April 8, 2014
Cataclysmic Cocktides and Other Epijisms turned 4 today!

Cataclysmic Cocktides and Other Epijisms turned 4 today!

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April 6, 2014
Go Left Young Man

I was going to say person, but then the play on cliche, would be less than immediately recognizable.

You know why that is, so there’s no need to discuss it.

Liberalism is not dead; only what you thought it was. Present, legends in their own minds, O’Bama-Biden, Liberals at large.

The peculiar thing about truth, is the human suspicion that there isn’t any.

Is there? Yes, and I will eventually tell you what it is and everyone that reads it will believe me because the conclusion of fact I provide is immediate, direct and irresistible; nonetheless, the truth is avoided, by Liberals, and their more ruthless version, the Conservatives.

The 1st law of modern USA electoral politics is this -

Liberals and Conservatives, are the only alternatives allowed by law - to wit:

“Congress in this legislation …. has enshrined the Republican and Democratic Parties in a permanently preferred position, and has established requirements for funding minor-party and independent candidates to which the two major parties are not subject ….Congress has not merely treated the two major parties differently from minor parties and independents, but has discriminated in favor of the former in such a way as to run afoul of the Fifth and First Amendments to the United States Constitution”.

The foregoing quote is excerpted from the Rehnquist dissent in Buckley v Valeo 424 US 1

So if you are part of that Mob of Zombies, following orders of Liberal Central and favor stripping corporations of Constitutionally protected rights at least be aware that in doing so you are likewise perpetuating the willful and intentional violation of equal protection by the US Government with no compelling interest.

Indeed, I would concur with Rehnquist, but differ in one regard, there are no “parties”, there is merely The Democratic-republican Party, or as I refer to it in all of my various blog entries and Twitter posts, simply as, The Party.

Consequently, you have on the one hand, the simple truth, which is what we all expect, for amongst other things so that we can make well grounded decisions as to whom is best to vote for, what propositions or referendums we shall endorse; and then on the other hand we have the only alternative allowed by law, which is schmaltzy bullshit via Madison Avenue, “brought to you by” Central broadcasting, National Broadcasting and American broadcasting (circa 1971, when the foregoing law was enacted).

If you don’t elect one then it’s going to be the other.

So now you pretty much have an adequate introduction as to why political advertising, costs so much. That’s all campaign finance is; it’s commercial advertising.

1st they have to get your attention and 2nd they have to tell you something that makes it seem worth your while to vote for either candidate; and that’s where it gets expensive

What the actual Legislative issue comes down to is whether “news” is

(A) in the Public Interest or

(B) merely a commercial commodity - that is, a product sold and controlled by marketing.

If it is the latter, that is, just another private sector business, then what news is reported, what news isn’t and whether what is reported is accurate, is beyond the purview of the Federal Government.

It’s a paradox, because voting is not a human necessity, it is a social invention.

In the case of elections, there is a Public Interest to know who you can vote for and what they propose to do once they are elected. And then given those facts, you then make your decision(s)

So at the very least it ought to be presumed that the positions of the candidates, is news, that this news is in Public Interest and that reporting the candidates positions clearly and accurately is likewise in the Public Interest. Legally speaking, there is a quasi-contractual duty and obligation imposed upon news reporting; and in regard to elections to publish who you may vote for and what the candidates propose to do if they are elected.

If these corporate like associations calling themselves Democratics and republicans are entitled to the vindication of their declared equal protection rights, as indicated by the aforesaid line of cases, then so do individual candidates since the former cannot exist without the latter.

Here’s where the problems begin.

If political campaigns were left to news reporting the first stark realization by the public would be, there is absolutely no real difference between the candidates.

The trick is to convince the prospective voter, that the difference between the candidates, that have already been chosen by The Party, is an actual benefit that may likely accrue to you in the event that one or the other wins and if not then things will surely get much worse.

So hurry the more money you send the better chance you have that your candidate will win.

Aside from collecting money hand over fist, it’s the only other reason the USA has this thing called “campaign finance” and The Party.

Your only real choice is which one of the candidates will more effectively preserve, protect and maintain the status quo, even tho both are saying that they both represent change.

This is like Children’s Time, because the only people that it actually works on are inexperienced youngsters. Those of US that have been around the block for several decades, either benefit from the status quo arrangement or we don’t and by this time we know whether we do or don’t.

The prime beneficiaries are business, bankers, speculators and social security recipients; the non beneficiaries don’t vote because absolutely nothing that The Party does or says, appertains to any aspect of our situation in life and nothing changes for US whether we vote or not. The beneficiaries get their cut and we get their shit.

The other thing we eventually discover is that the same identical relationships occur at all levels of government. Just contemplate this. You go to local government asking them to help you with something. The 1st thing they want to know is what are you going to do for them. Probably nothing, maybe one vote. In conclusion yeah we’ll have a look at it, don’t call us back because we’re really busy but we’ll call you. Now take some guy that drives up in a Cadillac, drooling down his lonsdale and says to local government, I’m thinking about bringing my business here, it means 500 jobs. Wow where did local government go? O that’s them, down on their hands and knees licking his balls.

Is that corrupt? Do you know of any Democratic-republican that would choose to help you instead?

We all learn at a fairly young age that obscuring the truth is always transitory; and what is true for the individual may be extended to the State (which by definition is a corporation) and eventually and regardless of how good the CIA, NSA, the FBI is, in their symbiotic relationship with business - i.e., the licensed profit class - the truth eventually rises to the top.

Now the truth of human existence is rather simple. Humans need air to breath, water to drink, food to eat, shelter to sleep and fuel for warmth and cooking. Having those 4 essentials a human being can live and survive.

And then there are the lesser essentials: bedding, clothing, footwear, cooking and eating utensils.

So for a little while, in the late 60s and early 70s you’d sometimes read in the Main Stream Press about “quality of life”. Now your Natural human common sense would indicate that this might refer to such things as, is the water and food safe? is the shelter adequate? the fuel sufficient? and for a time there was a real concern about these common essentials, which all humans need and from which, short of death, there is no escape; but for whatever reason and cause this became compromised.

And that is the common signification of perversion.

Persons associate to share survival tasks in order to ameliorate their individual survival burdens and to render their lives more pleasant and agreeable - e.g., here let me give you a hand with that. We may realize this from camping with a small group of friends. The various tasks are assumed by individuals for the good of the whole as opposed to “every man for himself”.

Everyone doing all of the same things for themself is needless repetition, wasted time, energy and opportunity.

Through Party innovation, this natural and communal division of labor, was supplanted by fiat currency.

Consequently, the actual economy realized from the natural Division of Labor was compromised and the resulting diseconomy of “everyman for himself” was marketed as “economic growth” and “American Exceptionalism”. This is why they’re licking the job creator’s balls. This is the crowning glory of Liberalism. There is no need for public transportation, we need more cars, everyman for himself. We need more highways, more bridges, more infrastructure, more blacktop, more oil. More TVs more cell phones. More fucking nurdles the oceans are not yet filled. This is what Liberalism is. Just read Robert Reich or Krugman and see what they say - we need more, it’s not enough, nothing is ever enough, more more more !! and then see what the Conservatives say, we need more, it’s not enough, but our way will produce even more.

It is clear to me, as an average person of reasonable sensibilities that this “growth” has gone too far; but if you don’t think so, well, go ahead and vote because that’s all you’re going to get, regardless of who you vote for.


The problem is, there is no Left in the USA, while there is clearly a Right.

What the Liberal war against communism actually did (or if you prefer, the Cold War or whatever you wish to call the JFK legacy) was obscure the simple truths of human existence.

Which was immediately replaced with, they have theirs, fuck everyone else, this is American freedom, “everyman for himself”.

The easy shot the Right always takes against communism is that capitalism is always bigger. No doubt, as long as you always produce more waste and diseconomy by forcing people to conform to the ideal of “everyman for himself” with holy sacred competition amounting to various businesses all doing the same things at the same fixed prices resulting in unnecessary waste and depletion; and then continue to print money, invent more speculative instruments to absorb what’s not being used rather than tax it, and thus associate a monetary value to unnecessary waste, then the product of quantity times price will always be larger; and as long as that product increases it’s called economic growth. Liberals can’t live without it, they can’t get out of the powder room and yet there’s never enough to snort.

This is a bullshit way of measuring wealth.

The simple and just way is to gauge the mundane lives of the Citizenry. Is their existence pleasant and agreeable or is it essentially a life of indentured servitude to business and banks.

Aside from merely preserving and protecting an entirely failed arrangement of dividing and distributing wealth, only because they and a decreasing number benefit from it, all that this arrangement amounts to, is that the actual necessities of life are concentrated over time into a smaller and smaller number of hands: thereby creating the impression of a forever increasing wealth, supplied by fiat money, which is associated with unnecessary waste, a great deal of which merely ends up in the oceans or buried in landfills.

This is how the “quality of life” (op sit supra) is compromised.

Campaign Finance and the “politics” it imposes upon you obscures human reality and distracts you from the truth. Limiting the amount that is spent on doing that, doesn’t change the will to do it; and it doesn’t change local government from ignoring you or your human needs. They’re going to do that anyway. In short, it’s The Politics people are fed up with; and Liberals are merely using these cases to collect money to use the internet and media niches such as MSNBC to present a post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy as a solution.

It’s just something that isn’t going to happen or work anything other than providing them with a means of raising money to finance these sorts of campaigns.

In order for them to enjoy safe water and food, adequate shelter and fuel, the rest of us get the substitute products, maybe refracted water, Koch Bros/Monsanto meat milk and eggs fast food, processed food, shoddy shelter and fuel bid up via global market pricing, which again, is only made possible by fiat money (or more accurately, the gradual but continual devaluation of the monetary unit as re-commenced by Woodrow Wilson and FDR after the greenbacks of Lincoln).

We are then programmed via advertising to believe that all of this is good, that we are doing ok, that this is success. That we are exceptional. In short, to believe that we are something we’re not or that we benefit from something we don’t.

Now aside from the fact that billions of dollars are spent on advertising and aside from the fact that this money spent as such is a tax write off for business (- i.e., the price paid for advertising is subtracted from taxable income as a business expense -) advertising is absolutely unaffected by any campaign finance law whatsoever. And it has “grown” to such an absurd degree that television shows are essentially a challenge to follow, because there are nearly 20 mins of commercials to every hour of actual program content, which even carries branding inside the main content - e.g., cars, clothes, booze, cigarettes, cigars, appliances, whatever.

The effect is a separate reality, you see these things and think they’re yours, you see foreign lands and think you’re there or have been there, you can experience flying having never flown. There you see? You’re doing fine. Or else, crime is everywhere, no need to look outside, it’s there, we need more police to root it out to protect you, join neighborhood watch, criminals are everywhere. Is there a clear line to be drawn? How or where. Political advertising works the same way any other advertising works, except that it focuses on two candidates all of the other political advertising is already provided for by private sector commercials and the content it is “brought to you by”.

Fracking is safe, use Monsanto Round up on your home organic garden !!

Regardless of how much money these people amass and then spend via campaign contributions, none of these people are going to help you and none of it has any impact on everyday commercial advertising which airs in the same markets via the same shows. The Party, nor any candidate they choose for you to choose from, is not going to do anything for you nor anything new. Social Security has been around for 8 decades, either you vote for the candidate that’s for it or you vote against hir, but after all of this time no one has abolished it. Post hoc ergo propter hoc it must be because of campaign finance. The National Right for an abortion has been established for 4 decades, but various States are passing laws that impinge or abridge a national Right, but both candidates are in favor of States Rights, you want to smoke marijuana sometime before you die don’t you?

The Political Paradox of this is Mittney’s 47%. He should have never apologized for it, it is absolutely 100% incontrovertibly true.

Post hoc ergo propter hoc tommy must be saying this because of campaign finance, which begs the rhetorical question, it is so effective that it obscures the truth.

And guess what, this blog is free. It was brought to you by me and tumblr.


Clearly the biggest modern day campaign contribution collecting bonanza has been Hillary Clinton’s Citizen United case where she demanded that the US Supreme Court ban a motion picture until after voting primaries were over. This was then, via campaign finance, morphed into - Abolish the legal rights of corporations !! nullify the 14th Amendment: because Koch Bros Nitrogen Fertilizer, the chief factor for making the meat milk and eggs diet possible, along with Monsanto, gives more money to republican candidates than to the Democrats.

Well maybe Democrats ought to be less eager to get on their hands and knees and lick their balls and then if their theory on campaign finance is correct, the Koch Bros will give them more money, in which case there would be no need for all of these court cases and “fixes”. Oops, can’t do that, then what pretense would Liberals have to raise money.

No one is going to successfully abolish the rights of corporations nor abolish the 14th Amendment, it’s simply more schmaltzy bullshit used by the Democratics to raise money.

And just to show you how devious and dishonest the Liberals actually are, their Leader Harry Reid identified the Koch Bros as Oil refiners and rug manufacturers - entirely obscuring the existence of their Nitrogen Fertilizer enterprise, because the simple fact of the matter is, Nitrogen Fertilizer is the main factor of yet another crowning glory of the Liberals - viz., the Green Revolution, the USA Liberals are going to feed the world with Nitrogen fertilizer and Monsanto et al chemicals.

So again, if the Liberals were to actually succeed with their bullshit, regarding the inherent evil of all corporations, it wouldn’t have any impact on the Koch Bros ability to market their same shit via private sector advertisements, the same as the various energy companies are presently doing in regard to hydrofracking, which is another “bi-partisan” supported enterprise.

I’d dare wager by unanimous consent, except then The Party would find at least one person to dissent just to have me lose the bet. That’s what they have Bernie for.

So if they or you were serious about curbing the ability of the Koch Bros they’d go after their source, the meat milk and eggs diet, but that would expose the tarnish on their crowning glory, the Green Revolution.

Seriously, there is no hope with The Party.


But what all of this does amount to is a clear indication that an increasing number of people are fed up with the bullshit and The Party knows it, which is why they marketed O’bama-Biden as “The Big Change” and then delivered the same old shit. It’s called “bait and switch”. This bit with corporations is the same sort of Con man bullshit, which proposes a solution to real disdain by the Citizenry, except that the problem isn’t big government or corporations, the problem is The Party and what it believes in.

So aside from The Woman candidate demanding that the US Supreme Court ban motion pictures and Her Party assertions of wanting to strip the Rights of a licensed group of persons acting as one, add to that, increased war spending, because Russia annexed Crimea* and it doesn’t even border Russia - have a look at Alaska and then there’s always Hawaii, but wait, we now have another apparently New issue

Net Neutrality !!

The Liberal idea here is to place the internet under FCC control

That’s right, the same Party Commission that brought to you FCC v Pacifica - or ‘we don’t actually legislate from the bench authority for a Commission of the Government to censor protected speech, we merely allow them to punish broadcasters that fail to relegate it to the hours of 10pm to 6am’. Seem familiar? We’re not asking you, the US Supreme Court, ‘to legislate from the bench authority for a Commission of the Government to ban a motion picture, only that you allow them to ban it until after the primaries’.

The fact is Liberals Love to censor speech. It’s all part of their Holier Than Thou, rewrite morality bullshit. Cuomo, when he was NYS AG demanded that a Federal Court extend the FCC v Pacifica rule to all hours of broadcasting and then realizing that wasn’t going to happen he ordered the Court to dismiss the case on 11th Amendment grounds. Naturally, the Moynihan-RayGun McJudge complied and Leahy ignored my request to authorize suits for the vindication of 1st Amendment rights against State Universities. Lay out the red carpet for Liberals at Large it’s Berkeley all over again.

This is what they’re preparing you for with their campaign finance initiative against “hate speech” - i.e., the attempt to make protected speech subject to a Governmental authority to censor, by Federal Court order, solely based on the assertion that “it just ain’t right”. Kind of like the Conservatives’ assertion regarding abortion.

So here again we have the Liberals trying to pass laws which the Court has already told them violates National equal protection, while the Conservative are already passing innumerable laws at the States which violate the National Right to have an abortion.

Net Neutrality is the same thing.

The principle as it’s described, and yet, which the appellation doesn’t clearly convey, is that an ISP has to provide the same bandwidth to the job creator having his balls licked by government as well as the business which depicts the actual event in the form of what is now commonly referred to as pornography. The problem presented is the same as it is in all of these other instances, which is, that money and profit are granted a preferred position by The Party (as they have done for themselves in campaign finance law) over the needs of the Citizenry at large.

So if you are a business you are charged some absurd amount per month because The Party allows you to subtract it from your taxable income and you get the equivalent of a relatively traffic free lane of communications for yourself and your clients; but if you’re some poor schmuck like, you and me, then we get mobbed in with all of the other lumpen and get shitty sardine can service. So what is the solution to that - get a job you filthy lazy worthless White Nigger bitch. If you want normal service pursue the American Dream and start your own business.

This is why “sex work” and the rights of sex workers, has become so popular among Liberals. The result of it is that poor people are left to masturbate in isolation because anything more than that is going to cost you money, you filthy dirty pervert you; unless you’re a job creator and then we’ll lick your balls and pass the bill onto the schmucks with shitty sardine can ISP service.

But at least we get videos to masturbate to while we are strumming in isolation, some of them are even HD, if, you can afford a modern enough computer that will play them at normal speed OR an ISP willing to supply adequate bandwidth to enable the same. By Jove there’s a prime candidate for a Campaign Finance initiative, which is it, your computer or the ISP. Like at Time Warner, you have to pay extra for adequate speed and can’t even get 1080 via Netflix. Is it the ISP or the Liberal Growth Service Sector. These relationships are likely the same everywhere else since all of the fees and content of essentially all that is imaginable are fixed, with only minor differences here and there.

At best the Net Neutrality flag was Notice to business - e.g., government might be gearing up to do something about this so we’re giving you notice and time to stratify your customers into various tiers (just like they did with cable television) and create your schmuck class.

In other words “economize” internet service in the same manner other aspects of society is. Economize here is redefined to mean something other than what the common signification of that words conveys, like perversion was (see above).

No one thought, after the 60s, that a George Carlin routine would be banned from prime time just like no one thought that Playboy magazine would be banned from news stands.


The common thread that runs through all of these issues and which is in fact the heart of most issues that exist in the USA is “equal protection under the law”. This is what we the people ought to be pursuing and demanding instead of passing the decades watching The Party play musical chairs.

The Party is not going to help US with this and if anything it will spend billion$ to hinder US, not just because The Party is the Party of slavery (which they will never get over, always feel cheated out of and do everything in their power to recreate as equal opportunity slavery) but because equal protection is in direct conflict with the stratified society that evolved under Capitalism

Only because, the war against communism rendered it devoid of any true opposition.

Every one of these issues involves socio-economic classes in a Plutocratic Society. And it is not becoming a plutocratic society, the Liberals made it one a long time ago.

One of the ways to see this is to look at local television commercials compared to commercials you see during prime time carried by the National Networks or even special events like the Super Bowl. No local government can afford to produce those kinds of adverts and yet it’s still advertising, the same advertising used for political campaigns. They’re made the same and sold in the same markets. Limiting the amount spent does not change the inability of local governments to provide the same. It’s just not economically possible, if anything it does just the opposite it melodramatically enhances the contrast.

Are local newspapers incapable of adequately reporting campaign news, or news in general? Is it because advertising is inadequate? There’s no money to hire reporters? Or maybe the news business wants more money for the owners? If the amount gifted, spent, contributed, however you want to call it, is limited, then localities will still be treated unequally because of the nature of advertising; and if the voice(s) of we the common schmucks of this plutocracy are crowded out by business, then we are only treated equally, as equally lost, especially those of US in smaller non Metro communities. We simply don’t have the same problems as Los Angeles, NYC, Chicago, Las Vegas, etc.

But at an even more micro level, the effect of plutocracy, itself, is what crowds US out of local government. Liberal government under plutocracy parasites off of business. They compete with what they call “organized crime”, I want a piece of that and you better produce. So there is an inherent symbiotic relationship where business is saying hey you’d better produce too. But it is not thru traffic, it’s a one way street because all it’s made to lead to is more and keep well off the sidewalks or else stay home. It’s the way the US does business, which is not going to change as long as you keep the same arrangement and the same law that perpetuates it. Take all money out of politics and under the capitalist arrangement as it has evolved, you will still be ignored at local government while local government is busy licking the balls of the guy bringing in, The Jobs.

And where does that come from?

The Party.


*NOTE: Territorial aggrandizement was adopted as a means to avoid the sorts of war over territory waged by Germany in Woodrow Wilson I, which essentially involves territorial claims regarding borders established by colonialism. If anything, this principle would be more appropriate in application to a former regional alliance that lost it’s way from the North Atlantic mistaking it for the Black Sea? O we’re not a Nation, merely a growing regional alliance, with an old new motto, drang nach osten.

March 24, 2014


Tonight only, Monday, March 24, 8:00 — Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton.

With director Stephen Silha in attendance!

(via bigjoyproject)

March 21, 2014


This is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life.

Wow. We are posting to facebook with a link back to spread the word.



This is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life.

Wow. We are posting to facebook with a link back to spread the word.

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March 20, 2014
Paul Ryan: the American Bourgeois Version of, the Satanic Hero

The Preponderant Feature of the USA Democratic-republican Party, is

Cultural Hegemony

Their propaganda, or as some say, “political speech” is designed to persuade you to accept the proposition, that theirs is The True and Universal American Culture; that it is a moral imperative that you and every Real American reclaim it for the Nation

And the 1st requirement is that everyone must work, regardless of whether there is actually anything for you to do; or anything that anyone is willing to pay you to do.

But work, although materially essential to their cause, is only one aspect of The Culture they are attempting to use government to impose.


Working for anyone, except yourself, or for the good of your community, as a whole, is an inherently inferior position; and when this moves from being a voluntary act of Free Will and choice, it solely becomes a matter of one’s control over another, for the purpose of ruthless exploitation. The only way this can happen is when working for someone other than yourself or your community is the sole means for you to acquire subsistence.

“For the very idea that one man may be compelled to hold his life, or the means of living, or any material right essential to the enjoyment of life at the mere will of another seems to be intolerable in any country where freedom prevails, as being the essence of slavery itself” — Yick Wo v Hopkins 118 U. S. 356, 370.

So another aspect of this attemptedly imposed Culture, is wage slavery: the use of work to place you under the control of, and at the mercy of, someone other than yourself or your similarly situated fellow citizens.

These others will argue that, in this Brave New World, of capitalist privatized progress, the worker, (now removed from mere citizen status and thus reduced to some vague but inferior position) is thereby freed from the risks and responsibilities assumed by business. Liberals chime in with their “economic growth” via “the consumer economy” - e.g., you work for someone else and with your salary, you hire other “service providers” to perform what were once your own duties and responsibilities in life, food, shelter, home maintenance, transportation and transportation maintenance, fashion and fashion maintenance, entertainment &c.

What it all really comes down to is who controls the means of production and who doesn’t.

So what do the Cultural Hegemonists use as their means of persuasion? And how are these implemented?

Fear me !! tremble at my words, for, I, am the Cultural Imperator. I, have the power to report, you, to God !! he will be pissed butt thru his Uberrima Love and Grace and your willingness to submit to me on His behalf, there shall be bread, otherwise he shall rip the flesh from your bones, blind you with fire and brimstone, cast the remnants of your wretched being into an infinite existence of perpetual agony and doom.

Sheesh, talk about projection. Ever try reason?

Silence !!

Everyone must work!!

Hey now wait a minute, this is what they told us when we were cattle carred to the labor camps, but 1st, everyone must take a shower, right?. No, not here. Due to our tender consideration, showers are not important:

This is like Blackstone describing the tender consideration of the English compared to the French with their threat of a guillotine, for then in England they merely placed a large rock upon the person until he would submit (or else be crushed to death, o the tenderness).

The premise of the whole thing, in fact the very ground of it, is that you have to do so, “voluntarily”; so then voluntary must become relative; but that’s ok because of Our tender consideration we do this by “democratic” action. We vote to decide who defines it.

So to the cultural hegemonists this is a function of evolution. From large stone to vote for either choice we provide for you to choose from; and if the threat of God, is no longer effective, then, we must resort to shame.

You dirty filthy slut you !!

See I told you, we should have taken showers, 1st.

Silence !!

The early Nazi propaganda films, marketing concentration camps, to Joe Kennedy, merely depict the sort of labor camp styled neighborhoods most of US live in today; but in our case, long after the factories, which our barrack style neighborhoods were built around, had come and gone. Naturally Joe Kennedy &co were delighted by this. Round up the Jews, “they had it coming to them”, round up the Niggers, those lazy dirty smelly things; you know all those bucks want to do is fuck our white women !! and that marijuana gives them that demon courage to look at our white women twice. Evil !! To make a long story short, we now have

Equal Opportunity slavery.

The lumpen proletariat position assumed by Blacks, has now been extended to the imported wage labor. It was a sort of bait and switch confidence game. Opportunity abounds in the new world, and then you end up in a ghetto, beg for a job, get your own barracks, if you’re lucky, and then when the factory goes out of business, you’re back to begging again.

War !! that’ll keep the factories open …

That’s right, step right up, just dip this quill, ouch !! into some of your own blood, and just sign your name, here.

It’s all “voluntary”, you see.

And you gotdam better well like it, be thankful and get your Bible out,

“boy” …

So The Party makes a big deal out of “the right to vote”, so that everyone can only vote for them. And then The Party can say, see. it’s all voluntary, all Democratic. Take it to the streets. It’s Ok, this is a D-r seal of approval “protest”. We have professional organizers and everything. There, you see? Just listen to the many voices of approbation. Because all of these people, protesting? Are demonstrating their love and loyalty to Our one party system. There’s that word again, “our”.

All of the issues are pre-framed. If you vote for one, you affirm another.

It’s perfectly safe, you can wear blue jeans, sweat shirt, pump your fists in the air, let your hair down, shake it all around. And then you can pretend that you have/had some connection to revolution or rebellion. Just like the Founding Fathers. The Police will only watch, nothing more, there shall be no arrests, no adverse consequences. You can even call them poopy, just don’t use the fuck word.

Ok, ok tommy we get it, but who defines what The Culture is?

For the nonce, it’s Paul Ryan

But only because the remainder of the only Party allowed to exist in the USA and thus the only other voice the MSM is allowed to recognize by their advertising Masters, says,

It’s despicable, Paul Ryan is saying that Negros are lazy !!

In other words, everything else he is saying is perfectly acceptable. Not the slightest mention of any of the points I’ve raised above. Nope, all we are provided with “in opposition”(?) is, the safe, reactionary, Liberal response.

So the other morning, I arise, did some chores, shirked others, being the filthy lazy White Nigger bitch that I am, and went to Twitter to catch up on the latest NFL Free Agency News, for my beloved NY Giants. So I scroll down a ways and see this

The Kids on Vine

Girls get their period when they’re around 13, and now according to some sources, the Koch Bros/Monsanto Meat, Milk and Eggs diet have them having their period at 11. When you have your period, that means that you can get pregnant.

Boys start getting hard ons pretty young. My 1st hard on, that I was conscious of, resulted in me walking into my parents bedroom, pointing to it in my jammies, and asking, “What’s this”?

Mom smirked and looked at Dad, who appeared a little embarrassed and said, “It means you have to go pee” to which I replied, “well it never did this before when I had to go pee” and he said “just go”.

So I went into the bathroom and started pissing all over the wall behind the toilet and hollered back, “this is not working”. So Dad ran in and turned me around to the bathtub and I proudly watched my fountain of piss neatly rolling down the back of the tub. No more hard on; and then Dad said,


Needless to say, I eventually figured out other ways, but in my old age, I’ve gone back to, The Dad method.

But the thing is, Dad never told me what my hard on was actually for. Just like no one ever told me what The Job was for aside from - this is the only way you can subsist in the USA. Clearly this was not the only way to pee. Why is this sometimes a little flap of skin and then other times it’s this big hard as a rock throbbing thing; or why did this only happen to me. Like everytime I pulled my pants down with other guys, I’d have this immediate hard on and they wouldn’t. And, they would look at me kind of funny and then look away

O the mere thought of naked flesh, especially ass …

And at that time, I didn’t even know girls didn’t have one !! butt then, after a while, I finally found out, with a little help from my friends, what orgasms were and how nice a blow job feels, or how nice a pussy feels; butt the 1st thing I thought of, looking back, was man I sure wish someone was around back then, in those simple unpressured times to tell me about blow jobs and fucking, it sure would have saved me a shitload of time and money in later life wasted on women, not to mention, stress, but alas, I’d probably be dead of AIDs?

Which is why I’m always convinced that AIDs was either invented or nurtured by the USA cultural hegemonists.

And I also wondered, what Mom would have done. What she would have told me if there wasn’t Dad. Or if there wasn’t this, culturalism, now alluded to by Paul Ryan and Barack O’Bama -i.e., that it has to be, The Father, that instructs The Son … about, The Holy Spirit? Or to piss all over the back of the bathtub?

You see the original self blessing was forehead, belly button, cock and asshole - the father, the son, the holy spirit, amen. The last one used to be for men, and then it was Ah men, so the cultural hegemonists rendered it obtuse. Western culture made a sharp Right turn after the heart. The Holy Spirit is Right !! and then those filthy Eastern commie bastards, just to be contrarians, made a sharp turn to the Left. So you’d think, abandoning the 1st and second Chakras to the private sector? Unfortunately, it seems those were in turn surrendered to partisan politics; butt there’s still those corroborating remnants when we’re cumming … OMG !! I prefer OMGoddess, butt, to each his own.

Well I can go on and on about this stuff but to get to the Premise

Ryan, O’Bama and these other Bourgeois assholes (so you see who ended up monopolizing that one) have this big thing about “The Kids”, which immediately infers, Heterosexual fucking, and then assimilating this into The Culture means, everyone must work: to take care of “The Kids” - viz., to not only consume on your own behalf but to consume on their behalf too: pay the doctors, hospital, insurance, buy clothes they immediately grow out of, furniture they grow out of, pay school taxes, higher education and most of all, teaching them how to be obedient servants to the Democratic-republican Party and religion. Remember the Holy Spirit is on the Right - you fucking McAsshole you - because this assures The Party that they will have future widgets to vote for them and create the impression that we actually want these assholes pretending to represent US at what is supposed to be Our government, let alone a choice.

And then “our” becomes a relative term, too.

Propaganda further urges US that the “support” is universal: O dear, “the kids”, the family, clothing, education, “mentoring”, butt only according to the prescriptions set forth in The Moynihan Report - non conforming whites is a manageable minority so we must make Black men more like white people. In fact the only thing that is Not universal (excluding me and you, if you like), is who pays for it.

So here’s this poor hard working Paul Ryan approved, not lazy McWhite person: working to eat, feed his wife and kids, buy a house, a car, clothes, clothes for the kids, toys for the kids etc, etc.

Even if this guy can swing it, himself, when does Paul Ryan and Barack O’Bama figure he’ll have meaningful time to “mentor”, “the kids”?

Which begs the rhetorical question, do these assholes really care about “The Kids” or is it merely a pretense for something else - viz., on the one hand you have these young sexual beings, boys with nearly perpetual hard ons and by the time of teen years virtually screaming with daily streams of pre cum upon every innumerable hard on; and hot wet and horny young girls that started having their periods at 13 and want to have sex, for sure, by 15.

You are depriving these young sexual beings of the Golden Years of their sexual lives and when the consequences are the least to non existent.

The worst thing that can happen is they get pregnant; but this can only happen with Heterosex, specifically, the kind that is designed for procreation. It can’t happen with masturbation, jack n jilling on cam, same sex or even oral sex. Butt O Dear God, Mom and Dad this is a most serious problem and something you need to stress over and stress them over, every single day of what is otherwise, the very best days of their lives and the only chance they will ever have to know any aspect of freedom before entering your life of consumer wage labor slavery.

Nope, sorry, Paul Ryan and The Party does not approve.

Father Knows Best. And as a direct consequence, even more responsibility and stress is piled onto people: so that we can prove to Paul Ryan and Barack O’Bama that we’re worthy of being Citizens? Worthy of having any ability at all to vindicate rights we are guaranteed and yet deprived of?

Quit taking your disappointments in religion out on the Citizenry !!

There isn’t even the assurance of adequate mentoring time for these Bourgeois assholes themselves. Bill Clinton is getting a blowjob in the Oval Office, instead of mentoring; but O’Bama is mentoring while he’s trying to figure out how he can piss off Iran, Syria, China, Russia, parts of Africa and who knows what else. I mean come on, how long does a fucking blow job take?

In a light most favorable to Ryan & co, the whole sex and The Kids thing is merely a part of The Party Ploy to entrap people into their Liberal consumer universe. The man works and provides, while the woman’s place is barefoot and pregnant, in the kitchen. Control people with someone else’s beliefs and standards or both. Hence, the hyphen.

Simple fact is, they have no faith in humanity and therefore can’t handle democracy.

So the most effective way of doing their thing is by child birth and then by programming the children when they become sexual beings

Now supposedly, or at least I’ve heard or read, from a myriad of sources, that older same sex people that fondle children or cause children to have orgasms results in the child becoming Homosexual. If that is true then how do children become Heterosexual?

Take me, for instance, if one of these fellow kids knew what a blow job was, when I was wondering why no one else had a hard on, and then offered to show me, why in the world would I ever want or prefer a woman to do it instead?

But hey, I’ll give it a try, why not.

But to them, there is no way, so the cultural hegemonists attempt to eradicate the knowledge of blow jobs altogether. Is that possible?

Clearly that is their experiment which seems to be continually repeated and continually fails - e.g., if they censor depictions of blowjobs and never mention sex in a clothes required, barely evidence of earth, barracks style labor community, it’s pretty certain The Kids aren’t going to know about them until natural horniness starts driving them crazy and they begin asking questions or discussing things among themselves. Hence, the fear of “pedophilia”.

Or what would have happened had Mom told me, O that? That’s just to have sex with. Then when all of the guys were pulling their pants down it would seem more likely I’d have a better chance trying to fuck one of them than a girl because same sex people are just more friendly to one another than opposite sex people are.

Few people are concerned about two boys wrestling around in the yard than a boy and girl.

But then again, there’s the blowjob, and there’s the fear of it: because the cultural hegemonists know that if a kid gets a good blowjob he’s less apt to be so desperate to fuck.

So the cultural hegemonists behavior modification experiment using children as human guinea pigs is to promote Heterosexual fucking for the sole purpose of breeding, which in turn is contrary to Free Will and results in a myriad of human and social problems that are unnecessary but which the cultural hegemonists believe are justified and manageable.

So what it all comes down to is programming. The cultural hegemonists are ruthlessly exploiting orgasm by channeling the possibilities through precept and censorship - e.g., there is no blow job or masturbation, only Heterosexual fucking, as licensed by the State(s) and may only be allowed for the purposes of breeding. So “we” want to make sure people can’t use birth control and if you do Heterosex, for any other reason and do get pregnant then you must be punished by giving birth and taking responsibility in the Liberal consumer economy paradigm.

The only logical conclusion that may be gleaned from this is the intention to restrict sex to making and having babies.

And how is that programming done? Religion, fear of invisible retribution (programming paranoia), shame (peer pressure) or argumentum ad baculum - i.e., subjugation and rape.

Just to make sure you be a Heterosexual

This is what happens when you try to get over on nature and redirect humanity in some other direction

The only reason it would or could even seem easier for me to have a better chance trying to fuck another boy instead of a girl is attributable to imposed imperative of fucking instead of oral sex or masturbation and the social segregation of boys from girls.

Even if you are fooled into believing that Heterosexuality is natural and that same sex isn’t, which by analogy is like saying you can have balls or wear high heels butt not both, the only reason to segregate the sexes would be to prevent young girls from getting pregnant - e.g., when they’re 13, or whenever they get their period, to the time The Party says ok, you’re an adult now and we The Party feel that you have been sufficiently programmed into “our” cultural hegemony; and therefor, you are now “free” to find someone that you and your parents are reasonably certain will care for you; or that you are equipped with adequate Liberal economy neo-assets, to care for them; and then once those Cultural precepts are met, you may thence apply for a State license and have Heterosex to make babies.

This is exactly the same modus operandi which the hegemonists apply in regard to work. You are programmed to wake early in the morning, dress into a suitable uniform and report to the authorities at school. You have lunch, more school, and then you go home. You are programmed as a labor widget to serve some private business. All of which is then tied in with the gender roles they’ve programmed children into, all by attempting to deny to them sexual knowledge when they are biologically capable of getting pregnant or making someone pregnant.

The Paradox is this

Paul Ryan performed a gallant service in providing the opportunity to discuss all of these issues which Liberals have failed to do and always fail to do which makes them lose to the Conservatives, which I believe is intended. They all believe and want the same things, they just take turns holding the White House and the majority in the House and/or Senate.

It’s obvious to me by those aspects of reason that are always omitted and are never joined as an issue.

This is what they accomplished with the Joe Kennedy-Joe McCarthy/Al Smith-Father Coughlin in their war against communism - i.e., they destroyed all opposition via the Media

And did so in exactly the same way Mussolini did in Italy - viz., by the private sector self censoring itself for the sake of The Nation; and in regard to Culture utilizing the same methods of imposed Cultural Hegemony as imposed by Adolf Hitler.

The result here is that nature is ignored and re-defined by majority rule. Culture is now determined by majority rule. In fact everything is determined by majority rule. Hence, cultural hegemony.

Even “majority” has become relative.

Liberals have willfully, intentionally and knowingly defaulted to Paul Ryan who has as immediate consequence now assumed the position of Cultural Imperator so if his choice wins an election then that is The Culture which the MSM, the White House and the US Supreme Court shall all conform to and those that refuse …

Hear the many voices of approbation.

March 17, 2014




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March 13, 2014
Examing the Backbone of the USA Democratic-republican Hotch Potch

The worst 1st

Get a job, mister, meet a nice girl, take care of her, and make babies.

It’s 2014, the factories have left the barracks style neighborhoods built around them and the progeny have nothing to do. No place to grow food and hardly a place to sit outside with out noise, fouled air and general spillover from the too closely situated neighbors.

State of the Union? Without Social Security checks it would be Zombie Apocalypse.

So why not just let these people be bred out of existence? There is no longer a purpose for them nor the space they occupy.

Detroit is not an isolated instance, in fact due to it’s proximity to the Great Lakes Waterway, it has far more potential than thousands of other similarly circumstances places throughout the USA.

Take the case of me.

No one would choose to live where I live, had it not been for The Factory. That’s how I came into being. I am the progeny of American Industrialization, in it’s last throes. There is no water here, no streams, no springs it’s just a rather unremarkable hill that was likely clear cut back in the days of Andrew Jackson, just like the Catskill mountains were and then subdivided into lots for a USA style immigrant labor camp.

Most of those people are dead or retired, but they were also encouraged by The Party, to

Get job, meet girl, make house slave, make babies.

So here are all of these people living on closely situated plots of unproductive land, with nothing to do but consume with their social security checks but the USA Democratic-republican solution to this, is the same as it’s been for the last 100 yrs.

Import more people and make babies.

Now if someone with juice had the guts to repeat this clearly, directly and without compromise the O’Bama rah rah squad would be all over them or me, because The Squad operates on a fallacy of logic which is commonly referred to as argumentum ad hominem. Ron Paul addressed one aspect of this, proposing that poor people shouldn’t have kids and that’s what happened - viz., The Squad attacked the person to avoid addressing what he was attempting to convey. As if their actual intention were to slander any opponent out of existence.

Ok, so let’s do what they want US to do, which is to make the argument for them, being that they clearly have no clue:

All of the domestic programs O’Bama & co are now selling or having The Party buy are based upon “the kids”. They might as well say, fellow citizens, we unanimously concede there’s absolutely nothing we are willing to do for you, but maybe we can help your kids. Logical conclusion, if you want government, - i.e., The Party, that adamantly refuses to provide any alternative means for you to acquire subsistence, aside from entering into indentured servitude to private business - to do anything for you, at all, then start making babies and maybe they can do something for them because clearly they refuse to do anything for you.

Here’s another one, O’Bama’s implementation of The Moynihan Report, a plea to the private sector to somehow help young Black “men”, because they’re the ones that suffer the most. They need help getting a job, finding a girl to make into a house slave, make babies and for him to be The Father. School lunch programs, day care, paid leave for women having children, relief for college students all avoiding the inevitable reality of their labor barracks style existence, or worse for many Blacks, their skyscraper housing project existence - viz., there is nothing for you to do. How much you pay pseudo public or even admittedly private colleges no longer makes a difference.

You are not needed by the social economy made and maintained by The Party.

And what all of these misguided “government” (The Party) policies say to the average person of reason sensibilities is

(1) encouraging people that can’t afford children, to have them anyway, is not in any manner conducive to the socio-economic reality created by The Party and that

(2) the real solution is, don’t have kids. There are enough people; we don’t need anymore. We don’t have to make them and we don’t have to import them.

The strong and brave people that you pretend to be, faces and accepts reality. So the real problem is weakmindlessness, fear, which is mostly imposed by religion and lack of will.

If we stop having kids, all of these problems are gone and since we don’t need kids then doing otherwise is irresponsible and a social mischief - viz., an injury to society at large.

So let’s set aside the clear and incontrovertible fact that The Party are a gaggle of Bourgeois assholes that have theirs and the rest of US can drop dead and put this whole thing in a light most favorable to them:

The sole reason they promote these ‘make babies regardless of whether you can afford them or not’ is to perpetuate The Party, through elections, and entrap you into their socio-economic paradigm. The Mc(s) brought Blacks into their faction and now Blacks experience the illusion of coming up via an O’Bama ladder but will eventually realize that their glass ceiling is white with a big Green shamrock painted in the middle. Regardless of whether you are elected the President of the United States, you shall either be half Mc or in any case shall serve them as long as they rule the government. Look at how many there are in both bogus branches of The Party and then compare this to how many there are in terms of their actual percentage of the population, which is around the same as Blacks and Italians. Are you equally represented? Are women? So just keep making babies, that is, if you want your babies to serve them because they will never allow you to make babies to overwhelm them. That’s the real race war. It’s a ludicrous exercise in futility.

Free speech law came down to the case of “FCC v Pacifica” where Justice Stevens legislated from the bench authority for the FCC to fine broadcasters and refuse to reissue a broadcasting license if particular forms of speech were/are broadcast outside the hours of 10pm to 6am. Everyone on the Court conceded that such speech was protected, but 5 of these people, for whatever reason aside from weakmindedness, decided that this had to be done in order to

‘Protect the Kids’

This is where all of the Holier Than Thou, Media Watch Groups originated, O dear this is awful, isn’t it awful, O my goodness you’re not like that are you, O dear no, not me. Maybe we should report this? I don’t know how do you? Someone ought to report them. We will madam we are the Super Holier Than Thou Media Watch Group and Protection Agency, the fearless protectors of children born and unborn.

Because the FCC does not monitor broadcasts. Did you catch that? The FCC does not monitor broadcasts, just like they won’t in re the internet unless Liberals have Vanilla feminists and Moynihan Negroes insist that Congress employ hate speech censorship. But as it stands and as it has since 1934, the FCC only operates, as such, in response to citizens complaints. So a broadcaster, outside the hours of 10pm to 6am, allowing e.g., the fuck word to be broadcast may be fined hundred of thousands of dollars if not millions and may lose their broadcasting license when it comes up for renewal if someone proves the broadcast occurred and it wasn’t by some accident - e.g., someone left a microphone on and someone said the fuck word in the background; but you can do as much fucking as you like, make as many children as you want and The Party may even end up helping you with that, in some twisted way; and if anything could be more twisted, they’ll find it. It seems that’s all they do.

Just don’t call it fuck because fuck is purportedly a curse, like everytime you say fuck, someone fucks, or everytime someone says wow that’s really fucked up then something gets really fucked up. It goes back to the Garden of Eden, Adam caught Eve screwing a Serpent said what the fuck and bingo, the human race was fucked forever and we keep right on fucking. So really folks even if this were true would it really make any difference if someone says fuck?

O how awful, hurry call that Super place that does complaints !!

In Conclusion: if you want to have kids, you only want to because The Party programs want.

You don’t need to have kids; and if you do and can’t afford them, you will sacrifice your one mortal existence to an existence of misery; and yet there will be Tax Free religious institutions comforting you, maybe even giving you food, clothing: while further programming you in regard to the joys of human existence that you can purportedly only experience through child bearing; right beside them will be the President of the United States eager to kiss your baby !! and tell you what a hero you are and how brave you are to make babies, that you can’t afford. Just make sure there’s a father willing to admit he was the Johnny Appleseed and is thus willing to take responsibility for paying their way in the socio-economic reality created for you by The Party. If not, then that is just one more dimension to the Holier Than Thou shame, serving to augment your miserable and wretched existence. In short, your life will be simpler and more manageable without having kids,

That you don’t need, and that society doesn’t need.

It’s like smoking pot, if you do, the consequences are, you get high and laugh at shit and then it wears off. But when you fuck and get pregnant after the orgasm is over and the baby is born, it’s most likely there for all the remaining years of your one life on earth. Pot has 100s of time less consequences on society than making babies you can’t afford.

But tommy, what of the human race !!

You’ll be dead soon enough and if you don’t have kids then you die clean. Let Mittney and the Mormons take over the world. You have no control over the kids you make anyway. They are separate people. At most they look like you, but they’re not you. You can’t make them be what you want them to be unless they want to, no matter how much you, or The Party, psychologically torment them, beat them or whatever.

The Party presumes The Man can more effectively psychologically torment them and discipline them into conforming to The Party precepts rather than the woman.

Want to see how powerful you can be while you’re being powerless in the USA Democratic-republican world? Step outside The Party program and pitch them the foregoing. They have no answer neither do their Tax Free Religious Institutions acting in symbiotic relation with them. Neither have a clue because they operate by rote and lack of opposition. Their whole thing only self perpetuates if you go along with it. The record is skipping, and has been for 100 years, if not more, so lift the needle, off the vinyl, turn, and just say no.

And now that the totality of the domestic policies of The Party have been exhausted let’s get down to their real meat milk and eggs.

US Foreign Policy

Ok, so this is the way it works. We lend you this money, you give it to our businesses, and then you pay us back.

O, you mean like “The Marshall Plan”?

Yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket.

This is the present incarnation of the USA, post neutrality, “Foreign Policy”. Johnny Appleseed fucked Europe and it’s progeny was NATO. This happened when The Party decided to adventure beyond the “sphere of influence” later encompassed by what came to be known as, “The Good Neighbor Policy”. It began when The Party ventured forth, into Europe, via Woodrow Wilson I.

“I want a piece of that”.

USA Foreign Policy is a symptom of a USA disease, caused by a parasite sailing under color of Democratic-republicanism: which in the case of the USA, bares no remote similarity to what Montesquieu had described it as, nor what Thomas Jefferson and his followers (who founded it in the USA) perceived it to be.

The Capital Base.

This is kind of interesting. Aside from there being an absolutely immense land mass, that had every resource that a growing citizenry could ever need, for hundreds, if not thousands of years: much of it came into private hands; and thus, everyone else was excluded from access to these general human necessities, which were thereby sold and exported until depletion.

Now they’re exploring for Natural Gas in your backyards and basements.

Obviously this “commerce” was neither designed nor intended to fulfill the needs of the citizenry but was done to fulfill the want of those that held title to the property and the rights to its resources.

The sole purpose of a market is to sell the commodity or product at the highest possible price; and by immediate inference such market is always to the advantage of the seller, not the buyer; that is, as long as there are buyers with money. Consequently, if domestic persons in need, have no money, then the seller merely ignores their need. In which case the needy are left to their own devices while the seller is off to seek a market where there is money and want. So in the case of the USA this is the sole purpose of infrastructure and Liberal Internationalism - viz.,

Get the product to a place where there is money and free markets to ensure the best price at the lowest costs.

So whenever you read or hear those terms, which are usually introduced with such phrases as “our free market system”, “our crumbling infrastructure”, “opening markets abroad”, “free trade”, “our allies abroad”, “increasing our exports” “cutting costs” and “rebuilding our infrastructure” that’s what they’re referring to. They use words like “we” and “our” because those words create the illusion of inclusion; but unless you are one of these people that own such property or have the ability to buy whatever they’re selling in order to retail it for a profit, they’re not talking to you. None of this has anything to do with you. You are excluded from the “we” and “our”. They’re talking to their own class, not yours.

Did you catch that? You are one of those, left to your own devices - e.g., steal a loaf of bread, sleep under a bridge, you go to prison to work for free or we shoot you, you’re not needed. The only alternative is the Liberal panacea, enter into a life of indentured servitude to production property owners - i.e., get a job in order to subsist, or drop dead. The former are referred to as the lumpen proletariat and the latter the Proletariat.

Does/did the US Constitution require the foregoing to happen? No. It was a function of default to a state of nature.

The US Constitution provides for a Treasury and a mint (see US Const., Article 1, sec 8, clauses 1, 2, 5 & 6) cf Article 1, sec 10 in re prohibitions against the States. So there is nothing in the US Const which would prevent the Federal Government -e.g., from hiring people to mine gold and silver, coin it and use it to buy things. So why didn’t someone do this?

The Holy Writ of USA Conservatives, the 10th Amendment, expressly concedes that these aforesaid rights, namely that States cannot coin money, emit bills of credit

“nor make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts”

Are expressly “prohibited by [the US Const] to the States”, and are either expressly vested to the US Government or else reserved to the people; and by the 9th Amendment, those reserved rights cannot be denied or disparaged by any construction of the US Const.

As expressly stated in the US Const, US money shall be created by the Federal government.

Unfortunately, most people lack the time to contemplate this; but the 1st question it begs, is this:

How shall Citizens get money from the US government?

One of the ways, is to find gold and silver, take it to the mint and exchange it for coin or for like value in the form of certificates (US Const Art 1, sec 8, clause 5). So a person acting under “reserved right” says, I can do that for you, for a modest fee. You may unabate your metal here with me in exchange for these certificates. In the latter case you get US Dollars from someone else. Or in the case of persons involved in the mercantile trade, acting under “reserved right” and having credit secured on the basis of “foreign coin”, would also have the ability to convert that credit into the same said form of certificates and most likely from another person acting under “reserved right”; or if for some necessity, into actual coin.

And then securing this money in a bank, it then serves as Bank Reserves for the issuance of short term loans or for the purposes of making similar exchanges.

Another thing that few people have time to contemplate is that the people living here, at the time of the Revolution, had already acquired the basic necessities for subsistence; and at the very worst, may have lost their means or treasure at no ones fault but their own - e.g., gambling, speculation, drinking, whoring.

With little contemplation in this regard, it is obviously unfair to apply those standards to the current circumstances of the general populace. Although some, by way of a particular form of persuasion attempt to do just that.

Going back to those much different times, Labor was, initially, imported and owned. So subsistence for Labor was provided for from a piece of the product. Consequently, there was no more, piece of Labor, to get, there was merely Labor itself.

Industrialization and the end of slavery resulted in the importation of wage Labor and consequently the need of more money, more food and more shelter.

And when you graft this new form of commerce onto the customary practices, regarding private property and markets, you have the customary practices of production based on the highest price obtainable at the lowest cost, to the exclusion of general domestic need; and given the exclusion of any source providing for the actual needs of this new immigrant Labor Force, the result is overproduction for export markets, leading to the eventual depletion of resources and poverty.

So these massive importations of wage Labor were irresponsible and created a general injury to society, because the very subsistence for this new Labor Class could only be provided as long as overproduction flourished and as long as resources were readily available: once this slowed, or as resources came to be depleted, people lost their “jobs” and were then left to their own devices and ended up as described at the outset of this writing. And so eventually these various factors of production were outsourced. Rather than bringing people here, production was outsourced to some colony. So if the Democratics adopted a social program for everyone to wear friend bracelets, marketed as such through the private sector, then instead of importing cheap labor, they set up a colony somewhere so that when the friend bracelet thing faded, The Party wouldn’t have to worry about the fate of such temporary labor.

How shall The Party get money from the US government?

1st it has to acquire a majority in Congress and did so by slandering the Federalists out of existence.

And then Congress itself went to these various businesses and said, I want a piece of your profit, and in return I’ll make sure ___ goes this way for you at Government and then of course, we’ll provide you with protection via the Police, and where needed, by extracurricular activity - e.g., eventually, the FBI.

As several notable Court cases clearly indicate, there is nothing in the US Const., that required The Party to do this, it was merely something they decided to do and the worst consequence of it is this:

When you go to a business and demand a piece of their profit it then becomes in your interest that they realize a profit; and the bigger it is, the bigger your cut. So if you have a business just because it’s something you like to do, then you are at odds with The Party, who is demanding a piece of your profit. Consequently, by the very means of The Party in raising money to buy things, they brought into being a profit class which has to always be profitable; and so it was placed in a preferred position above all else, but most especially you, because business was and is the sole source of all Party livelihood.

So here are the masses, much of which is comprised of the progeny of imported wage labor as well as actual slavery. What are your choices? You end up in prison or you beg for a job while The Party promises to make jobs by figuring out some way to make it profitable for business. This is the situation The Party either got US into or just abandoned US in.

In Conclusion:

The Party protects “the profit class”, while the rest of US have less to do because we are essentially not needed, consequently, we have no means to obtain subsistence. Either the private sector, fulfills our needs or we beg a Dom at Social Services for whatever money or credit The Party is willing to provide; and yet, still, The Party is doing it’s adventures abroad trip to help businesses remain profitable; and in order to do this, they demand a world police force, wearing US uniforms, to do it.

Now you know how they people the “volunteer” military.

So business goes abroad, seeking the highest price at the lowest costs for whatever and through outsourcing, finance and banking it becomes, International and then Multinational, with less people to divide the bounty and plunder with, so that sector and that class under Party protection does well while the remainder of the Citizenry is

Left behind.

Consequently, as a function of customary practice, which you fail to object to, there is no other “domestic” policy which addresses any of our immediate needs, unless we happen to own a business.

There is nothing Left for you to do but object and stop going along with this shit. It’s the only way.

Start by separating need from want and then demand that the private sector get out of supplying needs, leaving that to US acting together in our common interest, through Our corporation Our government instead of The Party. Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, leave want to the private sector. And stop having kids !! stop joining the military !!

Sex is awesome but there are other ways to awesome than one style of sex that is encouraged under license to make babies. That is not necessary for having awesome sex.

February 23, 2014

February 23, 2014
Sex Work

Since the McDemocratics laid out the Red Carpet for their most beloved policy action of the Century, and to end all Federal Policy Actions, ever: The Reagan Revolution, had me on my hands and knees licking toilet bowls clean, for minimum wage. On the Occasional break for a glance, I see various Leaders cum and go. They all nod affirmatively: Bill Clinton Barack O’Bama and Occasionally I get a jack boot in my shoulder blade, crushing my face back to the bowl and with a stern voice emanating from the nit cut head, echoing off the tiled walls,

“You missed a spot”

But what can I do, this is America. I have to eat and this is “work”.

The remainder of my existence, in the attempt to preserve whatever part of me, remains human, is facilitated by depriving myself of most things others seem to take for granted because I have this other sinful urge. Rather than imagining that The Newtster is proud of me or that I submit to the condition of my existence through the Love of Jesus Christ: I want sex, or to at least have an orgasm, Occasionally, since all other drugs are unaffordable to me unless I want to end up in a concentration camp, having the same career, for an even lesser salary.

So I save a little here and there until I’m able to purchase a prophylactic and hire a sex worker, once a month, for procreational Heterosex with a birth control/disease control barrier.

Otherwise, my only other escape is solo masturbation or perhaps with the companionship of a discarded magazine.

Even if I could afford a computer, it’s only unremarkable men wanting to cam with other men; so unless we pay, our fate is to embrace Genet.

Is this a curse upon me? No one has the care or integrity to tell but remarkable men cost as much as unremarkable women who are always more jizz evoking than unremarkable men who carry no interest to me at all.

So unless I want to think of shitty toilet bowls, nit head jack boots in my shoulder blade; or develop a fetish for the look and feel of an overly jizzed on and discarded magazine, as sublimation for the feel of warm human flesh, I have to settle, for what I can afford.

Is it Love for sale and aid to masturbation something that the Free Market should be left to decide?

It’s the American Way of Life and it’s sure to be slightly better than someone unable to sell their own sexual services at all; as that involuntary empirical knowledge is nearly as inescapable, if we happen to live that long. Depictions of society clearly attest that some do.

So in a way, I am thankful, because clearly no one else is, and as it is suggested, that someone must be, for tolerating my horrible smell alone. Government blankets me with guilt as well from all sunlight, for not “at least try[ing]” to do something else, like ‘being all I can be’ and doing the same thing in the Army, Air Force or Marines.

Rape me, I had it coming.

It’s similar to working in a cramped kitchen, in a meat milk and eggs diner, no matter what sort of protective clothing you wear, the grease smell is permanently etched beneath your nails, in your hair or is it merely impacted in my nostrils, forever …

I don’t have time to wash off this coating of other men, if you wish to take me and submit to the pleasure I sell, you shall take their essence too. It is part of who I am.

Is my ability equal to that, that I can command the same?

But we take solace amongst ourselves, our fellow workers, and maybe I get to fuck a waitress, I take that essence too which delivers the drama from awakened and startled eyes,

“How much are you willing to pay for what I want”.

Is it hope both ways? Or only hope for me?

I see hope for neither, only want that overwhelms the awareness of need.

If this story continues, the metaphor can be as ruthlessly exploited as the person licking toilets, and a nit head’s jack boot pressing his face to the bowl; or the bleak manifest destiny of a kitchen worker serving out meat milk and eggs for the syndicate, under the horrendous green, of awful fluorescent lighting - e.g., I did this both, for so many years, and now the successful speculator on inflated equities, hires a Homosexual nit cut sex worker with jack boots, drooling greasy hamburger jizz down magnificent forearms, while you’re pined into the pleasure of remembering, the good old days.

Or as someone may imagine.

Who’s to say they shouldn’t or that such want is even unlikely? Is it just the matter of pay? Because there is someone readily available to perform this task, in exchange for Cold Hard Cash.

Is it freedom, liberty, pragmatism, survival? Or just another would be protagonist wanting to be a Hero.

“At the time of the Nazi attack, prostitution and venereal diseases had been all but wiped out - a revolutionary achievement in itself, done not through jailing prostitutes but primarily through an attack on the economic causes of prostitution” - “Woman Against Myth” (1948) by Betty Millard.

If we must tolerate Capitalism then this is a reasonable floor, that could be justifiably imposed, as the price for Liberty - that is, in the words of Blackstone - “the right to do all that the law allows”. That would be a fair exchange.

Clutch, Demi- tour, heels click away, en Doppler like cleats …

“Get back to work” !!

February 20, 2014

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