people in a for profit corporation; and the only ground declared by The Court for imposing this extension of exception is to protect an exception created by HHS under pretense of delegated authority.

Pretty damn good example of violating the strict construction rule prohibiting extension by implication.

If there actually was some authority for The Court to intervene on behalf of capitalists against labor, then the proper course would be to strike down the HHS rules, rather than to legislate a de novo privilege and immunity out of those HHS rules which they then confer to for profit corporations.

An executive department agency can’t legislate but a court can?

But this is the sort of thing that happens when you have weak minded religious fanatics on The Court who are easily distracted and confused by their own religious bigotry that the law is lost to them.

In this regard, and under a light most favorable to this 5 man majority, I might extend the blame as a vicarious liability.


Two massive issues, that get almost as much Press as, the USA unwritten rule that all persons on earth must stand in unconditional support of anything Israel does or else face the consequences of being spied on by the USA government under the assertion of suspected terrorism or whatever other popular pejorative is currently in vogue fall into the following categories:

(I) Money in Politics - which was willfully and intentionally perpetualized by Congress

(II) Sexual morality - Heterosexual fucking as licensed by the State in which you reside or else dare to travel through, which is perpetuated as “the norm” by Congressional default

In terms of “(I)” The Liberals want to mutilate the 14th Amendment to deprive corporations of legal recognition as one person, so that they can proscribe or regulate the amount of money corporations give to political campaigns and regain an advantage with labor unions which are non corporate associations.

Both of these issues and practically all other USA domestic problems are attributable to one fact:

The Party (the USA Democratic-republicans) are candy asses for weak minded persons that continue on with their Holier Than Thou crusade, which is comprised of the following:

(A) There is something referred to as god whom some claim is the absolute sovereign of earth and that The Bible was written by “him” so it’s the absolute law above all other laws; and therefore anyone or anything that opposes the USA version of capitalism, which was surely invented and ordained by god “himself”, is evil, must be brought under control by the government or else destroyed; and that the only alternative now allowed is controlled discussion of some vanilla aspects of “socialism”, but only when they are hammered into conformity with the tenets of USA Liberalism and USA Conservatives get to call it godless Communism; and

(B) That private Heterosexual fucking, to make more people, and as licensed by the State, is ‘the norm’; but some lesser alternatives maybe tolerated under various governmentally controlled regulation such as birth control and same sex activities might be allowed as long as they are hammered into conformity with the Liberal precept that these poor wretched beings just can’t help being Queer and Conservatives get to say it’s their immoral choice.

For humanity, in general, this is as bad as the test for being a USA Presidential candidate - viz., you have to act like a Roman Catholic receiving “confirmation”, make a speech that mentions god and then vote for a war involving the mass murder of innocent people, along with the intentional infliction of emotional distress upon the survivors, along with an assortment of permanent mental disorders, facilitated by torture, all to facilitate a general colonialist repression, and all in the name of god, because it’s purportedly good for business.

To understand the reality of this, you 1st have to understand and thus accept the fact that the sole purpose of the USA under Party rule is

(i) to facilitate, encourage and protect the ruthless exploitation of humanity in order to

(ii) tax it and

(iii) to direct the proceeds of that tax into perfecting the facilitation, encouragement and protection of the ruthless exploitation of humanity.

The Personal God

These people like to have some pretense for doing the ruthless exploitation of humanity thing and it almost always devolves to the old standby, “god” e.g., we are a Christian nation and we do this in the name of “god”. The problem however is that not everyone sees it that way; and like any ruler or leader you require land and capital to work your exploitation of humanity from and there’s only two ways of getting it

(a) you take it and then

(b) you use diplomacy.

So one person or group of persons might get the god idea too and think well god is something outside of the universe or god exploded and is the universe or all sorts of permutations and combinations which are beyond human comprehension anyway; or for that matter people simply don’t think about it at all; but the god of American capitalism is necessarily within the paradigm of capitalism - e.g., communism is evil and is therefore in opposition to god so it cannot peacefully co-exist on the same planet. Some philosophers attribute these sorts of “ideas” to what they refer to as a “personal god”.

So in the case of the 5 man “Conservative” majority, it’s easy for them to accept the idea of god within the ruthless exploitation of humanity paradigm of capitalism. To them there is no apparent conflict. Whereas to others, as myself, we don’t accept it, so our beliefs can’t be in any many religious? Or, in fact they must be contrary thereto? Hence we are the miscreants and are therefore excluded.

Not by god but by men and their “religious beliefs”

And yet, throughout the world it would appear that there isn’t just one god but actually a multitude of them; so that if you just take something in the name of your god, you’re not going to be able to keep it because eventually you will be overwhelmed by others unless you treat with them.

Now the following further exemplifies my points and resulted from this online onslaught waged against me by a Jew:

“This once ongoing and now exhausted argument resulted from _____________ not knowing the difference between Legitimacy - as ground in the Law of Nations for National Sovereignty and a “historical claim”; and from his lack of intellectual acumen ____ then proceded to assert that I’m a Muslim-Pedophile-Christian and other assorted mental bullshit gibberish which is part of his style:

By your own Holy Book, you have this guy Abram, who had a tribe of people from assorted places, some of whom were slaves along with various animals and the whole gang were all nomads - i.e., they had no land other than what they were able to possess, which they weren’t very successful at doing.

The guy(s) that wrote this story then claim that “The God of Israel” told Abram that if all of the men cut off their foreskin and fucked all of the women as often as possible then there will be so many people they will be difficult to overwhelm and then you can just squat somewhere and where you squat shall be known as Israel.

That way the guys with the naked dickheads would be distinguished from everyone else - e.g., look at my dick, fuck me, be a part of Israel !! and it was a clever plan. For example, in feudal arrangements, some guy kills a fuck load of people takes over their land and divides it up with his gang members. He becomes King and his gang members become Lords. But in the case of Abram, having no land, he instead promises the guys pussy. So all of these guys with naked dick heads go around fucking all of these women with the express purpose of making a fuck load of people.

But it wasn’t easy because when we get to Sodom and Gomorrah it turns out that all of the men were so Gay and so uninterested in fucking women that none of them even remembered how, except for Lot. Who wanted his daughters all to himself but had to get drunk so his daughters could fuck him because The God of Israel turned his wife into a pillar of salt?

Now what cop would ever believe that story?

So after hundreds of years going in and out of slavery this gang and/or their ancestors never secured this elusive place referred to as Israel but squatted at various places which were noted in your own Holy Book.

Those places serve as your only basis for your historical claim and after about 2000 years later which only became Internationally pertinent after Adolf Hitler decided to exterminate the greater number of you and the USA, the UK and the rest of the world said O Jesus Christ no we don’t want them here. So then the 1st world gang had Great Britain make a colony for Jews based on some of those aforesaid locations

With an obvious factor being that the Palestinians would be the least formidable in their objections

Here’s some of the people that agree with you http://youtu.be/vk9Zc4z6UBg


Clearly this “god told Abram” refers to Abram’s personal god.

But who in the USA would ever dare demand that this is not a bona fide “religious belief” of Jews?

This is what the 5 man majority so far demands trumps any US law regarding employer-employee relationships.

So we have this personal god of Abram who is something like Caspar the friendly ghost: flies in one ear hole make a few promises and then flies out the other which forms the basis of a “religious belief” even though an objective conclusion of fact, on the alleged facts so declared, is that Abram was a 99 year old inspired gang leader that wanted his own territory and marketed his idea to people already reliant upon him as “a voice” !! from the God of Israel !!

Veritably, the original “Godfather”.

Ironically, the god of Israel must also be the god of the USA, but doesn’t appear to be the god of too many other places. So does this make all of the rest of earth and all those other people evil?

It would appear that according to Jews, all the rest of the people are simply, not them. So is it fair to ask whether this legendary distinction serves as the basis for exclusion? Because if it is and you refuse to treat with ‘the others’ then that’s very likely the reason you were never able to hold on to Israel -viz., you were overwhelmed by others.

And yet, “the sexual norm” imposed upon the USA, by The Party, is what the tribe of Abram were instructed to do by Abram for the purpose of taking land by overwhelming it with people born from male circumcised Heterosexual fucking.

Is this why the USA has nuclear weapons and doesn’t want anyone else to have them unless it considers them their ally? Why be a candy ass? Ask them. Maybe the god of Israel is talking to Obama-Biden, legend had it “he” talked to Henry Cabot Lodge.

Heterosexuality is Not ‘the norm’, but the Pleasure of Attraction, is

Unless you want to overwhelm a territory with people, there really isn’t any imperative for imposing Heterosexual fucking as the norm and yet this is what The Party does. So it’s possible that the god of Israel became the god of The Party in order to overwhelm and Genocide the Native population under pretense of “religious belief” but why are they still pushing this?

The reason pleasure is subject to Dr. Moreau’s Party vivasection, from sex, and various naturally occuring substances is because in terms of sex, The Party interpretation is that sex is for making babies, because this is what Abram imposed on his tribe as he was purportedly instructed to do so by the god of Israel. There is absolutely no other explanation provided by anyone in The Party or in the private sector other than that; and then somewhere along the way this was modified to be, with one woman who is prohibted from sex with anyone else, which suggests some sort of ownership, mutual or otherwise.

But the fact is that sexual acts have to be learned and yet the pleasure of attraction, doesn’t. The latter is natural, the former is not

And it would be performing a great service to humanity if women would be open about this so that everyone could alas know if the same or similar attractions naturally occur to women as they do for men.

Comments are available on this blog via Disqus. Until then, I can only speak for myself:

The 1st truly amazing non have to go pee hard on I can remember having was going to this place where my cousin worked where the walls were literally covered with Playboy magazine foldouts. But I had no idea what to do with it. I didn’t know what masturbation was and didn’t know what fucking or blow jobs were either; but there it was, visual attraction = boing, instant raging throbbing pumping hardon, mushy heart and altered state of consciousness.


Now speaking of pleasure, alone, a blowjob or Heterosexual fucking usually beats masturbation; and for what ever reason, women don’t seem to be too keen on doing blowjobs and even when they do it’s usually for money, a favor or some other “valuable consideration” and even then most still don’t seem to know what they’re doing; but it works the other way too, most guys aren’t too keen about eating pussy, and even when they do, most don’t know what they’re doing, either.

Maybe that’s why Shrimp aren’t Kosher: they look like an uncircumcised cock and if you leave them around a while they start to smell like pussy.

So in regard to blow jobs and pussy eating, same sex is better. A guy has a cock, he plays with it regularly so he knows what makes it cum and if he wants to he can make another man cum too. The same is true for women and pussy.

Women don’t seem to like jizz either even though I don’t find anything wrong with it, I bet it’s the same for women and pussy?

So the followers of Abram and his personal god impose shame to prevent men from cock sucking so that they will instead direct their jizz into a woman’s pussy in order to facilitate the “peopling of a territory to establish Israel” policy; but in present times, thousands of years later, Israel is already overpopulated and in terms of the utter lack of planning, waste and capitalism, so is the USA. So there is no reason to continue this policy of “jizz directing” based on the original Jewish godfather’s personal god story, with policy action thereon having been initiated thousands of years ago; but due to shame, Party imposition and Holier Than Thou ‘lazy habit’, Heterosexual fucking remains the irrational norm, imposed by shame.

Now inevitably some men and women will disagree and claim they like cock sucking and pussy eating via the opposite sex; but if you really think about it, what facilitates you cumming from opposite sex action is the degree of passion and devotion the other puts into the act and more often than not it concludes in Hetero fucking anyway because for whatever reason that ironically seems like the least fucked up thing for opposite sex people to do.

The irony is that same sex action is more like Holy Shit you really know how to do that !! and there are women that can learn this but it takes a lot of practice which is discouraged by the ruling Patriarchy - i.e., the woman are supposed to be a virgin that don’t know how to fuck and then the guy ends up going to sex workers who fuck several or more men a day.

The downside of Heterosexual fucking is that pregnancy sometimes occurs and because people have been shamed into it and shamed out of same sex due to thousands of year old gang land scheming, people use birth control, and if that fails, they get an abortion.

This seems like a rational alternative to “religious belief” and the veritable delusional neuroses regarding Liberal/conservatives emote in regard to sexual pleasure; but Heterosexual fucking whose main purpose is peopling territory to call it Israel or overwhelming native Americans and calling it a white Christian nation with the innovation of birth control and abortion by physician, is not a solution for anything and is a rather primitive and inconvenient way for humans to relate to and interact with each other - e.g., The Oedipus_complex and incest in general, maybe even pedophilia.

In any event, neither sex is keen on it - viz., guys want girls to give them blowjobs, but girls don’t want to; girls want guys to eat their pussy, but guys don’t want to. Face it, straight fucking just ain’t enough and yet they are still being guilted into it for no rational reason other than Abram’s delusion/bullshit and Congressional default.

In order to make any progress in this regard do we have to form our own tribe to stop accepting Heterosexual fucking as the norm and demand that government and the private sector do the same? We can even have a T-Shirt that says “Ut O Popey, Look Out: Here come the New Albigensians scroll down to origins, we now allow jerking off, mutual masturbation, oral sex and religious beliefs like clothes are optional

Everybody likes the idea of corruption because it allows someone to say, what the fuck is wrong with him? Who him? yeah. O he’s corrupt. The idea being that is that he/she was good once but something turned them bad. So in the case of The Garden of Eden, the idea is that Eve was corrupted and then corrupted Adam which pissed off god who booted the whole lot of them out, from whence comes this general idea that there was once upon a time some good state of anything or everything and that something or someone bad corrupted it. So aside from my view that everything is fucked up but allowing evolution to do it’s thing and it will get better, suppose it was like this:

All the guys laid around in their spare time doing 69 with each other, mutual masturbation &c and all of the women laid around in their spare time doing 69 with each other, mutual masturbation &c. But something or someone came by and told a guy to put his cock into someone’s pussy, or like in the case of Adam and Eve and the Patriarchal Jews it’s always the woman’s fault, hence vice versa, come on big boy put that cock in here, try this out for a while and then a baby was born. Holy shit !! but wow that’s really scary looking. Let’s go back to the same sex thing, but as there’s less of us through death, we’ll do the fuck thing, but only as needed. You know, democracy, but then came the King thing - thou shalt put your cock in her pussy and makes lots of babies because it is the will of this greater force that will rip the flesh from your bones turn you into salt and shit like that if you refuse to comply, all in order to people a territory !! that’s the corruption, because it would be a dictator, by whatever means, leading people into doing something unnatural and for reasons that aren’t in their interest, you know like business and The Party does to labor in the USA.

The opposition and human cruelty recorded in the history of humanity serves as a preponderance of evidence to confirm my version or some variant thereof, over these “religious beliefs”.

So what this 5 man majority iis essentially saying is either

(1) we’re too terrified to even allow our own personal ability of reason to go that far or

(2) what we say goes, “religious beliefs” trumps reason and the will of the people.

The point is, there is no reason to create exceptions for employment by churches or other religious corporations or associations. Employment is employment and it exists inside the paradigm of capitalism not religion and therefore ought not to be treated any differently in terms of benefits, taxes or anything else. So that if Congress confers benefits on employees, by virtue of the fact that they are employees then those benefits are for them not their employer.

Birth Control

The people that can’t help themselves are not Homos they are Heterosexual fuckers and Heterosexual fuckers or for those weak minded assholes that can’t handle the fuck word, “breeders” are the ones making the rules. Of this ruling group there are religious fanatics that “believe” some Jewish junk written thousands of years ago as their instruction from god in re sex or claim to believe it for elections or in support of whatever other ulterior motives they have; and then there are people that just like to fuck.

The irony is that my solution solves the problem of the religious fanatics because it makes fucking, special. It’s something you have to think about like maybe there’s other ways of achieving sexual pleasure; but they don’t want people doing blow jobs, being naked on cam masturbating &c. Yeah? Well too fucking bad is what I say to them and what you ought to say too. Why the fuck do you even allow these people into government? They’re obviously lunatics. But what about the Heterosexuals that just like to fuck? Are they shit out of luck because they end up with more people that no one wants or needs except people that can’t afford to take care of them and then the kids grow up as psychologically damaged?

The Liberals, progressives or whatever they are or think they are, do not have a solution to this problem other than their panacea to life - i.e., bribe the private sector into doing shit they otherwise refuse to do - e.g., make insurance companies provide birth control for the people that can’t control themselves. My position in this regard is the same as it is for elections, if you’re going to use unwilling tax payers’ money to bribe the private sector into providing birth controls which ought to also include abortions - and Henry Hyde can go fuck himself who is now thankfully dead anyway - then just do it yourself - i.e.,

make all birth controls free

This should please conservatives because at worst it is governmental promotion of Heterosexual fucking.

Obviously, Heterosexuals can’t help themselves, they have to fuck the opposite sex and there are too many people. So for the sake of the general welfare provide them with free birth control !! It’s better than having “social programs” that pay poor people that can’t afford to have children, to have children, and then those children most likely end up psychologically damaged anyway regardless of how many dollars Liberals pour into such programs. These programs just don’t work in a capitalist world where all government is 100% reliant on the private sector which requires unemployment, poor people and a mass population of Proletariat veritably held by government while the private sector ruthlessly exploits them.


So you have 3 Liberal economy elites, 2 of which are guaranteed by The Party a high rank in the Liberal stratified society hierarchy based on property and income:

(1) Health care providers, which includes Hospitals, clinics, various doctor corporations, associations and partnerships and all of the various employees, maintenance and security staff; drug companies, drug retailers and retailers in general and all of the various employees, maintenance and security staff.

(2) Banks, newspapers, radio, television, campaign workers and all of the various employees, maintenance and security staff;

(3) Poor people that are shamed out of homosexuality that can’t help doing breeder fucking and can’t afford birth control.

All of these people except for the 3rd group can afford birth control albeit (like anything else) it’s grotesquely and ruthlessly overpriced.

Making it free to them is cheaper than all of these other programs that are designed and intended to augment price and guarantee profits for business.

Once it’s free and profitless it’s like this: hey, if you have babies and can’t afford to take care of them, we’re not either. So here’s the birth control. It’s free. Use it. It’s a matter of General Welfare.

The only thing that is preventing this is from happening is this rot about Heterosexual fucking being the norm and promoting it as such. Heterosexual fucking is the problem !! Just stop doing it. And when the nut jobs start up tell them the truth. Quit knucking under and submitting to their pseudo religious bullshit

The same is true with elections.

Heterosexuals that can’t help themselves that can afford to have kids, let them inherit the earth. They already know who they are going to vote for. The only people that don’t are the Proletariat, who are doing their indentured servitude to these aforesaid Heterosexuals that can afford to have children and in terms of elections they have no choice anyway because whoever is elected has zero impact on their life sentence to wage slavery with no time off for good behavior - maybe we’ll let you piss down the neck of you neighbor. So alas it’s the poor:

But they have no TV, radio and are too busy begging or stealing to peruse the news. But still, they, like the Proletariat, have no choice anyway

The only need for money in campaigns is to bribe category “(2)” above, except for banks because they merely hold the money for extended loan making for Liberal uses like inflating housing prices and providing money for workers to consume. They don’t need it because money is free to them anyway since the bailout. The targets here are newspapers, radio and television. And then you have to ask yourself, why aren’t these doing the JFK thing?

“Ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country”.

They probably would if The Party asked them, but the fact is most of the “money in politics”, aside from being codified by Congress as the way campaigns are done, goes to campaign workers, lying to people about what The Party candidate will do for them if elected. And that is the only reason there is no “publicly financed campaigns” because nobody wants to pay for such unnecessary bullshit.

The way that is preserved and protected is by closed primaries and requiring petitions with so many names which are challenged anyway all before you are allowed to appear on any voting ticket. Those numbers can’t be achieved unless you pay people to go around and collect them for you and even then you have to have $$s to hire muscle to visually defeat The Party muscle - e.g., thugs to intimidate people to not sign your petition, sign someone else’s or here sign mine and if someone’s intimidating you we want to know who they are so we can kick their ass or buy them off. All of which has to be done in a limited period of time

The only person complaining here aside from me are Liberals but all they are willing to do is make laws that prevent republicans from collecting more money than they do so that Liberals may then e.g., buy appointments to commissions to ban motion pictures and television advertisements which they feel are contrary to their interests in getting elected. And to do this they want you to annihilate the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution to preclude corporations from giving people political contributions, which has now spilled over into birth control.

It has nothing to do with any corporations except one, The USA Democratic-republican Party.

And has everything to do with a capitalist free market society and The Party that is 100% reliant on it - viz., everything is bought and sold for the highest price. Everything.

Even “religious beliefs”

It’s not because The Party was once pure and pristine and now they’re corrupt, it’s what they believe in and thus how they operate. It’s their way of life. Just ask yourself, why would you want to elect anyone from The Party that is so easily “corrupted” by money?

Or, so easily corrupted by, The Pope?

July 9, 2014

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July 7, 2014
Zoning and Millionaire Judges

This entry addresses unconstitutional Property Rights discrimination and the introduction of some proposed solutions.

They want Our votes, and yet, we’re nobody.

Self sufficiency is impossible, in the industrial era. The greater number of US are left or born into labor barracks neighborhoods, leaving US with another remaining problem regarding the close proximity of adjacent dwellings.

Aside from problems regarding fire fighting and utility access there is the issue regarding private nuisance.

And If the USA Democratic-republican, Judges, could actually comprehend The Law and it’s actual purpose, in this regard, then this close proximity problem could be greatly mitigated in conjunction with The Science of Zoning:

By merely recognizing the fact that zoning restrictions, particularly in regard to single family residential properties, are to avoid nuisance:

“[T]hat if one does any other act, in itself lawful, which yet being done in that places necessarily tends to the damage of another’s property [tends to deprive him of the use and benefit of his house] it is a nusance: for it is incumbent on him to find some other place to do that act, where it will be less offensive” - III Blackstone 217-218.

Once this is recognized, then proceeding from that premise in order to remedy a use issue between neighbors could be fairly provided.

Under the present arrangement there is little to no regard for residential property rights. Like everything else all attention is on business. As this arrangement has evolved we are left in a veritable state of nature: either resulting in private war between one or more neighbors against others or another; or as The Liberals, prefer, that we merely submit ourselves to the arbitrary roughshod of “the fittest”, by denying US access to the courts and taking away our arms.

Even if you consider this situation in a light most favorable to The Party, whose rhetoric is that all problems shall be solved by the ballot box, the necessity of The Courts cannot be ignored. For the present arrangement and Our governmental status as a republic creates the very situation where many of US find fault -viz.,

They want Our votes, and yet, we’re nobody.

This would be the reality of a government without a Judiciary and ruled by a Republican Congress leaving The Police and/or military to execute Congressional Policy under the re-establishment of Municipal Immunity. Paradoxically, that is precisely what we do have, with the Liberals now enjoying and thus joining this Conservative cause - i.e.,

Placing The Courts under a light most favorable to them, they are overwhelmed by the victims of capitalism, whom capitalists and The Party, demand The Courts order The State to punish even more. Consequently, we as The Victims of capitalism are at best on the defensive.

Like in Chess, we are always Black and never white.

We are in a perpetual State of indentured servitude, to The capitalists; and we either accept their punishment or go further into debt to lease a Liar (Lawyer) to keep US out of prison or to prevent forfeiture of our property.

It’s even doubtful to me, that such an arrangement any longer makes exceptions for those with Juice - e.g., as they used to say in England, those that could afford to “Buy their Bill in Equity”. So the only difference now is Regressive punishment. If you violate The Rules, you hire a Liar, pay them an exhorbitant fee and you are allowed to avoid prison. What this amounts to in practice, is this

Let’s fuck with this guy and make him pay.

Divine Immunity

So you needn’t do anything wrong, all that is necessary is that “they” don’t like the idea of you; and then they make trouble for you; you then either pay or go to prison and/or lose your property: but will seldom if ever have any success suing anyone unless they submit to a settlement. This is where The Liberal’s “capitalism” has brought US. And even if you have Juice, who is there to sue?

Judges are cloaked with “Absolute Immunity” just like Municipalities were until 1980.

And at the present time The Liberals have duped many of you to believe that in order to save a law they created, which they now concede is unconstitutional you have to mutilate the US Constitution. Their hidden aggenda is to re-establish Absolute Immunity for all aspects of government, which means that even if you are still allowed to Prohibit governmental officers from performing particular acts (see Ex Parte Young), you can never be allowed to sue them for damages (unless you abolish the 11th Amendment US Const), which means that bringing such action is always going to cost you money which The Courts themselves shall not allow you to recover in whole.

To make a long story short

The Catch 22 is that if you have juice, none of this would likely happen to you in the 1st place because you could afford to have a home located in a Have Juice Zone. Why would you want to remain in some other Zone where such basic fundamental principles of law are flagrantly ignored?

So people like me, born into The Labor Barracks neighborhood, yet believe that the 14th Amendment ought to be available for everyone that needs to use it for the vindication of their protected rights, is without remedy under The Present, Capitalist/plutocratic Arrangement.

As a further consequence of millionaire Judges, Millionaire representatives and upwardly mobile local politicians and the businesses they serve, the actual problems caused by this close proximity of dwellings are not self evident to members of the Ruling Class. Either they were “born with a silver spoon in their mouth” or joined the Liberal cause in the ruthless exploitation of humanity and collected enough cash and credit to buy themselves out of the barracks. So here is a brief list to remind everyone:

1) Aside from simple vegetable gardens, or flower gardens, the yards are so small that’s it’s unreasonable to attempt anything more ambitious. But without enforcement, restrictions or recourse to The Courts, people do anyway, as is also the case with the following:

2) Sound carries from one dwelling into another and moreover, from one yard into an adjacent home.

3) Strange people are virtually walking past your house and can veritably look inside of your home, through doors and windows. In fact you can practically smell them and can certainly smell their cooking, dog shit, cat piss, vomit and garbage.

So here is some Liberal-Conservative Millionaire Judge, sitting in judgment of US poor wretched assholes - one of whom is me and maybe you - and we are so far beneath hir and hir spacious property, hir pleasant and agreeable comfort facilitated by generous State perqs and privileges, including a red line to law enforcement - e.g., in case someone farts too close to hir front security gate.

What do these elitists think?

Aside from the usual binomial proposition presented by the Press and Media, in regard to Life in General:

(A) O those poor things, but there’s nothing we can do, because we’re always at least one vote short; or

(B) Fuck ‘um, if they can’t pull themselves up by their bootstraps, you don’t work you don’t eat:

Then gotdam if I know.

But the Police, it seems, are like OMFG it’s the fucking redline !! get your ass over there immediately or it shall be severely abused.

So maybe they think everyone has these same privileges?

General Solution

There has to be more courts, more Judges and a Legislative Declaration that the General Policy of Government in regard to zoning is to avoid the imposition of private nuisance to adjacent properties and as far as practicable, the same in regard to Public nuisance; and as a matter of right, that pro se litigants have to be provided with equal access to the Courts subject to civil penalty.

I would take a further step to also abolish Judicial Immunity scroll down to the Douglas dissent.

From Community to Anti-Communal Radical Individualism

“If you work hard and play by the rules …” then you can be a ruthless shithead that pisses down the neck of your neighbor when he annoys you. Or a millionaire Judge whose clerk grants you license to metaphorically do the same.

This is the American Social ethos brought to you by Party occupied government. It’s been this way for a long time it’s only more noticeable in recent decades, to a greater number.

Someone said to me, “the culture has changed” and Liberals like to believe that. It helps them sell immigration, the whole Statue of Liberty bit; but the truth is this:

The USA has a dual culture, the one for the Liberal-Conservative ruling class, which is impermeable and thus, never changes. This is why they look like it’s still the early 1960s and why they have to use polling, which is their only means of insight into the lesser culture where their campaign workers must appeal to US, for our votes:

“A culture is first and foremost the expression of a nation, its preferences, its taboos and its models. Other taboos, other values, other models are formed at every level of the entire society. National culture is the sum of all these considerations, the outcome of tensions internal and external to society as a whole and its multiple layers” - “The Wretched of the Earth”, Franz Fanon.

So as in any colonialist system, the Liberal-Conservative ruling class attempts to impose their impermeable unchanging culture onto US, in order to overwhelm natural social evolution and obliterate our actual reality.

So for example, with immigration. The Liberals suggest that immigrants enrich the national culture, when in truth they’re merely imported for cheap labor and moreso now for their votes.

And As far as culture goes, they are led into emulating the culture of the ruling class at least those we see that aspire to government, whom in turn serve as role models to the rest of their race, ethnicity or whatever category/classification The Party pigeon holes them in.

Their input into the impermeable culture of the ruling class is zero. They’re merely there to collect your vote - e.g., Malcom X, King? They have them where they want them. They’re dead.

When these labor barracks neighborhoods were 1st set up, they were peopled by truly “similarly situated” individuals.

In my case, members of the "non kindred races" - viz., Russians, Poles, Slovaks, Ukrainians. People whom The Party would never dream to recognize as full US Citizens. As far as the Democratics were concerned, we were the juiceless subjects of States Rights, no more than slaves that had to be paid, on account of those gotdam freedom hating republicans, that didn’t want US here in the 1st place, but we ended up as cheap labor for their industrial masters anyway.

Wonder who did that? Watch MSNBC and see whose demanding more immigrants.

My ancestors were immigrants who then emigrated from NYC ghettos, doing coal mining work, logging, all to eventually end up working in some sort of factory. In my case, The Endicott Johnson Shoe factory.

"Which way EJ".

When I was growing up every labor dwelling yard had a vegetable garden. The women did canning, a lot of baking, had babies and washed Daddies poopy undies. The men worked in The Factory gave the wife money for groceries and spent the rest drinking.

Every yard also had a burn barrel and a garbage dump existed on prit near every block. One was at the bottom of our hill about 400 feet from our south property line. These dumps were about as common as barrooms, which were about as common as churches and eventually as common as gas stations.

The dump at the foot of our hill used to be a pond. My mother used to ice skate on it when she was a little kid. Now it was filled with old cans and other industrial consumer junk. It was cater corner to the Elementary School, which used to be a saloon/whorehouse and is now an “Old Folks Home”.

1st, the peculiar equality

The people had a mutual respect for each other, because they were all in the same wretched situation: they all ‘lived’ in the same packed in place and they were all there for the same reason: which alcohol, music and whores might mitigate - at least for the men - and compared to NYC ghettos, a veritable Elysium.

In that regard, there was a peculiar equality and a mutual understanding.

And even though the factory took the place of agriculture and that the product of industry was traded in part, for sustenance, shipped in from somewhere else, there was still the remnant of human sociability: community in the form of butcher shops, general stores,local barrooms and with most of the required industry done, locally, from foundry to cigar shops that rolled imported tobacco and then packaged them in their own boxes.

Basic necessities were affordable.

This peculiar equality was buried by “Economic Growth”.

Some might say, “free trade”; that imported shoes, thanks to Kennedy, killed EJs; but it predates Kennedy: EJs was saved by Woodrow Wilson I and again by Woodrow Wilson II. So in that regard it was just another protected business like most others. Every army needs footwear and nothing lasts forever, including the individuals who originally peopled these communities; but until that time:

You knew your neighbors.

My grandmother used to visit with the woman next door, they spoke the same language, came from the same place, worked in their gardens together, baked together and drank beer together. In one of the houses outback, in the summer the accordion player who roomed with that family was playing while others sat around drinking beer under the grape vines. The women were cooking or baking but also drinking too.

The same was true in other neighborhoods as well. Aside from working in the shoe factory my father also did catering for the Russian Orthodox Church Hall and Church Club. These same sort of women worked in the kitchen, cooking and baking for weddings, banquets, whatever, the same as they did in their homes. He wanted me to see that and experience it. I’m glad I did because all of those people are dead now and it’s gone.

But aside from similar ethnic origins, the men worked in the same place and the women did all of the same things.

There was no leisure time to be philosophers, writers or even social activists. Union organizing was strictly prohibited. My ancestors were second class wage slaves in further subservience to their peasant religion. If you were a kid, you either went to the park or you were quiet when Dad got home or else you might get a set of knuckles in the back of your head or a strap across your back, not only because you were annoying his brief hour or so of relaxation but because you might very well be doing the same to his buddies:

Closely situated, on three sides of you. Everyone was “in the same boat”.

And then came the expansion, “new home construction” - that thing you hear The Party demanding more and more of. Patting each other on the back, celebrating the Genocide of The Natives, The Genocide of the Japanese people, the GI Bill, the Liberal’s Post War Prosperity and “Economic Growth”.

With the Liberal Democrats perpetuating The Cold War, the OSS conversion into the NSA, CIA and who knows what else. GE was hiring, IBM was hiring, Ansco was hiring why it’s a veritable canned soup TV Dinner Elysium, with Uncle Milty and Jack Benny on the B & W TV !! Sign that loan Daddy, we’re buying Buick and going ranch style !!

This was the convulsion that killed the peculiar equality.

The Men were working in different places, some were getting paid higher wages which allowed them to buy things priced according to their salary which we couldn’t afford. Liberal economic growth !! Fast Food, Dinner’s Club, Howard Johnson’s and alas a Mc President assuring US he wasn’t subservient to The Pope why look at that, his wife is wearing Halston.

The Old People: retired, tired and dying.

Let’s use some of that Military-Industrial Cold War Muscle !! Koch Bros and Monsanto need to expand their markets, let’s Agent Orange the rice fields !!

Viet Nam and the Hamster Wheel Economy

The reason they add “complex” to “Military Industrial Complex” is because the Liberal Economy is what feeds it and that’s the only reason the Liberal economy is. It’s the engine which perpetuates world war and world colonialism. It creates jobs and that allows people to borrow on their earnings and consume; all of which is taxed, for States to spend on roads and for the Federal government to spend on war.

And The Party can never have enough of it. In fact, it’s what 100% of their time is spent on, aside from holding onto their office.

They even skim off part of your modest wages and after you’ve done your 45+ years of indentured servitude to the private sector, that is if you survive, they pay a little back to you at their version of the rate of inflation, in the meantime hoping you’ll die soon or else - welcome to the world of cancer !!

They used to call it tontine, except they borrow on it, so now it’s called, “social security”.

There’s never been so much money and nothing ever gets cheaper. As a consequence, new forms of “Affluent Society”, Liberal businesses started up. Get rich quick schemes, the most popular of which involves real estate: making the bad business of mortgage lending, seem appealing, by The Party using government to inflate the prices of homes. Abolish abortion, birth control and get that State licensed Heterosexual fucking going, we need more consumers, more homes, more cars, more roads - why it’s the greatest peacetime expansion in the history of the USA !!

Back to What Remains of, ‘The Neighborhood’

The neighbor dies, the kids in another State put up a for sale sign: they need to make a quick buck to pay off their Disney Land/Vegas vacation; and here comes all of these strangers with barking children, frolicking dogs and tape measures, looking in my windows and doors. Either we’re monkeys in a zoo or they ignore US all together, talking loudly, paying not a whit of attention to the fact that

Human beings are living their brief mortal existence, several feet away, on an equally minute plot, in an equally minute home, with equally minute rooms. But hey, it’s Liberal Elysium, fuck thy neighbor, they’re putting up a false facade over rotting wood so they can “flip it” - just like a Koch Bros. Pork Butt Burger - while The Liberals re-inflate housing prices or just turn it into a section 8 money dump for some slumlord living in some other State.

Why the fuck would people with kids want to live here?

Not only are there no other kids in this neighborhood, the former Public Elementary School, at the bottom of the hill, is now, an old folks home.

Are they psychopaths searching for a place where they can effectively use the noise of children as power to dominate their neighbors?

Why the fuck do people want dogs especially on these small yards. To herd sheep? To guard their gold bullion reserves Or just to use the noise of barking children, frolicking dogs, subwoofer noise, basketballs and motorcycles, as power to dominate their neighbors?

Why do they do it?

Because the dual culture has facilitated their disconnection from earthly reality, they have no idea how small their yard is and no one with juice is willing to snap them out of it, because the pay grade of juice assures that those with juice shalt not be subject to any such said annoyances.

The law applies to juice, but not to US, because we are deprived of our Constitutional right to equal protection under the law; and it has nothing to do with race nor ethnicity, but everything to do with class and the impermeable culture of The Ruling Party.

They want Our votes and yet we’re nobody.

Don’t let the kids go to the parks. Pedophiles are everywhere, along with dope dealers, sex fiends, rapists, pornographers and people using the fuck word. Have private parks in your own back yard !! here comes a swing set, swimming pool, a new addition to the house, a garage, storage sheds, barking dogs, noisy children, barbecued petroleum distillates burning Koch Bros Nitrogen fertilizer grown Monsanto fed meat, at least they could have taken the hair off 1st, loud laughter, TVs, radios and subwoofers. And then there’s the overflowing garbage cans filled with rotting ketchup, pizza boxes and a millionaire Judge suddenly says:

Fuck you, get out of my court, come here again and I will fine you for filing a frivolous law suit against these upright god fearing citizens you’ve attempted to drag into my court.

That’s the State of the Union for property rights in the USA for We the lesser culture. As opposed to Law from the previous era:

“If a citizen were given no protection against unjust harassment arising from the use to which the property of his neighbor was put, the comfort and value of his home could be easily destroyed by anyone who chose to erect an annoyance nearby, and no one would be safe, unless he was rich enough to buy sufficient land about his home to render such disturbance impossible. When conflicting rights arise, a general rule must be worked out, which so far as possible, will preserve to each party that to which he has a just claim” -

“Booth v RW & OTRR Co. 140 NY 267, 274-275, quoting the Appellate Division in “Bove v Donner-Hanna Coke Corporation” (236 AD 37) 258 NYS 229 @ NYS 231.


Dislocation from earthly reality and then park them in front of the TV.

There you see ? Crime is everywhere, along with terrorism, sexual perversion. “We” need more Police, more intel, more security. “We” need to abolish privacy, but leave it in the trusted hands of The Party and their partners in the private sector. Who is “we”?

They want our votes and yet we’re nobody.

Now when I made the enumeration above, regarding “the kids”, dogs, barbecues, swimming pools, etc., you saw those objects in the abstract e.g., a barbecue, a pizza, a TV, a radio. But you did not see the yards on which they are situated, nor the proximity of the homes and what minute amount of space exists between them. If you saw anything aside from the objects in the abstract, you most likely saw images from TV commercial advertisements, because that’s how they’re sold to you because that’s the only manner in which property under Party rule has any significance to, The Party and the private sector. What you didn’t see are small houses with small rooms on small lots with barely room for a zoning required driveway between them. The only circumstance in which you see the latter are when Blacks are depicted

Or else in a Clint Eastwood film.

People like you and me aren’t shown living in the types of properties we actually live in nor the lots they’re situated on. They don’t show the overcrowded shit pouring into each other yards and homes, with the noise and nocumentum. Who cares? It’s not sexy. It’s depressing isn’t it? And as a consequence, we have no recourse and no relief. We either shut the fuck up, go inside and suffer it, go off somewhere in absolute alienation from our property or apply for relief and get thoroughly abused by some asshole millionaire Judge who would never to be subject to such things.

And Perception When you come to such a community, and it still is a community, there generally aren’t fences. Consequently, you don’t actually see how small the lots are and when you notice how small the rooms are, you go outside and get a clear open view. It’s quiet. No one bothers you. Life is pleasant and agreeable. It’s only when you become a captive audience to noise and nocumentum, when the fences go up or when strangers are walking around in their yard which is only a few feet from your primary rooms of habitation, that you truly begin to notice how ridiculously tiny the yards are and that you essentially have become a prisoner in your own home. Welcome to radical individualism and what the fuck does the millionaire judge care as to how this affects you? Well Mr Scum, you do have the right to travel. “America, Love it or Leave it”

The Party used to have teachers tell US that Communists don’t allow you to have private property and that’s why we have to nuke Russia.

This bullshit was necromancized under Ronald Reagan and as a result a new ethos was imposed. This is my property and I can do anything I want with it. This is America. If I want a swing set swimming pool barbecue garbage can I can have it anywhere on my property. Fuck thy neighbor; and the millionaire Judge will order the government to protect me, especially if my neighbor is somebody they don’t like the idea of.

If you are a meet person of the law and you examine the totality of it, you understand that it is Communist in nature. Society is about community and the needs of The People. This is the Tradition of the law, only that certain rights shall not be surrendered to the community, one of which is the right to be free of nuisance and free from the government imposing one on you without just compensation; and in terms of private nuisance, the government has no compelling interest at imposing or facilitating the imposition of one at all.

But under present Judicial Policy an exception has been introduced to facilitate an equal application of the law based on who applies for relief under it. So that if a municipality decides to facilitate the imposition of a private nuisance the Court can say, well I’m not going to prevent them from doing so, you can simply sue your neighbor, which takes US back to plutocracy and the Catch 22:

If you have juice, you can sue your neighbor by leasing a Liar, but government does not have to in any manner assist you, or even allow you equal access to the Courts in order to do so. In fact it may hinder you, the Judges won’t prevent them. If you don’t have juice, then there is no relief and this is why the declaratory enactment is necessary - viz.,

“the General Policy of Government in regard to zoning is to avoid the imposition of private nuisance to adjacent properties and as far as practicable, the same in regard to Public nuisance; and as a matter of right, that pro se litigants have to be provided with equal access to the Courts subject to civil penalty”.

It’s short and sweet.

Zoning Law is to ensure that a private business of a private individual cannot impose such nuisance on you either. This is why you see Zoning and other local ordinances addressing these matters. They were/are accomplished by people that someone voted for, the trouble is Modern Judges refuse to enforce them according to equal protection under the law, unless, you have juice. What about your right to be heard? Ok go ahead, 2 mins, I’ll listen to the ball game. Done? Next.

So, in point of law and fact, it is absolutely untrue that you can do anything you want on your property. But Millionaire Judges cloaked with Absolute Immunity don’t care. There is nothing to make them care. And yet these very same people that refuse to acknowledge this necessary and proper rule regarding nuisance and zoning know that you can’t fuck on your front porch, can’t walk around bare assed, can’t smoke pot or else you’ll be arrested.

Because they don’t care or at best choose to see these things in the abstract, not in terms of the absolute reality of your situation and the circumstances of your property and vicinage.

The greater number of the People of the United States of America have been dislocated from earthly reality, crammed into these types of neighborhoods and those that haven’t died yet have been programmed out of the last vestiges of community and into the chaos of radical individualism whose order is maintained by The Police, directed by unconstitutional policies arbitrary court decisions and more arbitrary policies based thereon.

So the false claims they have made regarding the prohibition of home ownership under communism has de facto come to be, under what they refer to as, democracy.

But how could you ever know? You’re too busy working for them as an indentured servant.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Courts have to be re-opened to the People and self representation, pro se litigation has to be allowed instead of those persons being abused by the millionaire Judges their clerks court employees and those Judges on their way to being millionaires. Courts are the sole alternative to private war and private war carries a heavy demand for guns. Judges must know that or else why would they insist on magnetometers? And you have to people the courts with persons that will honor equal protection under the law rather than “stratified justice”.

A “sub zone, zone” would also serve as some limitation or condition imposed on a particular zone - e.g., The no dogs sector, no children sector; retired persons, swingers, clothes optional; and alas, everything else.

June 28, 2014

Want more? Visit http://cyrustm.tumblr.com now…

Now Here’s a Man That Truly Enjoys Spinning


Want more? Visit http://cyrustm.tumblr.com now…

Now Here’s a Man That Truly Enjoys Spinning

June 20, 2014
As You See Cumulus a New Epoch Arising

Pasolini: “[O]ne of these elements [that make up the Cantos] is Italy. What appealed to you most at first the landscape or the people?

Ezra Pound: “The old landscape is ruined by these roads, where earth is changed for asphalt”

Religion, Politics and advertising, bloom forth, from one incontrovertible fact:

Life, does not come with instructions.

And in the USA, that can only mean one thing. Everyone is trying to sell everyone else,

The Answers.

Modern USA politics, is preconditioned on ideological precepts laid down by Thomas Hobbes in a work entitled Leviathan, which essentially offers, as The Altern postulate of Life, an ideal imposed on “western civilization”, by what might be referred to as, The Cult of Jesus, as codified by King James - viz.,

The Lord Sayeth !!

From whence creates this impression that there is something beyond the earth, or as the average person of reasonably evolved sensibilities understands it, beyond the ecosystem.

Is it merely a coincidence that another popular pastime, is that millions of people fuck, to make more people. How many are by accident, how many are by chance and how many are done, thoughtlessly?

There is a desire and passion people have, which has been socially redirected into Heterosexual fucking. Do not use birth control, do not be a coward and have an abortion. We no longer expressly say that we have done this and encourage it to “people” Israel, but the result is a superabundance of people, packed into some industrial labor barracks neighborhood

In a post industrial era.

Deprived of land, deprived of the ability to have a self sufficient community, but we need to import people or make more people? What for? Scarcity. Supply and Demand. The “free market” won’t give the profit class a higher enough price so that The Party can tax the labor to have a war on the other side of earth.

The only practical means for the survival of the greater number “at home” is to feed off the product of chemo-industrial agriculture. Growing food has become the production of food for a superabundance of people that are encouraged to follow the diet of a geometrically smaller population that plundered the earth and murdered the natives. Modern agriculture is now established as a hybrid between the primary and secondary economies:

All so that a rocket ship can blast through the ecosystem, into outer space, to assail other lands and other natives via Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles. Or fuck it, lets just tax labor until “we” have enough money to just go there and use Tactical Nuclear Weapons. It’s a cure for cancer, helps dentists to fill cavities they can’t see and even makes electricity !!

There it goes, up through the clouds, and into the darkness.

It’s the Macro version of The Eisenhower 50s Kid, in his George Bailey backyard, shooting off his toy rocket. Wow, it went so high, I can’t even see it anymore !! I can only imagine, right? But The Party has the greater number still blaming Mr Potter for refusing to bankroll the whole thing.

What we need is another Great Depression, so that The Party can do another bailout. What a smashing success. You have your engine butt what are you going to do with it?

I light a small gas flame to heat my water. How much does this “cost” particularly in comparison to the amount used by The Haber Process; and now aside from exporting it to the highest bidder, which is all that “the free market” accomplishes, they want to burn it up in cars, trucks and whatever.

The price isn’t high enough because there’s too much of it. We need scarcity, we need a higher price, we need more. It’s jobs!!

But how do these jobs compare to fast food jobs. And how else is The Party going to have enough labor actions to tax so it can wage war against the nations of earth, one or more at a time?

So why space?

While everything we require to live and survive is available to US, here, from within our ecosystem, so what the fuck are “we” doing exporting all that we require to live and survive, all in the Universal Catholic attempt to abandon earth. Humans cannot survive without Earth. So why are We continually allowing depletion of its resources, particularly those we have a reasonable claim to?

Because you are continuing to allow The Party placement of profit before Our needs as citizens. And the only reasonable claim you have for doing so is war and the Holier Than Thou privilege conferred by having a job. Look down on those lazy bastards you good Christian Man !!You’re still doing The Great Depression. He’s dead. You can stop beating him now.

Is it a reasonable proposition to say that after fucking, fast food and cars there is nothing that the USA Loves and Adores more, than war? Or is it equally as reasonable to say, only because you are programmed to, by The Party and advertising.

Turn down your thermostat, boil less water: so that the Koch Bros can export more natural gas; so that The Koch Bros can waste vast quantities of natural gas to make nitrogen fertilizer; so that other business “interests” can burn it up, in new natural gas vehicles. Use less so that someone can sell more of what we are otherwise led to believe is, ours. You don’t really need it you greedy son of a bitch, business does, so it can sell it to somebody else.

All because The Party uses government to taxes profits, to buy shit from private businesses, to blow up a Peoples country on the other side of earth, because some business wants it to.

They own it as much as “we” own it or do they own it more? Our claim is Ours to make. It’s time to render the swords into plowshares.

So powerful a phrase which Progressive Neglect has rendered meaningless in the vulgar vernacular.

So back to this “business” in outer space. How much fuel energy does that take? How much water could be boiled otherwise? How many pipes can be saved from freezing? Why are they doing this? Are they trying to find life beyond the ecosystem?

Are they still trying to find God?

And what is God? Aside from something that confers the “divine right” of the king to be ruler and sovereign Lord of the land and all it’s resources. That way all of the natural gas belongs to the throne, to sell and use to buy shit to blow up another Peoples country lQQk.

The one on the throne, that’s the one that doesn’t have to do anything. Just sit there and tell everyone else what to do. Well how the fuck do you get that gig? You win a war and then

(a) God said, or once no one believed that shit anymore thence

The Lord Sayeth -

‘Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s’.


(b) you win a war and then

The People sayeth. The People Sayeth? The lord sayeth?

Somehow between the ratification of the US Constitution and the election of Ronald RayGun, “(b)” became The Enemy and everything went back to “(a)” The Lord Sayeth, through King RayGun, the Mc so the the greater number of Democrats had no choice, how could they go against one of their own?

“Those fit to govern” are those purportedly chosen by you, from a progression of Party pre-approved pairs, all as a pretense to assert that such choice, is democracy.

Which takes US right back to the rather innocuous question, who the fuck is God? And does it really matter? We don’t see it, hear it. Hello God, are you there. And God don’t answer. God, where the fuck are you? And the Lord, what about him. O they’re the guys in that House, the House of Lords, you know, ‘thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’

So, alas, guess who’s going to tell US who the fuck God is? Along with anything else we wish to know about God and what God wants US all to do. And then what if we don’t, do as they say? Then, is God going to kill US? Or are they going to kill US? Did you ever see God kill anyone? Nope; but other people do torture and kill other people don’t they

So it’s going to be some other person. Not an angel, not a demon, but another human being; and you know what? You really don’t have to believe them, nor even pay attention to them, because whether you do or whether you don’t, the same shit is going to happen.

It’s like “selling your soul”. Where did it go? Shat it out? Out of the ear hole? And here comes Caspar who flies right in the other, just like your soul did from outer space, except that Caspar materialized from the ground. O like food?

Once you get a sense of this, the 1st thing that comes to be outstanding, in reading Hobbes (as well as Locke, Selden, &c), is that the inclusion of God, in his analysis of life is absolutely unnecessary.

Natural law does not require God.

Natural Law is merely the common observation of clear minded human beings that have the time to examine the circumstance of our being and what we need to survive individually for a reasonable period of time, which, like it or not, is totally dependent on earth.

Beyond the ecosystem, has no part in it.

So what is war? What are “we” warring about? They are warring about earth. One claims a right, to allow the creation of a privileged class, who is further allowed to deplete the national resources, the more they do The Party proclaims ‘American Success’ and then they claim a further right to wage war to take someone elses’ O we don’t want your land, we have that, we only want your resources.

It’s to maintain our “standard of living”

“Our way of Life”

Kill the people, take their land and when you have enough land, sell all the resources to the highest bidder and then find more resources, kill those people and sell the resources.

Well, in terms of the moon, looks like you folks are shit out of luck.

You can also glean some of this, from going camping with a small group. One of the 1st situations that arise, is the need for a “division of labor” - e.g., who gathers firewood, who carries the water and what the fuck do you do besides getting a suntan? But what is inevitably left out of this experience, is the reality of food, because now a days, that is usually brought from a “supermarket” and somebody has to pay someone else to get that food into their possession and bring it to camp; moreover, somebody has to decide who does.

It’s temporary, like firewood, so maybe everyone “chips in”.

Like if someone wants a fish, they or someone else has to catch it. If it is decided that that person gets to eat it because there isn’t enough for everyone, what happens if it’s too big? Then who gets to share? Who decides? Who keeps the peace? The person that catches it is limited as to how long he can keep what he can’t use; but if there is one big fish and enough for everyone then there is no complications regarding how long will it keep, who gets to share or not. Who needs a refrigerator.

So to realize what an economy truly is, there has to be someone to decide how these needs are met in the least wasteful way.

The problem created by “religious focusing”, of beyond earth, beyond the ecosystem, is that it disengages peoples’ sensibilities from the planet and delivers them to a mentally passive state of nothingness. They might see this state of nothingness as heavenly cumulus clouds. I see it as a rich soil ready to be planted with bizarre ideas that are totally apart from anything that has to do with Our survival.

Like, O fuck that earthly reality Man, here, I just made a fish, just made bread, turned water into wine, it’s a fucking miracle man. Just believe in me and when you have no food, have no shelter just believe, pray. Put the money in the plate.

In this Micro reality of camping, these persons might transitorily reconnect their consciousness to the earth, but they are more likely to remain disengaged from The Reality that they require some other source for their food and fuel, than their immediate surroundings or their other-worldly miraculous beliefs. They might also discover the sense that significant aspects of Our survival, remain outside of our consciousness. But then as we return to our industrial age, barracks style neighborhoods, the duties and obligations business has imposed upon US by the Liberal-conservatives’ power of enforcement, causes the entire camping experience to fade into abstract memories, looking for ground (a rational basis) in a sitcom episode or a twitter tweet, as we re-assume our politically imposed roles.

And it is precisely this form of mental disengagement that allows people to accept and believe the Hobbesian precept:

That “man” is essentially evil*

And must therefore be controlled by other men, that are “fit to govern”; that are fit to provide, who hold, the answers; and most especially if they can perform miracles while we assume the role of sovereign - viz., sit on the throne and tell everyone else what to do, because that is the twisted outcome of the last epoch leading US into the new.

Life comes without instructions and those “fit to govern” will provide them.

So what is this Evil? Surely it must be the earth itself. Destroy that motherfucking earth, we’re going to heaven.

Evil is left vague and amorphous enough for you to take the bait of the oldest Con there is - let them believe whatever they want to believe and we’ll provide more detailed answers as they go along.

Give them a little truth here and there you know to “keep hope alive”.

But generally speaking we think of evil as something that is contrary to what we want or what we are conditioned to want - e.g., you want a cell phone and those gotdam Liberals won’t let you afford one. Fuck it I won’t eat. Or those gotdam conservatives won’t force your employer to give you enough money to just buy one and now you have to succumb to those evil motherfucker Mr Potter banksters.

Nawh, we put him out of business now you borrow the money directly from the guy that ‘sells’ you the phone.

Regardless of what those “fit to govern” tell you, or whom they will delegate this “authority” to, evil does not issue forth from The Devil. The Devil is not the Legendary God, bound to earth, by some Greater God above it. It’s merely another product of the same function as everything else, and that is, that The Original Corruption, the original “fall of man”, is

Inventing a God in order to invent an Evil.

From whence comes Conservatism

This is the way it is and shall always be, the Lord Sayeth !!

Because if God created everything, such as Pot and Peyote, and you don’t like it? Well, aside from the fact that you don’t have to use either and you believe that God created everything then clearly and incontrovertibly your issue is with God; but with the innovation of evil, you can now attribute all of the things that you don’t like, things that would otherwise be ‘the fuck ups of God, to the Devil, and just say, it’s evil - e.g.,

Cock sucking is evil because it wastes jism that can otherwise be used to people Israel, even as Israel has long adopted and executed a policy of Lebensraum, because it ran out of living space.

So to preserve and protect this disengaged, non reality consciousness, any knowledge to the contrary, any light or illumination, is proclaimed, “evil”.

How about this interpretation:

Everything was groovy while people tended, The Earthy Garden, but things got fucked up when their heads were diverted, therefrom, and into the clouds.

The New Epoch:

Is about Natural Law, without God.

It begins by The People recognizing what Our Nation of Citizens require to survive and having a Peoples government that provides it and prevents others from wasting it for profit or otherwise.

* “whether men [are] naturally more prone to violence and rapine (Hobbes) or cooperation and kindness (Rousseau) see Origins cf

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Buster Keaton’s “One Week” (1920)
It’s almost here………


Buster Keaton’s “One Week” (1920)

It’s almost here………


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